10 Best Games Like Jenga That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Jenga

A variety of games have been released over the years that have enthralled gamers and introduced them to the realm of dexterity games.

For decades, Jenga has been a hugely popular board game. So it’s no surprise that it’s become a household name and is still enjoyed by countless numbers of people. As with other dexterity games, the objective is to flip, stack, or balance the game’s many elements.

Dexterity games have grown in popularity over the years, welcoming a variety of new titles that have enthralled and educated players. While Jenga is still a viable alternative, experienced players have shifted their attention to more challenging and innovative games.

10 Menara Is The Opposite To Jenga

Menara Is The Opposite To Jenga

When compared to Jenga, you could say that Menara is its polar opposite. For Menara, the goal is to keep the tower standing rather than to bring it down on someone else’s turn in Jenga. Cardboard tiles and wooden dowels will be used in the game by 1 to 4 players to build a tower with an unusual design. Everyone will want to take a picture of the great creation they’ve built together as a team at some point during the game.

9 PitchCar Is Formula 1 At Your Fingertips


In this game, players must maneuver racecars through perilous junctions, over dizzying jumps, and into tight corners. To put it another way, PitchCar allows gamers to feel the excitement of a Formula 1 race right in their own living room. Using the proper amount of force, players flick wooden discs on a track to replicate the movement of automobiles. To ensure that the car travels as far as possible without rolling over or crashing, the driver needs to exert as much pressure as feasible.

PitchCar is now available in a variety of forms, including a tiny version. It’s simple to see why PitchCar’s popularity continues to rise because of its high toy factor and engaging gameplay.

8 Junk Art Makes Everyone An Artist

It’s all about the balance when it comes to Junk Art. A player is given a variety of oddly shaped components to stack in a specific order during the game (depending on what cards are drawn). Players continue to amaze even themselves by pulling off these seemingly impossible feats of coordination. Using Junk Art’s bricks, users are able to create attractive and sometimes even art-like structures. Junk Art is available in both wood and plastic, depending on the player’s desire.

7 Catacombs Is Dungeon Crawling Mayhem


Dungeon crawlers can explore the catacombs for an entirely new fantasy experience. One of the best games for spelunking about in dungeons is here. Fighting fierce monsters is the best part of this game. The Overseer in Catacombs is in charge of controlling the monsters and perils that await the heroes as they make their way through the dungeon. Catacombs is one of the most popular games in its genre since it doesn’t overcomplicate itself.

6 Rhino Hero Builds A Skyscraper Out Of Folded Cards

The game’s skyscraper, which players build by stacking and folding cards, is always just one false move away from falling to the ground. There is only one floor in the building as the game begins. The structure, on the other hand, continues to rise in height as the game progresses.

Each card in Rhino Hero depicts how to stack additional cards on top of it and where to maneuver the wooden rhino. With the expectation that everything will fall apart if they put down the rhino, this makes for an exciting but tense experience for the participants.

5 Ice Cool Lets Players Master The Art Of Flicking Penguins

Ice Cool

Ice Cool, a dexterity game, is almost regarded as a modern classic. It’s up to each player to eat as many fish as possible before the monitor catches up to them in the hallways. The way the penguins move as they are flicked in this game adds an element of surprise to the gameplay. The unstable nature of the penguins encourages players of all skill levels to make some remarkable moves. It’s possible to combine Ice Cool 2 with Ice Cool to make an even more insane game.

4 Klask Is A Fast-Paced Magnetic Duel

Because of its enormous popularity, Klask can now be found practically anyplace. Similar to air hockey, two players compete head-to-head in this game. The goal of the game is to strike a ball into the opposing team’s goal by moving a magnetic post.

When a player is able to hit the ball into an opposing goal, lose control of their goalpost, or have too many little magnets connected to them. The intensity of each round keeps players coming back for more.

3 Flick ’em Up Is A Western Shootout In A Box

Flick 'em Up

For many years, players have flocked to this game set in the Old West. Flick ’em Up is a game that demands a lot of space, a lot of practice, and a lot of dexterity. In addition to the base game’s entertaining wild west adventure, the expansions include new horses, new weapons, and new ways to play. Many various weapons, stunning landscapes, interesting artifacts, western duels, and more may be found in the game’s scenario book. It’s like no other experience.

2 Crokinole Has Remained Popular For Over 100 Years

Crokinole, a beloved board game with a history spanning more than a century, continues to be relevant today. Crokinole, like shuffleboard and curling, is a board game (but table based). To earn points and send their opponents off the board, players fling wooden discs across the playing surface. It’s a simple game that gets more enjoyable the more times you play it. Crokinole is such a well-known game that entire businesses have sprung up to produce only Crokinole boards, discs, and other related products. Despite the high entry cost, the game’s popularity hasn’t waned.

1 Dungeon Fighter Lets Players Bounce Dice To Defeat Monsters

Dungeon Fighter

Fighting monsters in Dungeon Fighter is a whole new experience. Players instead of rolling dice to assault their opponents, they use a different method: bouncing the dice. There are a plethora of different Heroes to choose from, each with their own set of special skills and abilities. All players at the table work together to fight the adversaries that stand in their way in Dungeon Fighter. It’s a cult favorite in the dexterity game genre since it includes four expansions that introduce spells, new heroes, and a slew of other new features.