Best Space Games Xbox One Update 05/2024

Microsoft’s line of consoles is great for space games, whether you have a regular console or the powerful Xbox One X. These machines work well and can make some really cool graphics. When you add Xbox’s strong online multiplayer network, you’re ready to start exploring the cosmos with your friends in the best Xbox One space games.

You can find a lot of fun games with a space theme. Here are some of the best Xbox games about space that you can play right now. Find out more about what these games have to offer by reading on.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda

BioWare’s Mass Effect series is thought to be one of the best space games ever made. This is the fourth book in the main line of the series. Like the other games, Andromeda has worlds to explore that are full of beautiful details.

The story in this game is intense and has many different paths. As you talk to different characters and move through the game, you’ll have to make a number of important choices. Your character and the story as a whole are shaped by the choices you make. This game can be played many times because it has many different endings and a lot of fast-paced action.

If you change what you do on your second playthrough, a new story will happen.

Elite Dangerous: The Legendary Edition

The Elite series of games is another one that has a special place in the history of video games. Space-themed games today have a lot to thank the original game for. Elite Dangerous, the newest game, builds on what made the ones before it so great.

This game is really, really big. You can explore the whole galaxy. But this galaxy isn’t like any other. It’s our very own Milky Way! The creators made a 1:1 scale version of the galaxy with some real-world parts. You can find real planets and dangerous black holes, among other things.

You can’t forget about the space battles, of course. As the captain of your spaceship, you can beat possible enemies or work with rivals to become the most powerful starship in the galaxy.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds

You play as a space traveller who has been left alone in deep space in The Outer Worlds. You wake up in a new star system that humans have already settled. The game takes place in a different world. Because of this, it has its own style of art.

There are many themes that are very American. But everything takes place on strange planets, which adds to the mystery. Fight through hordes of strange creatures as the game’s unique plot unfolds.

No Man’s Sky

Hello Games originally put out No Man’s Sky for the Playstation 4. But you can now play it on the Xbox One! This game is a great example of how technology in video games can make worlds with no end.

Every planet you find in this game is made by a set of rules. That means they have no pattern at all. In the universe of the game, there are more than 18 quintillion different planets. The best part is that they are living planets that change all the time.

You can go to planets that other players have already been to. Find the things they left behind and find out what they did to change the world for better or worse.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

Have you ever wanted to visit the Red Planet? You finally can in Surviving Mars. This is a simulation game with a pretty straightforward story. As the first colonizer of Mars, you must build a city that can support human life!

Use the resources that are already on the planet. Find out about new kinds of buildings and get mail from Earth. As your colony grows, you can unlock new features and invite more colonies to your planet.

Learn how to live on the barren planet and use your brain to get past any problems that come up.

Stellaris Console Edition

Stellaris is a strategy game that has a lot going on and is harder than it looks. There are many parts to this game. It lets you explore deep space and visit a huge number of procedurally generated galaxies.

There are also parts of managing resources, going to war, and making a political plan. As you travel through space, you will meet a lot of different alien races. These aliens might be friendly or mean. Your job is to decide whether you should fight to the death to protect your civilization or work with them to help it grow.



If you like games that are dark and scary, Prey is the game for you. This is a science fiction action game with just the right amount of survival horror mixed in.

It’s a tense game with action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat. In some parts of the game, you have to be sneaky to avoid danger and get through the setting without getting hurt.

The world of Prey is very detailed and has great graphics. Even though the story is great, the developers made the experience more immersive by telling stories through the environment.


Want to play a game at your own speed? Astroneer is worth a look. Even though this game is still about strange planets, it is much less tense. You can find rare discoveries and solve the mysteries of the universe as you travel to new worlds.

You’ll have the chance to build the space station of your dreams the whole time. Use the tools in the game to change the world around you. Terraform the soil, destroy rocky outcrops, and build a settlement.

The game lets up to four people play together, so you don’t have to go exploring by yourself!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo The Master Chief Collection

Halo is one of the most popular series on Xbox. The Halo series is only available on Xbox, and it’s possible that it was this series that made competitive online multiplayer games popular.

There are four games in the Master Chief Collection. Some of these are new versions of games from the first Xbox and the Xbox 360. Microsoft has cleaned up the older games so that they look great on the newer Xbox One.

With this collection, you can go through the whole story of the Master Chief. Play through 45 different missions as part of a campaign. Then, finish even more missions with other players for hours of play.


Twin Stick Shooter is a multiplayer action game that takes place on small planets whose environments can be changed as you play. in which your enemies and the planet’s environment are also your weapons.

Orbit.Industries (2022)

Orbit.Industries (2022)

 Become a Space Pioneer by building and running your own station in the orbit of a faraway planet. Focus on design and management, or reach your goals, to move forward. Explore, Build, and Succeed!