Best Choose Your Own Adventure Games Update 03/2024

Best Choose Your Own Adventure Games

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch used the nostalgia that many people who grew up in the 1980s have for “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Even though the movie was different, the way it was put together was not. Anyone who has read those books will remember that.

One of the best things about the movie was that it brought back that format for people who had seen it decades ago. It also introduced a new generation to the idea of “Choose Your Own Adventure.” There were actually a lot of games that used this format before Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and these ten are the best of the bunch.



Until Dawn is a scary, bloody, and gory horror game where the player’s decisions directly affect who lives or dies during the night. Teenagers are spending the night in a remote cabin where the game takes place. As the player moves through the story, they are given choices that change how the game is played.

If you make the right choice in one part of the story, more than one person might escape the horror, but if you make the wrong choice in another part, everyone might die. The game is short enough that it’s fun to play it again and again to see if you can’t let out different people each time.


Most “Choose Your Own Adventure” games follow a character as they make decisions and move through a story. Her Story is a little different. Listening to a murder suspect’s interviews on an old police computer makes the play work. How you listen to those tapes will depend on the choices you make.

The story will go in different directions depending on what search terms you use and how well you listen to the dialogue. Ultimately, this will result in a harrowing tale with strange and shocking twists that will differ each time you play the game depending entirely on the choices you make throughout.



The Stanley Parable is a lot like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, but it also has some things in common with older text-based games like Zork. For example, a lot of the decisions you have to make are about where you go and what you do when you get there.

The game has voiceovers that help the player decide between one or more actions that move the story forward. As the game comes to a close, players can end up in one of the many funny endings. It’s almost worth playing the game more than once to see how different choices would have changed the story.


The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games is a familiar “Choose Your Own Adventure” game with lots of graphics, but with a twist. The game is a mix of fantasy and noir adventure. Its rich story and beautiful graphics break the mould and help to redefine the genre.

Players are given both small choices that seem to have little effect and big choices that clearly change how the story goes. Both types of choices affect how the story goes. This is a game where your choices matter, and because there are so many of them, no two playthroughs will be the same.



Heavy Rain is a great “Choose Your Own Adventure” game for the PS4 that is all about trying to find and stop a killer. The Origami Killer is loose in the city, and it’s up to the player to figure out who is killing people with their deadly tromps.

During game play, you can talk to different characters and make decisions based on what they say. As the player moves through the game, saying the right thing could help find the killer, while saying the wrong thing could kill someone else. This makes dialogue choices the most important part of the game.


If you’ve ever used Tinder or another dating app, this “Choose Your Own Adventure” game might be for you. In Reigns: Her Majesty, players are given the option to make decisions by either swiping left or right, but those decisions have an impact on how the game develops.

Every time you swipe from one side to the other, the people in your kingdom will do tasks that will help you build and improve the game. Your decisions based on their wishes will help to build your dynasty making this a fun, yet simple game that follows the format.



Stories Untold has a lot of the same elements as Choose Your Own Adventure games. This episodic horror game takes parts from text-based adventure games, puzzle-solving games, and first-person exploration games and combines them into an adventure set in the 1980s.

The game is set in England in 1986, which is pretty close to Bandersnatch. It has four episodes. As the player decides what kind of story they want to play, making the right choice will change how everything goes. Each episode starts out as a kind of separate game, but in the end, they all come together to tell a story.


Life Is Strange is one of those games that helped make a new type of game out of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” style. The story of the game is about a teenager who can change the past by going back in time and making different choices.

This is done to try to find out the secrets that have been bothering her Oregon coastal town. There are a lot of mysteries in the game, which makes the choices the player makes each time they play Life Is Strange different as they build up to the inevitable twist that fans of Bandersnatch will love.



The Walking Dead: Season One by Telltale Games is based on the popular comic book and TV show of the same name, but it has its own story set in the same world. This game has the kind of suspense you’d expect from a zombie horror game, but it gets more intense as you play.

Each choice you make affects how the story goes, but you can’t just pick one path or the other. This is one of the scariest and most intense “Choose Your Own Adventure” games because many of your choices will directly affect the lives of the people around you.


Over the past few years, Telltale Games has been through a lot. They went out of business while they were making the last season of The Walking Dead, and they almost didn’t get to finish it. Luckily, the story had a good ending, and choices were always an important part of it. By extension, player choices are an important part of the story in almost every Telltale game. With lives often in the balance, the choices in The Walking Dead carry serious weight.