10 Best Games Like Earthbound That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Earthbound

Iconic Earthbound has inspired a slew of fantastic games, many of them excellent. Here are a few of our favorites.

Mother is a popular video game series because its characters, Ness and Lucas, feature in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. The release of Earthbound.Beginnings and Earthbound on Nintendo Switch Online means that fans can now experience this zany RPG adventure at home or on the road.

This franchise has had a significant impact on modern video game development in spite of not having any new Mother series installments other than re-releases. Some of the most recent RPGs of the previous decade have been heavily influenced by Earthbound, or the entire Mother series. Fans of the long-defunct Nintendo franchise will adore these games.

10 Undertale


Undertale, an indie game created by Toby Fox in 2015, is one of the major games to follow the footsteps of Earthbound. Using a top-down view to explore the area and a turn-based fighting system, this game pays homage to the Mother franchise.

Charm is what makes Undertale a spiritual heir to Earthbound, however. The game’s soundtrack, characters, and plot have made it a cult favorite. For its numerous endings, based on the decisions the player takes, this game is very highly regarded. Anyone who liked the Mother games should definitely check out Undertale.

9 Deltarune

Toby Fox released the first chapter of Deltarune some years after the original release of Undertale. There is some connection to Undertale’s story but the gameplay has been radically revamped. Instead of the Mother series’ turn-based combat system, the new one is more akin to that of Final Fantasy.

In many ways, Deltarune is a continuation of its predecessor in terms of mood and charm. Instead of a stand-alone game inspired by the Mother series, it’s more of an extension of the story that began with Undertale. The final three chapters of the game have yet to be released, so it’s possible that players will discover even more Earthbound-related links.

8 Citizens Of Earth

Citizens Of Earth

Citizen of Earth was launched in 2015, the same year as Undertale, but it has a considerably more upbeat and cheerful tone. It’s all up to you to save the world as Vice President of Earth in Citizens of Earth. However, unlike Earthbound, the Vice President does not take part in turn-based fights in Earthbound’s version. That is the responsibility of his constituents.

Citizens of Earth resembles a hybrid of Earthbound and Pokemon in terms of gameplay mechanics. During warfare, the Vice President of the United States is in charge of numerous citizens, all of whom the players must gather and use as resources. Earthbound fans seeking for a silly, satirical adventure that plays like the Mother series will love this game.

7 Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich is a video game currently under development by Andrew Brophy. It has a striking resemblance to the Mother series. Three things: a sense of humor, a small town mystery, and a top-down perspective. The turn-based combat system, on the other hand, is more original than Earthbound’s.

Minigames inspired by WarioWare are used in Knuckle Sandwich to help players fight their way through waves of enemies in turn-based combat. The game was included in the 2020 Indie Mega Booth Showcase at PAX East, which was held in March. Fans may keep up with the game’s progress via social media or Steam.

6 Contact


Fans of Earthbound may want to consider picking up the Nintendo DS again if they find that Contact is a good incentive to do so. The game is around a professor who crashes on an unknown planet and asks Terry, a young lad, to help him explore the terrain. The role-playing game’s comedy is reminiscent of Earthbound, but the fighting is very different.

In Contact, players don’t take on the roles of either the Professor or Terry. As a result, they take on the role of an all-knowing presence in Terry’s life, guiding him wherever he goes and in any conflict he finds himself in. Terry is in charge of everything in the game, including the classic RPG combat, which players can influence by granting Terry new skills.


In 2008, the PC version of OFF was released worldwide and has since become somewhat of a cult classic. To ‘purify the Earth,’ players take on the role of ‘The Batter,’ a baseball player who must battle ghosts and demons. The lunacy of this RPG has already earned parallels to Earthbound, which is a good thing.

A relationship between OFF and the Mother games is totally coincidental, according to game designer Martin Georis. The game was inspired by the Final Fantasy and Myst series, according to the game’s creator. Nonetheless, its resemblance to the Mother series may be enough for enthusiasts.

4 Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki was developed by Kikiyama and released in 2004 for the PC. RPG Maker 2003, which has inspired a number of Earthbound-like games, was used to create the game. Yume Nikki, on the other hand, doesn’t include any RPG-style battle or leveling up mechanisms.

Earthbound and the rest of the Mother series are heavily influenced by the game’s dark graphics and frightening dream worlds. It’s up to the players to take control of Madotsuki, a little girl who has a vivid imagination but a terrifying reality to contend with. There are manga adaptations and fan games based on the game’s universe.

3 The Lisa Trilogy

RPG Maker has produced another another product. In the first of what will be three parts, we meet Lisa. Lisa came next in 2012, after which came the First. Lisa was the final character in The Painful in 2014. Joyful people in 2015 Dingaling Productions, the studio behind the trilogy, credits Earthbound as a major influence on the game’s mechanics, humor, and aesthetics.

Most reviewers have lauded The Painful as the best in the trilogy. In quest of his adopted daughter Buddy, player takes control of Brad Armstrong, Lisa’s older brother. Dark, fascinating stories with an absurd twist await devoted readers of The Earthbound Trilogy’s Lisa series.

2 OneShot


In 2014, OneShot was made available for free; in 2016, it was made available on Steam, with a console release planned for the future. OneShot has been compared to Undertale, despite the fact that it was released before it. That being said, the game’s uniqueness and tone are heavily influenced by the Mother series.

A standard top-down puzzle adventure game, with some problems requiring players to travel outside the game to find the answers. Investigating their computer’s operating system or the game’s file system may yield some answers. Fans of Earthbound may find this game intriguing, despite its obscurity.

1 Oddity

Despite numerous delays, Oddity is yet another forthcoming game that has been in production since 2008. In the beginning, the game was called Mother 4, an unofficial fan game that took place in the Earthbound universe and was based on the original Mother games. Oddity was eventually rebranded by the development team and released as a stand-alone title.

As of yet, the game has not been released, but the turn-based combat and interactions with non-playable characters are clearly influenced by the Mother series. A few additional features, such as a day/night system, have also been included. As a result of this game’s release, Earthbound players will be able to play an entirely new Mother game until Nintendo decides to release Mother 3 in North America and Europe.