10 Best Games Like Koikatsu That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Koikatsu

For many platforms, Koikatu is a simulation, adventure, and one-on-one video game developed by the Japanese H game Company. The player takes on the role of a protagonist who visits a girl’s school in order to gain the attention of the girls there and establish friendships with them.

The character builder in the game allows the player to make their character exactly how they like. Create your own character and set him or her in the school for play. Among the many options available to the player while at school include interacting with the female students, improving the school’s club, and even performing H with them.

The relationship between the player and the other girls grows stronger as the player progresses. Let go of your inhibitions and experience a wide range of emotions as you engage in a variety of activities with the girls in the game. Character Editor, Characters, Actions, and Addictive Gameplay are the game’s main features.

Games Like Koikatu

#1 Spirit Hunter: Death Mark

Spirit Hunter Death Mark

Spirit Hunter.Death Mark is an Action 

As a multiplatform action adventure game with elements of horror survival and a visual novel, Death Mark was created by Experience. The player assumes the character of Kazuo Yashiki, a protagonist tasked with completing each chapter through exploring various locales. In order to progress, the player must remove a ghost in each chapter.

The Mark, a preset scar on the player’s body, gives him access to spirits and ensures a happy ending. The player observes the world through the eyes of a first-person perspective while he or she takes on NPCs. Any NPC that the player suspects can be interacted with. The player’s strategy will play a role in a succession of levels in the game.

For each missing piece of information, an evil ghost will show up and attempt to destroy the player. In order to progress through the game and keep his life going, the player must be extremely cautious when gathering all of the necessary facts.

#2 The Eden of Grisaia

It’s an adventure, action, visual novel, and a single-player game developed by Frontwing for the PC platform. The Labyrinth of Grisaia: The Second Journey is the game’s sequel. The plot continues from where the previous book left off.

When the protagonist first arrived at the academy, he was certain that things couldn’t possibly change. It was only in this way that everyone progressed at the same pace. He began to give in to the delusion before he even realized it. When everyone else started out on the same path, he figured he would be the only one to arrive at the same destination.

In the game, the user can select a favorite anime character and follow its backstory through the twist of decisions. The player spends the majority of their time reading dialogue between characters and the rest of their time deciding how the tale progresses. This is similar to other Visual Novel games. The player’s actions and choices during the game affect the outcome of the game.

#3 The Song of Saya

The Song of Saya

Nitroplus and Jast USA developed and published The Song of Saya, a role-playing, visual novel, and single-player video game. Taking place in a twisted wasteland, the game’s storyline is well-written. When a terrible catastrophe leaves the protagonist Sakisaka Fuminori in the middle of a nightmare with no way to get out, the story revolves on him.

After that, the protagonist’s friend provides him support and consolation, but the warmth can’t penetrate his cold soul. Sira, a mysterious girl, introduces him to a new kind of craziness, which spreads across the land. It’s a game about an epic journey that plunges the player into a heart-pounding horror romance to test their loveliness.

It has stunning visuals, a haunting soundtrack, and an unforgettable plot. The outcome of the player’s actions is determined by the decisions they make throughout gaming. In addition to an impressive cast of characters and an engaging storyline, The Song of Saya offers a variety of gameplay options as well as stunning graphics.

#4 Fluffy Store

It is a single-player adventure and visual novel game developed by AsicxArt and released by SakuraGame for Windows and Mac OS X. An engaging tale and a gorgeous cast of anime characters are included in the game.

He moved back to his native China to open a convenience store after graduating from college, where he was unemployed. In the beginning, that’s what he assumed was the case. Unknown winds, however, have altered the situation, and perhaps even his life. This summer, in addition to the chimes, three weird girls appeared, each with a distinctive set of fuzzy ears on their heads. The protagonist has no idea where they came from or how they got there.

In the end, he chose to recruit them for his new convenience shop. Every character in the game is brought to life by the use of live 2D animations. Players spend most of their time reading the dialogue between characters, which is crucial to moving the plot along. 2D graphics, Choice Matter Gameplay, Anime Characters, and more are all key aspects in Fluffy Store.

#5 Angels with Scaly Wings

Angels with Scaly Wings

From Radical Phi comes Angels with Scaly Wings: A Visual Novel, Adventure and Single Player video game. The player assumes the role of a hero who must brave a dragon-infested realm. The player and a small group set out to investigate a strange location after discovering a mysterious gateway.

Ultimately, the player and his friends must uncover the mystery of the new planet, and the player even falls in love. The game has a script of more than 175,000 words and mind-boggling stories that the player can lead through dramatic twists and turns.

Various character paths lead the player to encounter a wide array of dragons. More than a dozen different outcomes can be achieved depending on the player’s choices. With 13 different endings, 175,000 words, and numerous character paths to go, the game has a lot to offer.

#6 Onii-Chan

At Skvoril’s helm is the single-player anime/adventure/visual novel/simulation game Onii Chan. Play as a typical university student in Japan named Sora. Throughout gameplay, you’ll take on the character of the protagonist. The player is a friendly guy who has a good sense of humor.

Two of Sora’s sisters have expressed a strong desire for their brother to fulfill their fantasies of having sex with them. In order to pique the interest of their brother, both sisters engage in sensual games in front of him. The girls don’t waste any opportunity to ensnare the player and engage in sleazy behaviors wherever they can.

Everyone is enthralled by the girls’ despicable behavior, which only serves to further depress the gamer. The player must decide whether or not to fulfill the girls’ desires or allow them to make their way through the sleazy actions on their own.

#7 Wagamama High Spec

Wagamama High Spec

Developed by Madosoft and released by Sekai Project as a single-player video game, Wagamama High Spec is an adventure, visual novel, anime, and single-player game. The protagonist is Narumi Kouki, a manga author who writes a sexy rom-com for a popular manga magazine. Toa and Mihiro, the protagonist’s closest pals, are the only ones who know about it because of its content. The story goes like this: One day, the protagonist discovers that the school’s Student Council President is also the manga’s illustrator. In order to join the Student Council, they need a male representative that he can influence. The player is obligated to keep a secret. Consequently, he is allowed to join, provided that his manga work is kept private. As the story unfolds, the player must make decisions that will affect how it turns out. With a variety of people, the player can exchange information with them and learn about the world around them. Wagamama High Spec is a fun game to play with a great cast of characters, beautiful graphics, and an intriguing plot.

#8 Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land. Chapter one

Memoirs of the Cold Land. Developed by Emanon Studios and released by Chess No Choke Games, Chapter One is an adventure, story-rich, visual novel, and single-player video game. Mirt is a minor village in the Northern Valleys of the game. Almost everything, including time, is frozen in the story. The weird locals, on the other hand, make it difficult for a newcomer to use snow in the middle of July. Anton, a poor student, intends to spend his summer vacation in Mirt, despite the fact that he doesn’t have any money. The first few minutes of the game are both pleasant and odd. Soon after a while, unusual events begin to take place that necessitate a player’s turn as a detective. After a woman commits suicide and kills the new immigrants some years ago, the player must unravel numerous mysteries during gameplay. Memoirs of the Cold Land. More than 20 Characters, a Northern Magical Town, Numerous Ways to Explore, Stylish Art, and more can be found in Chapter One.

#9 Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter I

Misadventures of Laura Silver Chapter I

Studio Attic Salt created and published Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter I, an action-adventure, visual novel, mystery, and choices-based game. Laura Silver, a detective and gun enthusiast, is dispatched to a faraway location for an epic investigation during the interwar period. The narrative implies that something sinister lurks beneath the surface of the sea. Although they are disguised as two journalists to investigate the matter, the detective arrives and they begin their investigation. More than 70,000 words are at your disposal for dialogue, and the game offers more than eight hours of entertaining gaming packed with thrills. To progress the story, the player must make more than 100 decisions, which will ultimately influence the final fate of the plot. There are over 100 decisions to make, a ton of words, many endings, and more in this chapter.

#10 Nekojishi

Developed by Team Nekojishi and released by Orange Juice Dog, Nekojishi is a visual novel and single player dating sim that is free to play. A love story torn apart by high school life and eerie spirits is brought to life in this video game. Play as a young man who left his religious family and moved to Taipei to pursue an education and fulfill his ambitions in this video game. While playing, the player will have to deal with the stress of having to return to the temple of his or her ancestors at the end of the game. Until one day, the player’s third mystery eye was opened, bringing an abrupt end to his normal academic existence. In order to deal with his newfound talents, his mundane school life, and three cats who want to tell him about his present and future, the player now has the ability to see various spirits and strange kings throughout the universe. There are consequences and pressures to making decisions in the spirit world.