10 Best Superhero Games Ps4 That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Superhero Games Ps4

Which superhero games for PS4 are the best? Surely one that gives you an amazing power from another world, like the ability to fly, see with lasers, or shoot sticky web fluid from your hands. No matter how you like to save the world, the good news is that PS4 has plenty of games where you can wear tight spandex. Sony’s last-gen platform may have had amazing flights of fantasy almost from the start, but there are still great superhero games coming out on PS4 today. These are the ones we’ll talk about in the list below.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4)

The most recent game on this list showed that it’s possible to make a story-driven single-player game that still highlights the unique strengths of a ragtag super team by focusing on exciting blockbuster set pieces and interesting team-based mechanics. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a much better superhero simulator than Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was the year before. As Star Lord, it’s easy to use each member’s powers to control the flow of battle, and interacting with Drax and Gamora outside of battles makes the group feel more like a family. It’s also one of the most beautiful superhero games on PS4 because it takes you from planet to planet, each of which has its own look and feel.

Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)

Six years later, it’s almost a crime that Batman: Arkham Knight still looks as good as it does. But enough about the water drops on the Dark Knight’s cape. Batman: Arkham Knight is still the best angsty superhero game because the combat is still tight and based on counters, and walking around this rainy version of Gotham still gives you chills. The main detective story may not be as good as what came before it in the Arkham trilogy, but side missions involving Two-Face, the Mad Hatter, and Man-Bat more than make up for it. Aside from the tank parts, Arkham Knight makes it fun to be Batman.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)

Before it was even possible for the X-Men to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes broke down barriers so that heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine could fight together. Even though they are doing it as little LEGO mini-figures, it didn’t matter because TT Games did a great job of making a colourful and fun version of New York to play with. This is the best Marvel superhero dream come true on PS4. You can play as all your favourite heroes and fight through an original story that is based on comic books. Along the way, you can unlock new characters and find Easter eggs.

inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)

The electricity-driven Cole McGrath may have died at the end of InFamous 2 to save the world, but this early PS4 exclusive showed that his legacy was very much alive. Delsin Rowe may not be as disciplined as the other conduits, but being able to use the powers of other conduits was a fun way to play superhero. Whether it’s blasting up the side of buildings using a neon run or dodging bad guys by temporarily turning into smoke, InFamous: Second Son made exploring this detailed version of Seattle a delight – and doing so still looks great on PS4 today.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)

PlayStation veterans knew that Insomniac was good at making cute characters and fun fights, but when Marvel’s Spider-Man came out on PS4 in 2018, the studio’s skills were shown to a whole new audience. Swinging through New York City as this version of the famous wall-climber never fails to make me smile, as does using all kinds of web-based powers to keep the bad guys at bay in combat. When you add in the fact that Peter Parker is played to perfection, Marvel’s Spider-Man tells a surprisingly emotional superhero story that is as good a place to start as any player could hope for.

Injustice 2 (PS4)

With a bigger focus on customising characters and even more DC superheroes to choose from, Injustice 2 is the best fighting game to play if you want to see Batman beat up Black Adam. It takes Netherealm’s combo-based gameplay and gives it a bigger, better superhero twist. You can pull off all kinds of comic-book-accurate finishers while getting new loot drops to improve your roster’s base stats. The Injustice series is one of the few fighting games that cares as much about the story as it does about the cool animations. This sequel expands the game’s scope even more without taking away from the core activity of beating up DC superheroes in a brutal but badass way.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (PS4)

Saints Row IV Re-Elected (PS4)

As the Saint’s Row series went on, it got even more extravagantly stupid. By the time the fourth part came out, we had turned into full-on superhero territory, with you as the president being taken by aliens and taken to a digital version of Steelport where you have a lot of superpowers. Then, it’s a lot like Grand Theft Auto meets X-Men, as you speed run and high jump from one goal to the next, using elemental blasts and telekinesis to try to get out of the simulation. Can Saints Row IV hold up under the weight of all the things it wants to do? Yes, but playing it on PS4 is still a wild ride.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4)

When a game comes out with the goal of making fun of a certain genre, you know that it has become very popular. When South Park: The Fractured But Whole came out on PS4 in 2017, this is exactly what happened. In this superpowered sequel, you played the role of the new kid again. The story was about what Cartman and his friends did when they put on costumes to try to get a Netflix deal. The idea is silly, just like the show, but The Fractured But Whole’s improved turn-based combat plays wonderfully and taps into the superhero idea almost perfectly, which lets the crude humour shine.

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers from Crystal Dynamics might be fun for people who like the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game series. It’s a lot like Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance, but from a third-person point of view and in full 3D. Overall, this game tells a unique story about the strongest people on earth. It begins with a party for the opening of the Avengers’ new headquarters. But after a terrible event, the world makes it illegal to be a hero, so the Avengers have to break up. As you might guess, humanity faces a new big threat, and it’s up to the Avengers to save humanity all over again.

You’ll see characters like Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, who have been around for a long time. Also, there are enough perks that can be unlocked for these characters to give you a bit more control over how your heroes look. With that said, the gameplay can at times feel a bit repetitive, and being set up to feel like a game as a service, you can expect there to be a ton of content regularly available.


Deadpool is best known for his movie series, but a few years before the first movie came out, a pretty good Deadpool video game came out. The Deadpool game came out in 2013, and even though it was taken down from the Internet because of a licencing problem, it came back soon after. From a Deadpool video game, this is exactly what you would expect.

There’s a foul mouth Merc with an over-the-top wacky storyline, a few cameos from the Marvel universe, and it’s wrapped around a great hack-and-slash gameplay mechanic. We know that Deadpool isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy the character, you should still give this game a try, even though it’s been out for almost ten years.