6 Best PS3 Games Exclusive That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best ps3 games exclusive

Sony fans will love this list of the best PS3 games as if it were their favourite child or brother.

Sony has always made great games for its consoles that are only available on Sony. But at the end of the day, their official games are always better than any other games.

The best PS3 exclusives have sold a lot of copies, so you don’t just have to believe us. I guess you can’t argue with the facts (even if you do try to argue with me).

Here are the best PS3 games that the Retro Dodo team has played to death over the years. He should take it away, Mr. Hayabusa.

1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (2009)

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (2009)

If you’re an Xbox player, you can play this game. But the PS3 version is different in a lot of ways, and only works on Sony’s console. That’s why it still fits the bill.

Our language is very different.

Some people might say that this is the best version of the game because it has better resolution, new designs, and a better version of the original story.

It’s clear that Ryu Hayabusa is serious about business when he’s on the PS3. Look at the size of that weapon he has. There’s no way out once that thing hits you!

Also, Sigma 2 is a little bit of a “clean up title,” getting rid of things that aren’t needed or aren’t useful anymore. You have to use a lot more skill in this game than you would in a “hack and slash.”

In spite of all that, we can still remember how impressive it was… oh, the good old days!

2. Twisted Metal (2012)

Twisted Metal (2012)

Twisted Metal is the first of two brutal PS3 racing games that we have on our list.

Mario Kart should have had more of a “IT” vibe to it, with violent clowns and explosions all over the place. This is the racing game for you if that’s what you want.

Twisted Metal has a great multiplayer mode if your friends still live in the same place as you and don’t need a server to connect with you.

TM is the best way to fight with vehicles. In this game, there are four people playing on the same screen at the same time and shooting each other to death in a world where old, broken cars have more firepower than the MOD.

It’s not going to be easy, and no one said it would be.

… the park is probably gone, to be honest.

Why not play Twisted Metal: Black again? It’s one of the best PS2 games on PS4!

3. MotorStorm (2006)

MotorStorm (2006)

MotorStorm is the 18th game on this list of the best PS3 games. It brings high-speed ATV action to your living room, but without the dirt!

If you want to race, you can choose a bike or a racing truck. You can also choose a vehicle based on its size, speed, and power.

There are so many different cars and tracks to choose from in this racing game on the PS3. I haven’t seen many games where a buggy can go up against a Mud Plugger in real life.

In this game, you drive through dirt tracks with a lot of different types of loose and dangerous surfaces, all of which affect how well you can control your car. Currently, the servers have been shut down, but there are still eight tracks to choose from. There are different shortcuts and routes depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

There are, of course, hazards on the track that make things a little more interesting, as well as filling your car’s boost bar for a little extra speed.

Be careful, though, because if you boost too much, your engine will blow up! As if things couldn’t get any faster, right?

4. Resistance 2 (2008)

Resistance 2 (2008)

Resistance 2 is without a doubt one of the best games ever made. There are so many great PS3 games out there that we couldn’t make a list like this without them!

This game has a great single-player campaign, but the thing that I really liked the most was the multiplayer that I played with my friends.

If you played in the skirmish mode a long time ago, you could play with up to 60 other people. The servers are no longer online. The games PUBG and Fortnite have taken over the world, but in 2008, this was a big deal.

Because of how well they look, these games have been around for a long time. If you’re used to the PS5’s 60fps majesty, you might notice a difference. But Resistance 2 still looks fresh, crisp, and fun to play.

Auto-regenerating health can be used when players hide from enemy fire or skulk around away from danger zones in Resistance 3. This is something that comes into play when the game comes out.

You’ll be glad you did this when you get into some of the fights in this game.

5. The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

I think that the last of us is the best game on the PS3. Great characters and character development, a great story, a lot more depth than other games, and a lot of different things to look at (like the picture and story) than other games.

In Uncharted 2, the game was great. In Uncharted 3, it was even better, and the last of us was a great game. If you play NaughtyDog’s games, you can see how they’ve changed over time. Each new game they make shows this.

I love this game so much. The best game I’ve been able to find is this one, so I’ve been playing it over and over again. It’s a great game, and it always manages to make the player feel something.

Not at all.

No game can compare to the last one we played! It’s a once in a lifetime experience that will change your genes. I think this is the best game of this generation by a long shot. For heaven’s sword to be on this list, it must be even better than this, right? You should vote this piece of art up.

The best single player I’ve ever played with. If you want to play online, that’s great, but none of my friends have this game and playing against strangers isn’t as fun. So this isn’t really a bad thing about the game, but the campaign is where this game really shines. 10/10.

6. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

In this action-adventure epic, the characters and story are ngunat the heart of the action and adventure.

Spectacular gun fights, intense melee fights, and action stealth are all part of this game.

Explosive stunts and interesting movie clips.

The game kept me up for hours, even though it’s been 4 years old. I think you should get this game, even though it’s old.

This game is better than The Last of Us.

I think one of the best games ever should be number 1.