7 Best Minecraft Mini Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Minecraft Mini Games

Minecraft is a great game in its own right, and it’s getting better with each new version. It’s true that sometimes you don’t want to play Minecraft. You want to play something new and exciting. That’s where minigames come in. Players have put together small challenges to give Minecraft a whole new look and feel. List of the best Minecraft Minigames:

Survival Games

Survival Games

In Minecraft, there are many minigames. This is one of the oldest and most well-known ones. For a long time, Survival Games were the only competitive multiplayer game mode that people played. This was mostly because of how it was inspired.

Is based on the Hunger Games movies, specifically the battle royale Hunger Games that the books have. In Survival Games, the rules are the same as in other games.

There are a lot of things that players can pick up and use to their advantage in Survival Games. They can use them both to defend and attack. There are also chests hidden underground, which can be dug up if players are quick enough.

People play this game to be the only one left. People now understand this idea because Fortnite has made it famous. When Minecraft first came out, this seemed like a new thing.

Sky Wars

There are now more unique Minecraft minigames. It is a game mode that a lot of YouTubers like because it can be so different each time.

During a single game of Sky Wars, each player must still fight to the death. Only the last person left can say that they won. Everyone starts out on their own island in the sky. A survival tool and a weapon are on every island.

However, it’s hard to kill everyone else if you’re all floating in the sky and separated from each other. This would make some people try to build bridges over to other islands, or even fly and jump. It turns the battle royale genre on its head and makes it like Minecraft.

I think this game is best played with small groups. It lets each person play a different part and makes for some very funny interactions between the islands in the game.

Block Hunt

Block Hunt

Block Hunt is based on the popular Garry’s Mod game Prop Hunt. Players, on the other hand, need to hide around the map as different Blocks.

Once the Hiders have found a good place to hide, the Seekers are free to look for them. Find every Hider before the match timer runs out.

Because this is the case, you can imagine that it leads to some very unique gaming moments as well. Every Block that can be hit by a Seeker is hit by them in the hope that they will find a Hider. It’s so weird to play Minecraft this way that it almost feels like a completely different game.

I think the best time to play this game is when the Hiders are a little cocky. A lot of people start to hide near the spawn point for each Seeker and even make themselves look like they don’t belong in the game. As soon as a Seeker completely misses them, it makes them laugh in fits that only toddlers can compare to them.


This is one of the best Minecraft games ever made. Skyblock is one of the best minigames. There is a minigame called “Blocks in the Sky.” Players can start alone or with friends on a single square of Blocks high in the sky. Tree, dirt, and basic items like food are all they need to start their journey to live as long as possible.

You want to build up your island to make it bigger and bigger with what you have. There are more Blocks you can make with Lava and Water. Then, you can start farming to get enough food so you can live.

There are even better Skyblock games when they are played in “Hardcore Mode.” This means that when you die, the map is wiped clean. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to survive on a tiny Block.

I think Skyblock is better because you have to fight off mobs every night, and there’s no place to hide for the first few days. There will be a lot of fights for your life until you reach the point where you have a castle in the sky. That’s what makes this minigame so good!

Build Wars

Build Wars

This Minecraft game, Build Wars, is a lot more friendly. One that needs a lot of people to work together. In this game, the players are split into groups and work together or alone to build an object that is defined by a word or prompt that is chosen at random.

It’s up to each person or group to build their own thing. People who make unique things in Minecraft build here.

As soon as the timer runs out, each player will rate the other’s builds. Afterward, a winner is chosen. I think the goal of this minigame is to have fun with other people, though. When you build with other people, it’s always fun to see what other people can come up with. That’s what Minecraft was meant to be used for.


This is a minigame for people who like fun games like Fall Guys or Human Fall Flat. There are a lot of Parkour maps that make it hard for people to do parkour runs in real life.

It’s not as simple as just racing each other from the start to the end of each map. Every map has a lot of big, precise drops and some very dangerous runs you can make. A game player must be in sync with how they move in order to reach the end as quickly as possible.

Most Minecraft minigames are about building. This one changes things up a little, making people try something they’ve never done before in Minecraft. That’s why I think it’s so unique.



BedWars is another Minecraft game that has become very popular over the years. Players start out on different parts of a map and have to destroy the beds of their enemies to win. This game is based on a PvP style of battle.

Until your bed is destroyed, you can re-spawn an infinite number of times. This also means that protecting your own bed is the most important thing to do.