10 Best Games Like Untitled Goose Game That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Untitled Goose Game

The Nintendo Switch’s Untitled Goose Game has become a surprise mega hit. If you enjoy UGG, check out these 10 entertaining games like it.

The Untitled Goose Game is a huge hit on social media. In September, it appeared out of nowhere and immediately rose to the top of the Nintendo Switch game sales statistics. There are countless memes, pieces of fan art, and dissertations extolling the virtues of this game’s simplicity. The primary character, the goose, and the film’s anarchic nature have won over many fans. Because you don’t injure anyone, but you’ll bother them to the ends of the earth, the goose is impish. What a great time!

There aren’t many games like the Untitled Goose Game, which is a shame. Its success, however, will likely lead to other titles with the same name in the future. In the meantime, why not check out some of the games we’ve found on this page?

10 Catlateral Damage

Catlateral Damage

You take on the role of a naughty feline in this first-person video game, and your goal is to knock down as many objects as possible. Game modes range from those that have a time limit to those that allow players to play at their own pace. Various cats, cat images, and power ups are among the many unlockables.

Catlateral Damage shares the most similarities with the Untitled Goose Game of all the games on this list. You’re simply an animal doing what you do best, making a mess. It’s easy to understand, amusing, and fun.

9 Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy is a quirky and addictive video game that’s worth a try. These extraterrestrial creatures that form planets by squeezing all they can into their sticky ball are yours to control in this video game Every game has a time restriction, and you may also be given a list of goods to gather. In terms of individuals and towns, the style is reminiscent of the Untitled Goose Game.

Furthermore, you are committing a heinous act while causing no harm to anyone. Yes, it’s true that you can pick up animals and people without causing any harm. They wriggle and scream in a state of panic and disorientation.

8 Copoka


This open-world indie game has you playing as a bird on the prowl for twigs to use in your nest-building project. You live in a city that is in the midst of a political crisis, which is a strange coincidence.

Birds have no real power to change the totalitarian rule, but they are able to see the world and hear what humans are saying. It’s refreshing to see the world go about its own business while you sit back and observe. Don’t worry about politics; instead, go out and gather twigs and be a little bird all you want.

7 Donut County

Toss trash from other players’ houses into a hole in this adorable game. Actually, you are the hole. You control the hole as a raccoon, therefore that’s what you’re doing. According to the rumor mill, raccoons have seized control of the region by installing remote-controlled trash-swiping holes.

It’s a lot of fun to put together combos by collecting various objects. Exploring character homes and savoring every morsel is an absolute joy. Several fans have likened it to a form of reverse Katamari Damacy. Many people feel that the game runs too short for its price point.

6 Push Me Pull You

Push Me Pull You

Developed by House House, which created the Untitled Goose Game, this is their sole other game. Also, this 2016 release is a little bizarre, but a lot of fun. Play as two noodle-like bodies with heads on opposite ends (kind of like Cat Dog) that battle over a ball. This is a two-player game. Two and four player variants are available.

It’s entertaining to watch as well as to participate. It’s like two people battling for a ball in one body. You can also play as wiener dogs in a secret mode that can be unlocked.

5 Okami

There’s no better option than Okami if you’re looking for a lengthy adventure game with aspects reminiscent of the Untitled Goose Game. It’s not only being a jerk to others and doing menial duties; you may play the part of a wolf and irritate others. You can, for example, bite people, animals, drag them about, bark, dig, and generally cause havoc with your god powers. Your divinity has been confirmed.

Okami has a tremendous story, which is the most significant difference. You’re also expected to be a decent human being. In spite of this, the game gives you the option to be a bully.

4 I Am Bread

I Am Bread

You take on the role of a piece of bread hoping to be toasted in this game. The toaster is where you want to be. The game’s most amusing feature is the bread’s physics and mobility. Why? As a result of the fact that it is quite difficult. It’s a game that takes a long time to master.

To get a sense of how much fun this game is, you should at the very least see a video of someone else playing it. This game is similar to the Untitled Goose Game in terms of simplicity and hilarity.

3 Everything

In spite of the title, Everything covers all aspects of life. As long as you’re alive, you can be anything: A puppy, an oak tree, or even a planet. Objects are playable characters in the universe.

The way everything moves makes it appear strange and absurd at first glance. However, the soundtrack and narrator of the game take the game in a more existential direction. Alan Watts’ fascinating philosophy speeches are collected in this book, which gives you a new perspective on life.

2 Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle

There are a number of creatures you can play as in Tokyo Jungle, but you won’t find any people in the game. You begin the game as a lone Pomeranian in Tokyo. A family of Pomeranian can be started and then played with. However, you may also become a victim of a hunter’s trap. There are lions, wolves, and even dinosaurs lurking in the shadows

As you progress through the game, you’ll find more and more animals to play with and learn more about what happened to the humans. Do you have what it takes?

1 Goat Simulator

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