10 Best Camping Games That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Play Capture the Flag

Family or friends can have a great time going camping together. There will be times when your kids say “I’m bored” during the trip, no matter what their age is.

You might get bored while camping, so we’ve put together a list of games that will keep you from getting bored. The adults might even get in on the fun.

We wanted to make sure that these fun games for camping aren’t just for kids who love sports or nature. Ideas for any age group: kids, teenagers, and adults. This list of games for family camping is for everyone. You can play them all!

1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

This game can be changed to fit any age. Getting things from nature is a good idea because you’re camping. You can get things like leaves or sticks, but you also need to look for more difficult things like certain bugs or flowers.

So, maybe an older sibling with a younger sibling or a person with a younger child, as well as older kids, paired up with each other. This game can be played both at the campsite and on a hike in the Byron Bay area. You can change up what the kids need to find, or you can keep it the same.

If you’re really planning ahead, you could look into a walk before you go, like the Cape Byron walking trail that goes around the Byron Bay Lighthouse. Then try this one with pictures for the kids who can’t read yet if you want a more general hunt. Each person can collect things, check them off, or even take a picture of them with their cell phones.

2. The Alphabet Game

To play this version of the alphabet game with kids who are younger is a good idea if you are going camping with them. This camping game for kids can be played at the campsite, on a hike, or even while you’re shopping in Byron Bay’s town centre.

A to Z: The kids just need to find things or signs that start with the letter. There is a race to Z. The first one there wins.

3. Camping Olympics

Camping Olympics

There will be a lot of fun for everyone when you play these games at the campsite. Relay races, swimming competitions, and puzzles are all in this set of games. You can also look for the longest stick and solve puzzles.

The best thing about this Olympics is that you can change the competitions based on the age level and athletic abilities of your group, which is a great thing. This is a great way to have fun on a camping trip with your friends. You can change up the competitions and have a lot of fun.

The Broken Head Holiday Park is near a beach and a park that can host the “Olympics” or at least be part of the events. Keep this in mind.

4. Telling Stories

Family camping games that work for everyone and don’t need any planning are great ideas to keep in mind for your next camping trip. Everybody can have a lot of fun with this one, from kids to teenagers to adults and grandparents.

Everybody should tell a story in the evening. It can be scary or funny or true or made up. Your little ones will have a blast making up stories, and the kids will love hearing their parents tell stories.

If you’re a competitive family, you can add in voting for a favourite and even keep it going the whole time you’re there to see who wins the most.

5. Catch or Don’t Catch

Getting teenagers away from their phones and tablets can be hard, but games like this could be fun for them as well. It doesn’t take much to play this game. You only need a ball.

They all stand together except for one person who has the ball. People in the middle of the circle say “catch” or “don’t catch” and throw the ball. If a player catches the ball even though they were told not to or the other way around, that player is out.

6. Noah’s Ark (or other variations …)

Both kids and adults can play this game. This game can be played in a lot of different ways while camping.

Noah’s Ark is a game where you have to name the animals in alphabetical order that you’re taking on the ark. Suppose you say, “I am taking two aardvarks on Noah’s Ark with me.” They say the same thing as before, but with the next letter in their name. Then, too.

A different way to say, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking X.” It doesn’t matter how many things you are taking, they go alphabetically. People lose when they forget the order and items. It keeps going until the winner is the only person left.

7. Play Capture the Flag

Play Capture the Flag

You’ll need to be smart, fast, and strong to win this game. In case you forget: Split into two teams and pick a spot for each. Teams hide a flag in their own area, and the goal is to find the other team’s flag and bring it back to your own. If a player is in the other team’s territory, they can be tagged and put in “jail,” and a teammate must come and tag them to get them out. Get ready to improve your teamwork skills!

8. Go Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboards can be rented at a place near your campsite. You’ll work on your balance and core strength while taking in some beautiful scenery on this trip.

9. Pass the Pigs

This game won a Good Housekeeping 2020 Toy Award because it was fun for both kids and adults. Players roll two dice that look like pigs, and they get points based on where they land. It doesn’t need a lot of things: just the pigs, a pencil, and a scorecard. It fits easily in a bag.

10. Play Flashlight Tag

Play Flashlight Tag

Hidden-and-seek, but in the dark! “It” must shine their flashlight on the hider once they’ve been found. As long as you make sure your kids are old enough, you should be fine.