7 Best Games Like Adorable Home That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Adorable Home

Most people in the country now have their own personalized homes, relationships, and pets at their fingertips thanks to the Adorable Home app that went viral just a few weeks ago. Netizens’ enthusiasm for the game spilled over onto the internet, where it quickly became a top trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines.

As a life-simulation game developed by Mexican gaming developer HyperBeard, Lovely Home enables gamers to decorate and furnish their own home, cultivate and care for adorable pets, and have a loving partner all presented with an easy-to-navigate yet charming visual style. Pet collection, decorating your home, and relationship simulation all come together in the perfect way in the game.

Adorable Home has a huge fan base, but like with any game, not everyone will stick around to finish it. This list is for anyone who has finished Adorable Home but is looking for a similar smartphone simulator game.

1. Stardew Valley


Farm simulation game Stardew Valley from Chucklefish Limited may be played on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. As in Harvest Moon, you’ll be a farmer in an open world valley where you’ll be able to cultivate crops and animals, fish and mine, connect with the townsfolk, get married and so much more! A clean pixelated design reminiscent of our favorite old-school games is used to depict the virtual valley.

Even though there are hundreds of free mobile games to choose from, you won’t get bored playing Stardew Valley anytime soon because of its huge possibilities, which include loads of things to do and explore as well as a plethora of tasks to complete. Because it’s available on a variety of gaming systems, you can rest assured that the game’s high price is justified by the amount of attention to detail it contains.

2. KleptoCats series

There’s no need to search any further than Adorable Home if you’re looking for a new mobile game that features cats!

Another series from HyperBeard, the KleptoCats, is about keeping your house full of cats, but this time, it’s your kleptomaniac cats that help you do it. Dress up your paw friends and have them bring in additional goods to take care of your paw friends!

HyperBeard has also developed KleptoDogs and KleptoCorns if you’d rather play with dogs or unicorns instead of cats. The KleptoCats Cartoon Network version of the game features the mischievous felines in a crossover with some of our favorite Cartoon Network shows, such as Steven Universe, Adventure Time, the Powerpuff Girls, and We Bare Bears, among others.

3. Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant

Here’s another mobile game to try out if you truly can’t get enough cute animals!

You’re the proprietor of an Animal Restaurant, and you and your feline team and quirky chef must work together to keep it running well. You must ensure that each and every furry consumer who visits your establishment is treated to a pleasant experience. If you’re looking for a way to expand your culinary horizons, this course is for you!

When it comes to the animals, this game looks a lot like Adorable Home, but the gameplay is completely different. In other words, if you’re a sucker for cartoon characters, you should give Animal Restaurant a shot.

4. Neko Atsume

Before Adorable Home came along, one of the most popular cat-collecting smartphone apps was Kitty Collector. As long as you leave toys and food outside, you’ll get visits from cats of more than 40 different kinds. Cats in unusual costumes can also be enticed by certain items. Be a skilled cat collector by filling your Catbook with all the cats you meet on your travels!

Wallpapers can be purchased through the game’s shop. Every time you pick up your smartphone, you can view your favorite kitties’ faces thanks to in-game money purchases and downloads.

5. Kawaii Home Design

Kawaii Home Design

Even while Adorable Home is all about decorating your home, Kawaii Home Design is a great option if you’re looking for more of a sense of accomplishment when it comes to doing so.

For the purposes of this game, you’re an interior designer, and you get to create and decorate your own showroom, as well as the houses of your clients. A community poll with other players is also included in the game’s features. visiting the showroom of a buddy. As well as having the ability to express yourself through your very own chibi character, which you may design and dress up to your heart’s content.

6. Dream House Days (and other Kairosoft games)

Kairosoft Co., Ltd. is a Japanese video game developer that you may have heard of or played one of their titles. Kairosoft is well-known for creating mobile simulation games in their signature pixel art style. As the manager of an apartment complex, your mission in Dream House Days is to create a dream house for each of your residents. Observe the tenants of your home as they live their daily lives in the space you designed. Eventually, they’ll look to you for career and romantic advice, and you never know—maybe you’ll help them land their dream job or find love and start a family!

Game Dev Story, Pocket Harvest, Dungeon Village and Grand Prix Story are all Kairosoft games worth checking out if you’re into simulation games.

7. Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger

If you’re seeking for a new virtual partner, (we won’t judge! If you’re 17 or older, you can attempt the dating sim Mystic Messenger. If you’re looking for a simple mobile game, Adorable Home is a better option. Then again, when it comes to romance-simulation games, this one is worth mentioning.

Mystic Messenger is a Korean mobile game where players take the role of the female character who got bored and stumbled upon the eponymous messaging app. You’ll meet a bunch of hot dudes who want to recruit you to join the RFA, a clandestine organization that organizes parties. Interact with the game’s characters via text messages, voicemails, and phone conversations (all in Korean) to learn more about their backstories.

To sum up, nothing compares to the kind of house we all desire, where we are able to live our lives as we see fit. Adorable Home and other games of this genre are likely to blame for our collective addiction. For this reason, video games can provide us with the same type of adventures and endless possibilities as books, TV shows, and films can.