10 Best Games Like Satisfactory That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Satisfactory

1. Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution

Bring the wonder, majesty, and danger of dinosaurs to life on the fabled islands of the Muertes archipelago. In an unpredictable universe where life always finds a way, create for the sake of science, entertainment, or security. Using genetic engineering, create sentient dinosaurs that are able to perceive and respond to their environment. You can play with life itself to give your dinosaurs distinctive personality traits and characteristics, and you can benefit from those qualities and appearances to help you fund your worldwide search for dinosaur DNA. Deep management tools or direct action on the ground and in the air can be used to control the large picture or to deal with specific issues. This is a brand-new story that brings together characters from all throughout the franchise, as well as decades of Jurassic lore.

2. The Technomancer

Your decisions will have an impact on the fate of Mars in the sci-fi role-playing game The Technomancer, set on the Red Planet. Technomancers use deadly electrical powers, making them powerful warriors. Set off on a risky trip on a planet riven with conflict and overrun by mutant creatures. In order to complete quests, you and your friends can use diplomacy, battle, or deceit. As you progress through the various skill trees, you can learn new abilities or enhance existing ones. If you want to survive, you’re going to have to get more powerful equipment and weapons for yourself and your teammates! You are the only one who can shape the future of Mars. It’s set in the post-apocalyptic wastes of a terraformed Red Planet. Characters can be fully customized in three different battle styles. Bring your Technomancy skills to bear on your opponents. Detailed crafting alters the appearance and performance of weapons and armor. A world in which your actions have consequences The bonds you form with your party members pave the door for future adventures and tasks.

3. RIOT – Civil Unrest

RIOT - Civil Unrest

Because of the growing economic crises and growing inequality in the world, the frustration of the people is manifesting itself in violent civil unrest and public disturbances. Real-time strategy game RIOT: Civil Unrest puts the player in the middle of some of the most acrimonious riots in the world, such as the Indignado movement in Spain, Arab Spring in Egypt, Keratea in Greece, and NoTAV in Russia (Italy). RIOT – Civil Unrest will be available on Steam this summer after receiving a lot of support on Steam Greenlight. NoTAV protests in Italy were a first-hand introduction to rioting for Civil Unrest author Leonard Menchiari. He made the game to tell the stories and portray the emotions he had during these conflicts. What is it that is causing the audience to act in such an angry and aggressive manner? In a situation where they are frequently outnumbered, how does a police officer feel? RIOT – Civil Unrest allows the player to experience both sides of the conflict — a conflict in which there are no winners. Which side has the upper hand? See for yourself what happens as you play through RIOT – Civil Unrest.

4. Dogos

DOGOS has reimagined classic shmups with 3D graphics and dynamic camera perspective, bringing them into the 21st century.

The player can freely go across the settings, in any direction, by mimicking open-world games. This is a game-changing innovation. Featuring tons of action and an infectious soundtrack, DOGOS breathes new life into the action-adventure genre and invites you to take part in a thrilling adventure that tests your reflexes and your senses. To defeat the Zeetnuks, an extraterrestrial race that has infiltrated Earth, you take on the role of pilot Desmond Phoenix in DOGOS. Desmond is in charge of a fleet of alien-designed spacecraft that are armed with a variety of lethal weapons. EXPECT AN ALL-OUT FIGHT THAT WILL KEEP YOU ON THE BALL! New EyeXNow Feature: Tobii Tracking Technology Open worlds in the form of 3D You’ll be able to explore 14 levels that resemble 3D environments. These kinds of games can now be taken to a whole new level thanks to dynamic camera modes. BALANCED GAMEPLAYThere are four different degrees of difficulty to accommodate players of all skill levels.

5. Anima: Gate of memories

Anima Gate of memories

For those who prefer third-person action RPGs, this is the game for you. It is a tale of two beings, a legendary monster and the girl who had her past erased…

As they are compelled to remain together, their lives will take an unexpected turn as they learn that they have both been involved in something terrible, a shadow war in which they will play an involuntary leading part.

You can control two characters at the same time in Gate of Memories’ Dual System, which lets you to switch between them dynamically in the middle of an action.

6. 8-Bit Hordes

8-Bit Armies creators are back with a new fantasy RTS that’s just as fun and fast-paced as the original! Players of all skill levels will enjoy 8-BIT HORDES, a vibrant strategic arcade game. Amass your orc or human army, fortify your base, and smash your foes with the resources you’ve collected. An online multiplayer mode is also included in the game, allowing players to compete against each other in a variety of different scenarios.

7. Organic Panic

Organic Panic

A commenter on XboxHub asked, “Who the hell comes up with this stuff?” This is an 8/10 on the XB1 (2016) For “hours of scrumptious brutality and amusing enjoyment,” FanBoyNation is “very well made.” – (PS4/XB1, 2016, 8/10) “…very likely my game of the show” – Hardcoregamer (PAX East 2014) Organic rage It’s a physics-based action puzzle game with a wild, char-grilled theme. Battle your way through a barrage of wacky full-flavored levels as one of one to four magically augmented organisms. Each level is completely destructible (using real-world materials) and has completely reactive liquids. Lava destroys wooden houses, melts cheese chunks, and fries food in a short period of time. As the shards of ice drop to the ground, crushing everyone in their path, they melt into water, which then extinguishes the fire and cools the lava, all while the bad guys drown in the process. This is a big game, Organic Panic! There are four different game modes in the single-player adventure mode, which takes you through 130 mind-bending stages spread across 12 gorgeous hand-painted and animated backgrounds, all tied together by a vibrant comic plot. As a team, you’ll have to work together to solve frustrating problems in the local Co-op and Versus modes of play.

8. Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series

Game of Thrones is a six-part episodic game with a focus on HBO’s television series. There is only one season, and the second one is now on hold. Rather of mirroring the plot points of a television show, the events presented in the game serve to flesh them out. A point-and-click adventure game with a focus on player choice, featuring a total of five playable characters. This is a TellTale offering. Cutscenes, conversation, and QTEs make up the majority of the gameplay. A player is required to repeatedly press buttons in QTEs, choose options for answering dialogues, and point-and-click things in the investigation section. After each episode, the player is informed of the consequences of his or her decisions. Comparing one’s decisions to those of the rest of the world can be done right there on the same screen.

9. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

If you haven’t already, you should play Far Cry 3. The storyline of this film, which is the third in the series, is distinctive. You’ll get a sense of what it’s like to be a Rambo when you play as Jason Brody. Vaas Montenegro kidnapped your entire group when you were on vacation in the Rook Islands with family and friends. Fortunately, Jason is able to escape the vengeful pirate lord thanks to the assistance of a friendly local named Dennis. In order to get off the island, Brody must now save his buddies one by one.

A fresh set of talents will be required to save Jason’s friends. Making new weaponry or acquiring new skills in order to defeat pirates. There is a lot of variety in the skill tree for the gamer. There are a wide variety of weapons available to any player, from a knife to a grenade launcher. Adds absolute chaos to the gameplay, making it fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping. Far Cry 3 is a joy to play because of its stunning island scenery, well-designed environments, and compelling story.

10. Submerged

As a character in Submerged, you’ll explore a mysteriously submerged city and experience the beauty of emptiness in wide outdoor areas. A young girl named Miku has carried her injured brother to the city in their modest fishing boat. Use your telescope to search the city for the goods you need to save your dying sibling from the flooded city streets. It is up to you to explore the city at your own speed and locate hidden things that fit together the story of a damaged world and a broken family. It’s a great spot to spend the day or night in these vast outdoor settings, where you’ll run into the enigmatic remnants that gaze over you from the rooftops. – Experience a peaceful and pleasant gaming environment; take your time enjoying sunrises and stunning views while you listen to ocean waves or watch lively critters who inhabit this location.. This game has only one speed, and that is yours. Explore the city’s history by uncovering the buried artifacts that tell the story of redemption, sacrifice, and determination. Using your telescope and a little powered fishing boat, explore the city’s streets in search of goods that you can then highlight on your map. Make your way to the objects you see from a distance. In order to solve increasingly tough navigational difficulties, dock your boat at prominent locations and climb the vines, ladders, ledge, and pipe structures that adorn them. Jeff van Dyck, the BAFTA-winning composer behind the soundtrack for the BioShock series, worked on the game’s development at an independent firm in Australia.