5 Best Games Like Jurassic World Evolution That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier Developments produced and developed Jurassic World Evolution, a business simulation game for the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360, respectively. The game is based on the 2015 film, Jurassic World, and features action-packed gameplay. The game gives the user the opportunity to create the theme park of his or her dreams, complete with dinosaur research labs and amusement attractions. The gameplay is very similar to Jurassic Park, the game it is based on. The Genesis Project. Create your own dinosaurs and display them in your park as a tourist attraction with the new creature production tool. There are around thirty different locations to choose from, all of which contain dinosaur fossils. Isla Nublar, a fictional island, is the setting for this action-packed adventure. During gameplay, the player is able to face the dynamic day/night and weather system, as well as the fascinating beast. The open universe of the game allows the player to wander freely to accomplish his goals and become the master of the world. The 3D World, Dinosaur Species, Detailed Environment, and more are all major characteristics of Jurassic World Evolution.

#1 Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon

Blue Fang Games’ amazing business simulation Zoo Tycoon was released in 2001. Managing a zoo, making money, and eventually turning into a zoo tycoon are all part of the game’s objectives. Zoo Tycoon can only be played on XBox platforms, hence there are certain differences between the two devices’ gameplays. A 15-hour campaign option is included in the XBox version of the game, which allows you to explore at your leisure (Infinity Mode) while still being tasked with a slew of tiny chores. In addition to Kinect-based action, the XBox edition of the game offers more intricate gameplay and a ton of fun. For Xbox 360 owners, the game offers a somewhat different gameplay experience with access to more than 65 different creatures. However, the game’s visuals aren’t as good and there’s only a single-player option available. Zoo ycoon has a lot to offer in the way of captivating locations, stunning visuals, engrossing gameplay, and a ton of other enjoyable features. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

#2 Industry Giant II

Industry Giant II

Developed by JoWood Productions, Industry Giant II is a Single and Multiplayer Business Simulation that can be played on numerous platforms. Improved gameplay, music, and modes are included in the sequel to Industry Giant. Taking place around 1900, the game allows the player to begin his firm with a small amount of money but a lot of ambition. The player has the potential to create a vast commercial empire if they make the right choices. More than fifty automobiles from the 20th century are on display, along with more than 150 other items. There are as many as twenty different never-ending maps to explore, each with its own unique setting and graphics. Starting out in a modest town and transforming it into an extravagant metropolis is the major goal of the player in the game. Pro Mode and Campaign Mode are two of the game’s many settings. The Pro Mode introduces all necessary data and dates, while the Campaign mode has twenty spectacular objectives for beginners to learn the game’s basics. Industry Giant II has a number of important features, like 20 Endless Maps, 50 Vehicles, Detailed Graphics, and more. Industry Giant II is the best economics simulation game out there, compared to the rest.

#3 ScreamRide


Puzzle and single-player building simulation ScreamRide was created by Frontier Developments and released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox. ScreamRider, Engineer, and Demolition Expert are only three of the game’s many modes. Scream Works, a futuristic organization that hires thrill seekers to experience roller coasters and rides for the advancement of science and humanities, takes place in the year 2400. Engineer mode challenges the player to solve roller coaster development puzzles while racking up points. In Screamrider mode, he has the ability to ride and control roller coasters while also ensuring the safety of the riders. Build a spectacular roller coaster park utilizing numerous materials, resources, goods, and points in order to become the master of Expert Mode. Additional stuff in the game can only be unlocked by accumulating enough money. Playing ScreamRide is the ideal way to spend your time because of its addicting gameplay and stunning graphics.

#4 Shoppe Keep

Shoppe Keep

As a single-player business simulation that combines role-playing and adventure, Shoppe Keep was created and published by Excalibur Games. By participating in this game, you can join the tens of thousands of other gamers who are having a blast managing a virtual retail business. As a result, if the player’s stock is too large, they will find that their supplies are being depleted as the amount of money they are taking increases. After a thief breaks into the shop, the player has to fight back and develop the shop to earn as much as possible. Players go on epic journeys to find the treasures and fight off foes to progress in the game. Thieves and Barbarians, many classes, shop maintenance, first-person exploration, encountering champions, and more can all be found in Shoppe Keep. Enjoy yourself while you’re there.

#5 Punch Club.Fighting Tycoon

Punch Club.Fighting Tycoon

The single-player sports management simulation Fighting Tycoon (also known as VHS Story) was developed by Lazy Bear Games and distributed by TinyBuild for various platforms. Taking on the role of a boxing manager, the player is put in charge of overseeing an upcoming boxer’s training and preparation for a series of contests at the local club. Unnamed boxer, whose father was killed, is the player’s character in the game. The player’s current goal is to improve his boxing skills at the local level while also tracking down the assassin who killed his father. The player controls the boxer as he moves throughout the city, visiting various locales, such as a boxing gym, a store, and his office. Any activity the player is involved in, including moving between different places, advances the passage of time. Boxing relies on the player’s stamina, quickness, and strength, which he can employ to his advantage. Fighter Management Gameplay, Find the Killer, Story driven, Gorgeous Pixel Graphics and more are included in Punch Club.Fighting Tycoon. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.