7 Best Games Like Guitar Hero That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Guitar Hero

Anywhere you go around the world, the only thing that you will see in common is the people’s love for music.

A lot of young people and adults are getting their hands on diverse musical instruments and this includes the iconic guitar. One game that shows how guitars function is the Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero is a video game that has been the pop cultural emblem to most people.

When you say rock, one thing that immediately comes into the minds of some people today is the game Guitar Hero. With $100, you can already have your own rock experience inside your home.

Here are 7 games like Guitar Hero that you can play today.

The Guitar Hero phenomenon

Before we dig into the alternatives, here’s why Guitar Hero such a phenomenon back then.

Guitar Hero has been a successful endeavour in the year 2008 with sales approaching $1 billion globally. The co founder of the game, Charles Huang, didn’t believe that the game will be able to achieve this height of success. He even remarked that the game was just a casual game for the public.

But game lovers cannot merely accept the game as a casual game. for them, it was a stepping stone to becoming a rock icon and the start of desire for musical excellence.

One thing that became part of the game’s success is its availability to everyone.

Even if the game uses a guitar shaped controller that can look lame to other people, consumers don’t even care about it.

What they care about is the satisfaction that it offers. But just like any other success tales, Guitar Hero too had a downslope experience.

The downfall of guitar hero occurred when the game developer, Harmonix, was owned by Viacom and its partner, MTV Games, was shut down.

The sixth installment of the game, Guitar Heroes.

Warriors of Rock, didn’t live up to expectations which resulted in a $233 million financial loss.

The main reason why the sales substantially fell was due to the market oversaturation. The company released numerous versions of the game such as Band Hero and DJ Hero. What makes it dull is the fact that each of this version has its own controller.

Other individuals are now more interested in holding a genuine guitar. The motivation that the Guitar Hero offered to its users also led to its downfall. Although there were some many adjustments to game controls which sought to make it more engaging, consumers already preferred learning the real electric guitar.

And since Activision won’t be publishing any Guitar Hero titles soon, there are other games like it that are accessible in the market today. Here’s the list of the games like Guitar Hero.

1. Rock Band Series

Rock Band Series

Rock Band Series delivers a very similar amusing experience with Guitar Heroes. The game was developed by Harmonix Music Systems and distributed by MTV Games and EA.

Instead of playing the guitar alone, you will be partnered up with the other three members and play the song that you choose. Rock Band allows gamers to construct their own band and play installed tunes.

If you’re already weary of playing the song all over again, you can pick to download the song that you want to play. The controls in this game imitate the actual instrument used by a band. You can even have a microphone with you.

The game creator includes popular bands in the subsequent editions of the game such as Green Day.

Rock Band and The Beatles.

Rock Band.

Lego Rock Band is also one of the game’s successors. The creator also made the game available to everyone by using console controllers such as Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

2. Guitar Master

Guitar Master encourages its users to be part of what they considered as the greatest show of all times. It has the similarity of Guitar Hero and wants you to be the guitar star as it reportedly delivers a total guitar riff to the players.

The authors of this game certainly learned from Guitar Heroes error of preserving the use of the controller because they made this game available on your own browser.

You do not need to waste your time installing and downloading contents. You only need your PC monitor and keyboard and you’re already set to rock.

The game is accessible in solo and in co op. You can invite your other friend and enjoy rock ‘n rolling together.

There are additional challenges that let you receive awards which can be used in unlocking new guitar models, new tunes and even bonus tracks.

3. Tap Tap Revenge 4

Tap Tap Revenge 4

The authors of Tap Tap Revenge 4 genre undoubtedly turned the game into a whole new level. Some game offers own controllers, console and PC compatibility while Tap Tap Revenge lets customers to enjoy their game using their own iOS and Android smartphones.

With your own phone, all you need to do to tap the items that show on your screen when you play your favorite song of Taio Cruz, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Katty Perry and any other artist that you want.

The scoring is based on your tap accuracy. If you want to score a perfect 100, all you need to do is to master the timing of your tap.

You may download the game in both Google Play and the Apple App Store. There are 100 tracks accessible for free and you can play against other online game users.

There are also free tunes and contests available weekly.

4. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac

Just like the other Guitar Hero alternatives on this list, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac involves the user’s precision and timing in pressing the buttons and is playable on PC.

If your aim is to get a high score, you need to keep a combo in order to improve your multiplier. For every button that you hit precisely, you will receive 10 points however 10 points will be taken from you if you miss a single button.

Always aim of obtaining a high score at the end of every game because this will give you a chance to access additional stuff. Be mindful of the buttons showing on your screen because some of it can demand a long press or and few successive touches.

5. Aero Guitar Free

Aero Guitar Free

Aero Guitar Free is a mobile game available for iOS device. It is a game where you can win points by tapping, flicking, and shaking your phone.

The game is extremely straightforward and simple. Users don’t need to be pro or musically inclined to correctly hit the buttons and achieve higher points.

It is also a competitive game because it gives a rating system where various users can compare their achievement with other players.

There are dozens of tracks available in the game and each track offers different difficulty levels. The game is available for both youngsters and adult.

6. Frets on Fire

Frets on Fire was developed by Unreal Voodoo and was published in 2006. The purpose of this game is similar to other games described in here, players need to markers that appear on the screen.

The players will be doing this by hitting their keyboard buttons. The more you hit, the more points you receive. Completing the song and getting greater point multiplier might also enhance your score.

The creators made sure that you can play the game even with various controllers, that’s why they made it compatible with guitar controllers and joysticks. If you still have your songs from the Guitar Hero game, you may import it and make it available in this game.

There is also a song editor accessible where you may build your own tunes. The game is accessible in many platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD.

7. AudioSurf


AudioSurf is a puzzle racer where your ride will be dependent on your own music. You will be the one to choose your desired track and this track will be the one that will control the speed, form, and mood of your ride.

You can score points when you group together blocks with the same hue. The music that you will choose will play a critical role since the blocks that you aim to collect will be in rhythm with your music and a more sophisticated fast beat music will make it more difficult for you to get a point.

The game is currently accessible through steam and is playable online. It will only cost you $10 to acquire full access to the game.

In a nutshell

There are actually a lot of different games that can be an alternative to Guitar Hero. These solutions are already available in multiple platforms such as mobile, PC, and Console.

So, if you’re done listening with the songs of Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Coldplay, Joe Satriani, Sting, and Ozzy Osbourne, prepare yourself for a greater rock ‘n roll experience and choose your own favored game from the list above.