11 Best Friends List On Snapchat Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

best friends list on snapchat games

Snapchat has a lot of games to keep you from getting bored. Snapchat games made with HTML 5 are available right away and don’t need you to download any extra apps (unlike Netflix Games). We’ve put together a list of the best Snapchat games you should play in 2022 and beyond. Whether you’re bored or want to play games with your best friends and family, this is the list for you.

If you’re bored on Snapchat, there are a lot of games you can play to pass the time. We’ve chosen the 20 best games you can play on the messaging platform. Snapchat games are ranked from best to worst in the table below. You can use it to choose which one you want to play.

1. Flip the Egg

Flip the Egg

There is a game called Flip the Egg named after this. It is all about flipping eggs. You should tap and hold the screen to control and flip the egg when it comes out of the pan. Compete with your Snapchat friends and work your way to the top of the leader board. This is not as easy as you might think it is to flip an egg in the right direction in the game.

2. Hex FRVR

Hex FRVR is a game that looks a lot like Tetris. You have to fill in the hexagons in a row to stay alive and get points. As you may already know, the game is all about placing the hexagons in the best way possible while still leaving enough space for the new blocks to come in. When you make a row of hexagons, the existing blocks fall away. In Snapchat, you should not miss Hex FRVR. If you like puzzle games, you should not miss it.

3. Subway Surfers Airtime

Subway Surfers Airtime

If you look at the Play Store, you can see that Subway Surfers was the first Android game to get more than a million downloads. It might be a while before the appeal of endless runner games fades, but the title has a special place in the hearts of people who play mobile games. So, to keep things interesting, the developers of the Subway Surfers game brought the game to Snapchat in a new form: Subway Surfers Airtime. This is a new way to play the game. During the new game, you can play with your friends in real time here.

4. Om Nom Run

If you like endless runner games, you should check out Om Nom Run, as well. This game is very similar to Subway Surfers and many other endless runner games, but I thought the graphics were better on this one than on other games. You can use boosters and power-ups to get a head start in the game, so you can do better. For Snapchat games that look like Subway Surfers, Om Nom Run is a good choice. You can play it with your friends.

5. Ludo Club

Ludo Club

This is how it worked: Ludo’s popularity went up huge during the pandemic. Everyone used to play Ludo, and it’s still a big hit with gamers because of how fun it is to play. Snapchat teamed up with Moonfrog Labs to show off the Indian board game on the Snapchat gaming platform. Gamer’s who used to spend their nights going from Ludo rooms to Ludo rooms will be happy to see Ludo Club on Snapchat. They can keep the fun going for hours and hours.

6. Chess Quest

Classic chess is something you can never forget. Snapchat can’t even get a chance to play it. Chess Quest lets you play with your friends. The game has a lot of ways to keep you interested, like ranked fights, champions, and teachers. Once you start playing the Chess Quest game, you can keep talking to your friend through messages or voice notes and keep having fun with one of the best Snapchat games.

7. AlphaBear Hustle

AlphaBear Hustle

Well, if you like word games, you must play AlphaBear Hustle. It’s a very good word game. In the Quordle game, you know how great it is to guess the right words. In this case, you have to figure out how to put the right word together from the jumbled words and make sentences that make sense. One of the best things you can do in this game is build a village with trees, animals, and playgrounds. Whether you play alone or with a friend, this game gives you a hard task.

8. Let’s Go Hoops!

If you are a basketball fan, then you must play Let’s Go Hoops, which is a game. You can play the game with your friends and fight against them. The five goals will help you win the game’s rounds. One of the best Snapchat games is this game. You can either play the game with your friends or anyone else on Snapchat. If you finish all of the game’s rounds, you can get new rims and balls for your game.

9. Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run is just another running game that you can play with your friends. It’s fun to play together. Subway Surfers is a lot like this game. It also has a lot of the same things as other runner games. This is one of the best Snapchat games, and its art is just great. There are a lot of benefits to this game once you start playing it. You can use them right away on the Snapchat platform. Check out this great game right now. You won’t be sorry.

10. Super Snappy Bowling

You can’t go bowling with your friends because the school is on lockdown. There is a Snapchat game for bowling. It’s not going to let you down if you don’t give up while playing pin bowling with your friends. The controls are also very simple. You can move by pulling down, swipe up to throw, and press and hold to move the ball.

11. Aquapark: Multiplayer Edition

Aquapark Multiplayer Edition

You play Aqua Park in a theme park, and your goal is to get to the finish line first. You also have to make sure you don’t fall off the track. To get other people off the track, you can bump into them. Aqua Park is a fun Snapchat game that you can play to compete with your friends.