9 Best Ps3 Games Metacritic That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Ps3 Games Metacritic

The PlayStation 3 came out in 2006, and it was a huge step forward for the Sony console. It was the first to have the PlayStation Network and social gaming, which PlayStation owners needed to keep up with the Xbox 360, which was made by Microsoft and was becoming a bigger threat.

The PlayStation 3 has sold 87.4 million units since it came out, and many people still have one because the PlayStation 4 can’t play games from the PlayStation 3. When the PS3 came out, it had 14 games, but by the time the last one, FIFA 19, came out in 2018, there were more than 1,441 games for it. These are the best of the best.



Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots came out in 2008 for the PlayStation 3. It changes Solid Snake into a very tired and old warrior in the future. His body isn’t as good as it used to be, but players can give him the high-tech OctoCamo suit. The game also has one of the best stories in the series.

Based on Metacritic reviews, which averaged the game out to a 94, the flaws existing in previous iterations were cleaned up here. This PS3 game was a great ending to the Solid Snake series because it had both cinematic scenes and great gameplay.


Call of Duty was the game that changed everything about online console gaming and ruled the Playstation 3 for years. The first Modern Warfare game was the fourth Call of Duty game, and it won the Metacritic award for PS3 Game of the Year in 2007.

Reviews on the site say that the multiplayer action is the best since Warhawk and that the price of the game is a great deal for what you get. Both of the Modern Warfare games got a score of 94 from Metacritic, which is a very good score.



BioShock Infinite has an interesting story and some difficult game play. The game came out in 2013 and is about a city in Columbia that vanished into the clouds. Booker DeWitt goes looking for the city so he can free a girl who is being held captive there. Then, as the city falls, he has to fight enemies to get her back to safety.

Metacritic gave it a score of 94, and reviews called it a “staggeringly impressive achievement” that goes above and beyond what people expect from big-budget games. It’s a “nearly perfect” game that PlayStation LifeStyle says you can’t miss.


Portal was one of the best games of 2007, and over 30 different publications named it the Game of the Year. Reviews on Metacritic say that Portal 2 was one of the best games ever made for the PlayStation 3 when it came out in 2011. Portal 2 got the multiplayer co-op game modes from the PlayStation Network, and the result was a winner.

Ranked at a 95 on Metacritic, reviews said it is the next best thing to the original Portal and presents a more memorable experience than almost any other game released that year. “Mind-expanding puzzles” and “perfect pacing” made it a “instant classic.”



PlayStation already has a lot of horror games. From Resident Evil to Silent Hill, scary games for consoles have been around for a long time. But with The Last of Us, PS3 gamers got something they didn’t expect and that was very good. Don’t worry about ghosts, zombies, or blood. The Last of Us is all about being afraid.

Twenty years after a pandemic destroyed society, people went back to their worst selves and started killing for food and weapons. The game is about Joel, a survivor who is hired to sneak a 14-year-old girl out of the city. As they race across the country, Joel and the girl fight to stay alive. The game is a terrifying work of art.


Surprisingly, a Wild West game was one of the most popular games ever made for the PlayStation 3. Red Dead Redemption is the sequel to the game Red Dead Revolver, which came out in 2004. It got a high score of 95 on Metacritic.

In the game, an ex-criminal named John Marston goes on an adventure across the American frontier as the industrial revolution slowly destroys the Wild West. With its open-world setting, the game has beautiful and breathtaking set pieces that can be played for hours on end.


LittleBigPlanet PSP

LITTLEBIGPLANET was a world-building game for the PlayStation 3 that came out before Minecraft. Players explored, played, and made their own worlds, just like they did in Minecraft. With the PS3, they could share these worlds with other gamers thanks to the PlayStation Network. This was the kind of game for which Sony made the PlayStation Network.

When the game came out in 2008, early reviews said it could be the start of a new era in gaming and the “birth of a revolution.” With games like Minecraft coming out, that prediction turned out to be very true. Even though the levels were already made, this is clearly where Minecraft came from.


Who would have thought that a DC Comics hero would be the subject of the third best-rated PlayStation 3 game? With the next-generation consoles, the idea that superhero games were cheesy went out the window. When these hard-to-play games came out, they took the genre to the next level.

Batman: Arkham City continued the story from Arkham Asylum and put players on the streets of Gotham City to fight criminals, thugs, and gangsters in an open-world style. The reviews said that this action-adventure game did a great job with its story, variety of missions, and fun side quests.

F.E.A.R. (Metascore 72)

F.E.A.R. (Metascore 72)

Monolith was started in 1994, and since then it has made some of the most important first-person and third-person action games ever. Over the years, they’ve made a lot of great games, from the classic FPS Blood on DOS to the great Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor on new consoles.

The game F.E.A.R., which came out in 2005 and was a launch title for the PS3 the next year, helped build on that fame. F.E.A.R. was a really scary horror-themed shooter similar to Doom 3 or Dead Space. It was a real thriller on PlayStation, but its dated graphics and various performance problems may have hurt its Metacritic score.