10 Best Shows Like That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Update 07/2024

Shows Like That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

There are 10 similar anime to That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime that you should watch as soon as possible if you enjoy Isekai anime in general.

The Isekai anime subgenre has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, resulting in a glut of new releases to meet the demand. There are stories about ordinary people who are transported to fantastical worlds and must learn to adapt to their new surroundings.

Eight Bit studio’s That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime is a popular choice, but there are others that have stood out. To the delight of fans, these shows either inject new life into an otherwise stale genre or embrace classic tropes wholeheartedly.

10. Death March

Death March

When Ichirou Suzuki, the main character of Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody, overworks himself and falls asleep while programming a game, he wakes up in an RPG world with elements from games he was programming before he fell asleep. A group of monsters immediately attacks him, and he must defend himself, quickly learning how to use magic and leveling up in the process.

Death March differs in that the protagonist and his eventual companions simply explore the world they find themselves in, rather than setting out to accomplish anything specific. Those who enjoy world-building and are more concerned with the journey than the final destination will enjoy this option.

9. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Not Calling A Demon A ritual to enslave a demon is cast by two girls, Rem and Shera, in the beginning of Lord of the Rings. Instead of a demon, Takuma Sakamoto is a human who has been summoned by these evildoers. It’s only a matter of time before the socially awkward Takuma manages to change the course of Rem and Shera’s lives forever.

As the Demon Lord Diablo, Takuma chooses to embrace the strange surroundings he now calls home rather than reveal his true identity. As a result, the trio sets out to figure out how Rem and Shera can get out from under Takuma’s thumb and no longer serve the “Demon Lord” they unwittingly summoned.

8. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

The Devil Is A Part-Time Job is an unusual Isekai anime.

takes a fresh look at the reincarnation motif by bringing a fictional character to life in the real world. Ente Isla is under attack by Satan, but when he is cornered, he manages to escape through a portal and lands in modern-day Tokyo.

When they arrive, Satan and his fugitive followers reappear as humans and must adapt to their new environment. To make ends meet, Satan gets a part-time job at McDonald’s, and he keeps an eye out for old enemies in this strange new world while doing so. The show has a lot of levity and cleverly plays with the expectations of the audience on a regular basis.

7. Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

Unlike many Isekai anime series where the protagonist quickly becomes overpowered after reincarnation,Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash does not have this problem.

It takes place in an RPG-like world where a ragtag group of strangers must band together to stay alive.

As a result, the anime’s world is gritty and bleak, and the characters there face real dangers that could easily lead to their demise.

Going up against low-level goblins is no easy feat, which makes their journey all the more harrowing and gritty.

The fantasy genre is taken seriously byGrimgar Of Fantasy And Ash, and the author isn’t afraid to go dark when the situation calls for it.

6. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

Log Horizonbegins in the same way as every other Isekai show does: slowly and methodically. The series begins with 30,000 Japanese gamers being mysteriously trapped inside a virtual reality game. Shiroe, one of the players, is a shrewd veteran of the game who gathers a posse of other players trapped there with him. While playing the game, Shiroe and his friends learn how to get along with the game’s non-player characters (NPCs) known as “natives.”

It doesn’t reinvent the wheel or do anything new in the genre, but Log Horizon is a solid series that adheres to a tried and true formula. All the boxes are checked for a classic adventure story with plenty of sword-and-sorcery action and fantasy drama.

5. KonoSuba

To begin, Kazuma Satou has to decide whether or not to go to heaven or be reincarnated into a new world after he dies prematurely. It’s no surprise that he opts for the latter and is consequently dropped into a fantastical world where villains like the Demon King are constantly taunting him.

Kazuma meets up with a variety of characters along the way, including the wizard Megumin and the crusader Darkness. Despite their inability to function properly, Kazuma and his dysfunctional band of misfits manage to have some fun along the way.

4. RE: Zero – Starting Life In Another World

RE Zero - Starting Life In Another World

For the first time in the series, Natsuki Subaru of RE: Zero – Starting Life In Another World is not transported to a new world via video game or car accident. Natsuki, on the other hand, is teleported to a new world at random and, to make matters worse, he has no special abilities there. He quickly makes friends with Satella, a half-elf, and Puck, her companion, and agrees to assist them in recovering an insignia that has been stolen.

If Satoru wakes up in his bed after his friends are killed, he’ll quickly realize they’ve been given another chance to live and a new chance to save himself and his friends.

Part Groundhog Day, part dark fantasy, this series adds a new spin on the reincarnation mythos with its ground-breaking plot twist.

3. No Game No Life

Fans will be introduced to a new group of unfortunate gamers in No Game No Life.

When the God of Games, Tet, challenges Sora and Shiro to a chess match, their lives as reclusive shut-ins are turned upside down. After that, they’re taken to Disboard, a place where video games are used to settle disputes.

Sora and Shiro quickly learn that the games they play in Disboard are far more real than anything they have ever experienced before in their previous lives. Sora and Shiro, as usual, quickly settle in to their new surroundings and set out to defeat Tet and take control of Disboard.

2. Overlord

Log Horizon

During the Isekai renaissance, Overlord has become one of the most popular games. When Yggdrasil, Momonga’s favorite virtual reality game, is about to be shut down, he decides to log in one last time and stay in the game until the servers are removed. Instead of being expelled from the game, Momonga has been imprisoned inside Yggdrasil as his skeleton “Overlord” character, which he controls.

In the game, he assumes the name of his former guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, and sets out to expand his domain by defeating the various enemies and factions that stand in his way. Overlord has carved out a niche for itself in a crowded genre with its dependable jokes, solid animation, and high level of action.

1. So I’m A Spider, So What?

As one of the most recent Isekai games, it has already established itself as one of the best.

But Wait, What Do You Mean, I’m A Spider?

leans heavily on the genre’s best elements while also actively attempting to break the fourth wall. As a result of an explosion, the main character has been reincarnated as a low-level spider monster in a fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures.

Her classmates are involved in an epic political power struggle while the unnamed spider tries to level up slowly and gradually become more powerful. This is a must-see for fans of Isekai anime because it’s hilarious, campy, and filled with great fight scenes.