10 Best Games Like Pandemic That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Pandemic

Playing a cooperative board game might provide a welcome respite from the usual competitive board game fare. Keep in mind that some games can still be hard, but instead of competing against your pals, you’re battling against the game itself!


The fact that North Americans are finally becoming more aware of the global Coronavirus pandemic has boosted interest in this post significantly during the last few days. Even if international leaders aren’t taking this seriously, we strongly recommend that you do so yourself. If a member of your group is displaying any signs of illness, you can always reschedule a game night. Even if you don’t display any symptoms, you can still spread the virus if you belong to a group that isn’t particularly vulnerable. Be a wise person. Check out our list of board games for one-on-one play if you’re looking for something to do without a group. As a closing note, here’s a little word for those who are still sluggish about the whole thing. If you break your leg, you don’t have to worry as much about Coronavirus. What if you end up getting the flu? Suppose your appendix ruptures and the medical system is overburdened and unable to provide you with assistance. If you’re healthy, you can still get hit by a car or have a medical emergency, and we’re all in this together. In other words, those of us who have long held the belief that “it doesn’t matter to me, I’m safe” are erroneous. There are innumerable additional ways it can affect you, so proceed with caution. Keep your distance from large crowds. Traveling should be put on hold. This is a severe matter. Here we go again, with our usual game recommendations.

Pandemic, a co-operative roleplaying game designed by Matt Leacock, was released by Z Man Games in 2008. It’s possible that you’re ready for a fresh co-op experience if you enjoy Pandemic and have played through its expansions.

If you’re looking for a comparable experience to Pandemic, here are a few other options. In addition to offering novel mechanics and strategic difficulties, these superb co-op games, such as Pandemic: Contagion, encourage teamwork.

5. Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror is an excellent alternative to Pandemic if you’re searching for a more challenging game.

A fabled beast must be stopped before it’s too late in this game, where each player takes on the role of an investigator.

This game, based on the gruesome works of H. P. Lovecraft, will make you fear for your life at every turn. There is a chance that it is

4. Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot is a popular Medieval-themed co-operative board game. Players take on the roles of a knight from the Round Table and must work together to fulfill tasks before the clock runs out in order to win.

However, you should be aware of this.

One of the party’s trusted knights may be a traitor who is intentionally stifling the game and delaying the party’s advancement. Get to know your teammates, and find out if they’re working for the same goal as you, or if they’re trying to slow you down.

3. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Fans of traditional horror will enjoy this game. It’s only logical that Betrayal at Mansion on the Hill would take place in a haunted house. in which each player takes control of a different character roaming the house in search of relics.

As a player, you don’t know what’s going to happen in this game until the second stage.

The Haunt is eventually revealed, and a scenario from the book is selected. From dragons to bursting necklaces, the variety is astounding. As a result, the game can be played over and over again, with varying outcomes depending on who you play with and how invested they are in the experience.

2. Gloomhaven


Gloomhaven is a game that you’ll want to play again and again, so don’t worry about getting your money’s worth out of it.

Players take on the roles of characters in an extensive choose-your-own-adventure scenario in this fantasy board game.

In the style of an RPG, you’ll need to upgrade your gear, collect experience, and accomplish side tasks to progress.

When the time comes, you’ll all work together to overcome the greatest obstacle of all.

1. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

You must acquire all the treasures on Forbidden Island before it is too late. In order to complete this assignment, each player receives a unique adventurer with a certain skill. This game is a lot like pandemic in that it’s easy for novice players to grasp and provides a strong sense of cooperation.