10 Best Games Like Coin Master That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Coin Master

A single-player video game for Android and iOS, Coin Master was developed by Moon Active. The player assumes the role of a protoganist named Pig, who lets the player spin the wheel six times in an hour to see whether he gets lucky. Using the spinning wheel, the player will be rewarded with coins and mega tools that can be used to build their community.

Gain coins, build a town, and get more shields to keep your hamlet safe from the enemy by playing this game. Over 200 village experiences are available to the player, including Buddhist Village, Hell’s Village, Magical Forest, Coin Manor, and many others.

Attacking neighboring villages can help the player earn additional cash, which can be used to improve his town. The game has a Revenge mode that allows the player to reclaim his lost coins and fortify his settlement. Cards and riches can be earned by completing villages.

Through your travels, you can meet new characters including Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. Coin master is a fantastic game to play because of its various adventures, revenge mode, various characters, challenge your friends, and ability to fix time.

#1 Piggy GO: Clash of Coin

Piggy GO Clash of Coin

Forever9 Games created Clash of Coin, a puzzle/action game for mobile devices that may be played solo or with a group of friends. It’s a game where you may play with your Facebook friends and millions of other gamers from across the world to build a magnificent metropolis from the ground up. Colorful world where the player is in charge of his own fate and tries to take a trip across the world with his friends to have fun is the setting. To advance in the game, the player must collect gold and use it whenever they see fit. Create a gorgeous metropolis and complete as many levels as possible in order to receive rewards. He’ll get a kick out of the humorous board and the real-time interaction, which will bring back memories of his youth playing Monopoly. Wins in this game are easy and pleasant. There is no stopping Piggy. Play with Friends, Build a City, Gather Gold, Collect Cards, Trade the Cards, and more can be found in Clash of Coin.

#2 Pango land

Studio Pango has created an educational and single-player video game for children called Pango land. The game may be played on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The game begins with the player being invited to the home of a rabbit, squirrel, piggy, and Pango. There, the player can participate in a variety of games and pastimes. It’s often regarded as the first book to truly liberate children’s creativity. For the first time ever, youngsters will be able to explore an entirely new world while having a great time. Every day is full of surprises in this game, and the player must find his or her method to play. After lighting a fire, the player must then decorate the Christmas tree with unique ornaments before attempting to make a delicious meal and inviting their friends over for a festive feast. You’ll be immersed in a vibrant free world with no rules or restrictions, and there are hidden mini games to be discovered. Hundreds of objects can be found and interacted with in the game. Mini Games, Endless World, Day/Night Cycle, and more may be found in Pango Land.

#3 Piggy Boom

Piggy Boom

Fenixs’ Piggy Boom is an Android and iOS adventure, multiplayer, and building video game. As you play, you’ll learn about the devastating attack on your idyllic island and the ensuing devastation. It is up to you to avenge yourself and spin the wheel in order to acquire shields for your remaining island. The goal of the game is to develop an island of your own design with the help of adorable and cuddly pets. Achieving a high gold score is necessary in order to be eligible to win these incredible rewards. You can put your luck to the test in this game. When playing, you can invite your friends to help and compete against other gamers from across the world. ” It has a mining mechanism that allows you to find a gold mine and rise to the position of richest player. The Miner System, Cute Pets, Play with Buddies, and more are all significant aspects in Piggy Boom. You should give it a shot; you won’t regret it.

#4 King Boom: Pirate Island Adventure

Developed by Digi Ten for the Android and iOS platforms, Pirate Island Adventure is an exciting Real-time Strategy video game. There are a number of gorgeous islands in the game’s beautiful globe. When playing the game, the player takes on the character of a pirate whose major objective is to sail his ship to riches around the world. Every day, the player receives a free spin to see if he has what it takes to win big. Set sail on the high seas, conquer exotic islands, amass armies of mercenaries, and embark on a perilous trip full with quests and discoveries. Nine islands are available, and the player must grow his kingdom further in order to become the ultimate ruler. The game focuses on treasure, attack, and building, and these qualities are what keep the players engaged. Spin the Wheel of Fortune, Build an Island, Unlock Content, Become a Pirate, Sail the Ship, and so forth. This is something you should try out because it’s fun.

#5 Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings

Jelly Button Games’ Pirate Kings is an action-adventure strategy game for iOS and Android devices. You can create your own paradise island in this game and then fight to make it Paradise Island. It takes you on an epic sea trip and places you in the role of a pirate, who is tasked with battling other players, destroying their army, and conquering their land. You’ll have to show off your piratical prowess throughout the game. Battle other pirates and defend your ship with cannonballs, then mine gold to increase your wealth. By spinning the pirate wheel, you can gain as much money as possible. Create an island, collect enough money, and complete chores to gain upgrades. Decor, accessories, and other objects can be used to beautify your island. The key features of Pirate Kings include: Join the Mateys, Battle your Friends, Daily Bonuses, Use your Gold, and more.

#6 Boom Space

It is an adventure, social, and multiplayer game developed by Kaiteng Game and published for iOS and Android platforms. The game gives you the opportunity to test your luck by spinning a magic wheel and earning fantastic rewards such as gold. As a team, you must construct an island, engage in battles with your adversaries, and protect your empire from invasion. Keep your island safe with the help of charming and cuddly pets. You may communicate with your friends and take part in a variety of social activities while playing, making it feel like you’re really part of the game’s community. It’s time to go on an epic trip with real-life friends, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. With a range of cute dogs to choose from, you may build a team of your own. Create your own island and grow it to its full potential to become the ultimate ruler. Amass gold and use it to gain access to more entertaining features. Boom Space has a wide variety of features, including exciting adventures, several pets, islands, gold, and more. It’s up to you.

#7 Shark Boom

Shark Boom

Oasis Games Ltd. created and distributed Shark Boom, an adventure, social, and virtual pet video game for Android and iOS. It’s set in a gorgeous universe where you can design your ideal island and collect an assortment of 3D lovely pets. Invite your friends or make new ones to help you build and protect your island in the game. Various pets, such as octopuses, electric eels, and starfish, are available, each with a unique personality and set of skills. Your island can be improved or expanded further if you win big on the fortunate wheel. Like other MMORPGs, you can engage with other players from across the world, make new friends and communicate with them, participate in fun-filled events, and score the highest points to unlock extra pets, and other goodies.. The game has a rating system that allows you to progress through the ranks and ultimately become the game’s master. This game’s basic elements include, but are not limited to, in-game battles in real life, a fantasy environment, the Spin the Wheel, rewards, and cute pets. Shark Boom is a fantastic game to play because of its stunning visuals, outstanding mechanics, and thrilling gameplay.

#8 Rich Pirates

Action and strategy game Rich Pirates was developed by Cookapps for Android. Play as a pirate and sail your ship through an epic journey to conquer islands full of treasures in this action-packed video game. Various levels are available, and the player is given a daily spin to try their luck. There are a lot of gold nuggets to be had in this game, but the player must first create his kingdom, lead his troops, and conquer the islands. To gain points, the player can attack and demolish foes using a variety of weapons. In order to prove oneself the finest pirate, the player must earn enough points to acquire shields that allow him to protect his base from enemy attacks. In order to score points, the player must successfully complete each level in the series. The game’s primary features include attractive characters, a variety of themes, Spin, Plunder, Build, and so on. This is something you should try out because it’s fun.

#9 Island King

Island King

It is a spin-wheel, single-player and multiplayer video game from Forever 9 Games that is available for Android and iOS. The player assumes control of Luna, the game’s protagonist, and works with her to search for her long-lost father across a variety of islands. The player spins the wheel to collect cash and gigantic rewards, which can be used to develop different islands and proceed to the next level.

Luna and her father were playing together one day when a monster appeared and kidnapped her father to an unknown island. By gaining access to more and more islands, the Luna hopes to learn more about her biological father. Collect cash, construct an island, and use shields to keep other players from attacking it as you continue your quest to find Luna’s biological father.

As the player progresses, he encounters more challenging obstacles and gets more mega coins. In order to finish the mission, a player might request others to join them in the game. Attacking the island of a buddy to gain gold, looting treasures, or collecting cards are all options open to players. Brilliant graphics, challenges, different islands, and multi-player are just a few of the game’s fundamental elements.

#10 Coin Boom: build your island & become coin master!

Candy Grill’s Build Your Island & Become Coin Master is an Android and iOS adventure game with a spinning wheel and single player modes. Like Coin Kingdom, you’ll need to collect coins and develop islands to advance in this game.

Invite your pals to compete against you for the title of “coin master” by having them spin the wheel for coins and other valuables. To earn more cash, you can attack the islands of your friends and collect their pets, islands all over the world. When the jackpot is won, you’re given a treasure chest full of coins, however this can also be empty at times.

You can secure your islands with shields, take revenge on adversaries who destroy your islands, feed and upgrade your pets, and collect cards to obtain additional prizes. That’s why there are more adventures, other islands, a variety of pets, and a jackpot in the game: