12 Best Shows Like The Sinner On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like The Sinner On Netflix

An anthologythriller drama TV series, ‘The Sinner’, is all about solving the ‘whodunit’ mystery. The perpetrator has already been identified. Why is this happening? It’s worth noting that the show is based on Petra Hammesfahr’s novel of the same name. He’s German, too! Is this something you’re interested in? Let’s go ahead and continue.

The first season of ‘The Sinner’ follows a mother and wife who take a vacation with their children. While relaxing on the beach, she spots a man and stabs him to death with a fruit knife, despite her protests that she was just relaxing. She appears to have no idea who he is. What happened after that? Just why did this horrendous murder happen? For this, detective Harry Ambrose is tasked with finding out. He takes an immediate interest in the case and decides to delve deeper into the woman’s personal history and long-forgotten secrets. Season 2 follows the same path as Season 1. It’s no surprise to Ambrose that a young boy murders a couple, and he immediately sets out to find out why. During a visit to his hometown, which houses a hostile cult that is somehow linked to the incident, he takes on this case. Imbued with a sense of responsibility for this young man, Ambrose is drawn to him because of his own complicated past and haunting memories.

Here are a few titles that may interest you in exploring similar themes and concepts after watching all the episodes of ‘The Sinner’ You’re in luck, then! We’ve compiled a list of shows that are similar in style and tone to this evocative, gripping crime thriller. We’ve compiled a list of the best shows that are similar to ‘The Sinner.’ This series can be found on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, among others.

12. Eyewitness (2016-)

Eyewitness (2016-)

Lukas Hallenbeck appears to have it all together on the outside. In high school, he’s popular, has a beautiful girlfriend, and is a biker’s dream come true. However, he is unsure of his sexuality. The two boys begin an affair after meeting each other. When they witness a murder, however, the situation becomes more complicated. They are now afraid that the killer will find them out and expose their secret. Lukas and Philip are haunted by the trauma of what they witnessed and realize that their lives may change for the worse as a result.

11. Deep Water (2016)

An Australian crime series, “Deep Water” follows the murders of 30 to 80 gay men in the Sydney suburbs and beaches between the 1980s and 1990. The four-part series is loosely based on these murders. These occurrences remain unresolved to this day. When a brutal homicide takes place in Bondi, detectives Tori Lustigman and Nick Manning are called in to investigate. Since her teen brother mysteriously vanished, Tori is already haunted by his disappearance. The two investigators risk everything to figure out if there is a link between the mysterious deaths, disappearances, and suicides of gay men in the 1980s and 1990s.

10. Top of the Lake (2013-)

Top of the Lake (2013-)

‘Top of the Lake’ was created and written by Jane Campion and Gerald Lee, and directed by Campion and Garth Davis. Season 1 revolves around the investigation of a pregnant 12-year-old girl’s disappearance. Season 2 begins five years after the events of Season 1, when Griffin investigates the murder of an Asian girl whose body was found on Bondi beach.

9. Safe (2018-)

Harlan Coben’s ‘Safe’ centers on Tom, a widower who has raised two of his daughters on his own, despite numerous hardships. Despite the fact that everything appears to be going well, he also begins a relationship with a police detective, Sophie. But things take a turn for the worse when Tom’s older daughter and her boyfriend mysteriously vanish. Tom discovers a slew of shocking details about his ostensibly safe and gated community as the truths begin to leak out. Everyone, even those closest to him, has a personal agenda of their own. In other words, is this neighborhood truly “safe”?

8. Quicksand (2019-)

Quicksand (2019-)

‘Quicksand’, a Swedish crime drama, is perhaps the closest comparison to ‘The Sinner’ when it comes to concept, characters, and narration. Malin Persson Giolito’s novel of the same name is an adaptation of this story about an 18-year-old girl from an affluent family who attends an elite school. Djursholms senior high school was the scene of a shooting in which her boyfriend and a friend were both killed. In the beginning, she confesses to the charges against her, but she later denies them. Like Cora, the story focuses on why she did what she did, rather than focusing on whether she actually committed the crime.

7. The Break (2016-)

Anthony Rey is the producer and Matthieu Donck is the director on the French-Belgian crime drama TV series “The Break.” Yoann Peeters, a Belgian police detective who recently relocated to Brussels with his daughter, is the focus of this show’s narrative. A football player’s body was found in an overflowing river soon after his arrival at the scene. However, Peeters suspects foul play and murder even though the case was declared a suicide.

6. The Fall (2013-16)

The Fall (2013-16)

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibsons and serial killer Paul Spector are the stars of ‘The Fall.’ Spector, a serial killer on the lookout for new victims, and Gibsons, a relentless sleuth, are the two main characters in this psychological thriller. It is because the local cops lack the necessary expertise in dealing with sexually motivated crimes that they seek the assistance of this female investigator from the London Metropolitan Police. However, Spector is an unrepentant murderer who goes about his business as a married man and father at the same time.

5. Gonul (2015-)

Nurse Gonul, an orphan, works in a medical facility as a surgical assistant. She is introduced to Tekin, a man who is clearly in need of love and support because of his own traumatic past. Gonul sympathizes with his situation, and the two begin a relationship. That is until she meets Tekin’s ex and learns about his dirty past. On discovering her body a short time later, Gonul realizes that she may have been infatuated with an extremely wicked man.

4. Marcella (2016-)

Marcella (2016-)

London-based detective Marcella Backland is a member of the British police. When a missing child is found dead, Marcella is assigned the case, which soon turns into a sinister journey filled with dark plots, twisted characters, and intertwined storylines. This esoteric tale, narrated in the surreal Nordic noir style, deserves a spot on this list.

3. Paranoid (2016)

“Paranoid” is an eight-episode series that revolves around a group of detectives who work for Woodmere police in the United Kingdom. They’ve been given the task of finding the killer of a doctor who was stabbed to death in a children’s park. While investigating, the team discovers that this incident has ties to a German pharmaceutical company. As a result, they seek the assistance of their German counterparts in Düsseldorf in order to complete the investigation.

2. Tabula Rasa (2017-)

Tabula Rasa (2017-)

We are introduced to Mie, a young woman who has been diagnosed with amnesia and is being held in a mental hospital. When a detective tells her that she was the last person to see Thomas Spectre before he mysteriously vanished, complications arise. In this situation, she is both a suspect and a witness, so she has to relive her past. Amidst people she cannot trust and distorted memories that make her confused about what is real and what is fiction, she must find her own path as she reconstructs her thoughts.

1. Elite (2018)

Carlos Montero and Daro Madrona created and wrote ‘Elite,’ a Spanish teen drama, and Ramón Salazar and Dani de la Orden directed it. One of the show’s central themes is that of an elite high school, where only the children of rich and affluent parents are allowed to attend. But when three normal students are admitted to the school, conflict arises between the two classes, which eventually leads to a murder. What’s next? Who’s to blame for this?