9 Best Co-Op Horror Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Co-Op Horror Games

Everyone knows that fear brings people together. You can play these best co-op horror games with old and new friends and scream your heads off together.

If you read these 15 titles together, your heart will race and palms will sweat as you fight or hide from evils that can’t be named. They’ll make you laugh nervously as the horrors close in and fight for supplies when things get hard.

Apocalyptic disasters are scary, but by the end of this, you’ll know who to trust and who to throw into the gaping maw of an unholy beast in order to save their own skin. It’s all fun, right?

1. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood

Developer: Turtle Rock Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Even though Turtle Rock worked on the original Left 4 Dead game, it’s easy to think of Back 4 Blood as a Left 4 Dead clone. This isn’t the only way the game developer wanted to stand out from the rest. They added a card-based mechanic that either gives players advantages or really messes up their gaming day.

Back 4 Blood is a game that needs to be played with other people, even though there is now a single player mode. It doesn’t land as well because of the bad AI. With a few friends by your side, you can move through a level full of zombie-like Ridden and get through it without getting hurt.

This game requires a lot of cooperation to stay alive, and one sloppy member of the group can make the whole level fail. If you know who you’re playing with, that makes the game even more fun. If it’s a rando who wants to speed through the level, it’s just because they’re angry.

2. Deceit

Developer: Baseline

Publisher: Baseline

Few co-op experiences make you think about whether or not you can trust your co-workers. Deception breaks the rules and throws people into a state of uncertainty by infecting a small group of them with a virus. Those who aren’t infected have to work together to get to safety, while the infected work to slow things down, drink blood bags, and stay hidden.

If they make it to the end of a zone without being exposed, the infected players turn into dangerous monsters and try to kill their former friends. With no need for deception, the game quickly speeds up as the innocent survivors try to escape the clutches of their former friends.

In the game of deception, you have to trust your fellow players and find ways to slow them down without letting them know that you’re infected.

3. The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club

Developer: Question

Publisher: Question

In a treehouse, you and your friends talked about the darkest, most mysterious things your town has ever done. As part of The Blackout Club, you’ll not just talk about them. Weird things are going to happen under the streets. You’ll act out.

As many as four people can work together to stop the evils that have been taking children. There are many tools and skills you’ll need to use to get the adults in charge of the town off your back.

Together, you’ll do things to find out what’s going on in the small town, but you’ll also have to stay away from the town’s dangerous people and the Shape, a shape that can’t be seen. Choose how you want to cross each night, and then try out different ways to find the one that reveals the truth about The Blackout Club.

4. Resident Evil Revelations 2

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

What if how you dealt with fear was the only thing that made you different from the people who survived and those who died? In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Claire Redfield and Moira Burton get a strain of virus that reacts to how scared they are. This is a break from the usual viruses in the series. They become one of the “Afflicted” if they let their fear get the best of them.

It is possible to play as Claire and Moira together in Revelations 2. The two-part story often shifts attention to Barry Burton, who comes back to the series to save his daughter. The two of them are joined by Natalia, a young girl who has a lot of different abilities.

The two sides of the story offer two very different things to do. When you play as Claire and Moira, you’ll have to use your brains to get away from the Afflicted. With the help of Natalia, Barry can fight the island’s monsters. Resident Evil 5 changed the series from a survival horror game to an action game. Fans have been waiting for a co-op survival horror game like this ever since then.

5. Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

Developer: Visceral Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Others think this is where the Dead Space games went off the rails, but it’s not bad at all. There was a co-op mode in the game because it changed from a horror game to one that was more like an action game. Isaac Clarke and Sergeant John Carver were the two characters in the game.

Human enemies are added to the game to make it more exciting, but there are no shortages of Necromorphs to kill. It’s called Dead Space 3. Players work together to fight the scourge and hordes of religious fanatics who want to be saved from the Markers.

Yes, Dead Space 3 was very different from its predecessors, but it’s not a game you should write off. In fact, it’s a good thing because it gives you and your friend a new thing to do together.

6. Pacify

Developer: Shawn Hitchock

Publisher: SKH Apps

The only person you should ever go into a haunted house with is someone else. Having watched a lot of scary movies has taught me one thing. As many as four friends can come with you when you play Pacify, which sends you into a mysterious house to look for signs of the supernatural. As a member of Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated, you use what tools you have to find out what happened to the home’s ghosts.

In no time, the evil that is brewing under the floorboards emerges, sending you on a frantic search for safety. There are things the young girl needs to calm her down. You and your friends will have to go through everything in the house to look for them. To keep her from taking us to heaven, all you can do is hope what you’ve found will be enough.

7. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt Showdown

As a player, you enter an online map that is full of dark creatures who want to get your hands on your body and kill you. weapons and gear are found. You work your way through these lesser monsters in search of our bounty targets, which are much more powerful creatures that can be hard to take down on your own (but possible). This game isn’t just for you, though. Other players can help you work together and also pose a real threat to your safety.

I think what makes Hunt: Showdown so good as a co-op game is how scary it is. There is danger around every corner. A lot of the time, you have to fight other players as well as npcs. This general sense that everything is out to get you makes the teamwork very rewarding and fun, and it makes it even better.

8. Friday the 13th: The Game

People play as camp counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game, and they try to stay alive or kill Jason in the same way that movies about Friday the 13th are made. In this game, seven people are counseled, and one person is Jason, who has the goal of killing the other people in a gruesome way.

Co-op: This is a good thing to do because working together with the other counselors is the only way to stay alive. There are seven of you and one of him for a reason, and the deck is stacked in his direction. Your friends will help you, and so will you. We may just be able to take down the Camp Crystal Lake Boogeyman, who wants revenge.

9. Depth


Depth is a new twist on the asymmetrical multiplayer genre. It’s a lot of fun. In this game, you can play as one of four treasure hunters. Their job is to find treasure on the ocean floor and bring it back to your small, unmanned submersible. They play sharks, trying to eat the divers. The other team has two players who play as the sharks. To win the game, each team has a certain number of lives. It’s up to them to use teamwork and strategy to get their job done before the other team does.

When you work together, Depth is a lot of fun. It’s new and different, which is why it’s cool. A movie monster isn’t going to get you, so you’re not running around a house trying to avoid it or killing zombies by the score. Not at all. You’re in the deep, dark abyss of the ocean, where your death could be lurking at any moment, ready to swoop in with blinding speed and rip into you with its razor-sharp teeth. Tools: The divers have them, but the sharks are much faster and more dangerous. How you and your team use these traits is up to you.