10 Best Games Like Lily’s Garden That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Lily's Garden

Tactile Games for Mobile Devices produced and published Lily’s Garden, a Puzzle, Match 3, and Single-player video game. You’ll be able to do anything from romance to gardening to problem solving in this game, which is jam-packed with entertaining features. The player’s main goal is to rebuild the garden while completing challenging puzzles with a romantic twist.

Help the female heroine restore her garden to its previous state and try to match flowers to overcome hard stages in this challenging puzzle game. If you’re looking for a narrative with a lot of suspense, try a romantic one with a gorgeous cast of people. To begin the garden makeover, the primary goal is to match flowers.

Players can find a variety of unique boosters and secret regions with a wide range of customizing choices during gaming. Find new spots to decorate and choose from a wide variety of flowers. To begin the game, the player is tasked with completing the garden’s renovation by matching glowers and then relaxing to read the meaningful dialogue.

Games Like Lily’s Garden

#1 Sun City: Green Story

Sun City Green Story

Plarium LLC developed Green Story, an Android and iOS puzzle, match three, city building, and single player video game. It’s up to you to build the world’s largest eco-city in the Green City, where the game takes place. When it comes to the city’s demands, you can make your own decisions about which buildings should be completed first. Choosing from a wide variety of creative décor, you must build the best eco city ever. Complete daily duties by playing match 3 levels and unlocking a variety of brightly coloured levels to become a master. During gameplay, you can swap, replace, move, match, and come up with more innovative match 3 combinations. To have a good time, explore the city and meet the city’s cute residents. Together with adorable critters, you can embark on a series of breathtaking journeys in the game. This project’s major goal is to aid Emma and Jackie in finishing the well-written novel and bringing clean air and healthy ecosystems to Earth.

#2 Lost Island: Blast Adventure

Plarium Global Ltd. developed Blast Adventure, a Puzzle, Match 3, and Single Player video game. The action takes place on a stunning island, where the player can explore its coasts and work with a diverse cast of individuals to solve puzzles of varying difficulty. Legends tell the player that the lush jungle and pristine beaches are haunted by ancient spirits. When the game is over, the player will have completed all of the necessary renovations, decorating, and matching tasks in order to turn their house into the dream residence they’ve always wanted. In order to find out the game’s dark secret, the player must solve challenging riddles while playing. With his ability to travel the island, he can uncover its mysteries. Numerous boosters are at the player’s disposal, as well as hundreds of levels that allow them to develop a variety of structures and gardens. The difficulty of the game increases as it progresses. In addition to the Magical Environment, Blast Puzzles, Explosive Boosters, and many other important aspects, Lost Island.Blast Adventure also includes the following: Take a look, and have a good time with your buddies while you’re at it.

#3 Bloomberry Match-3 Story: Merge Fruits and Decorate!

Bloomberry Match-3 Story Merge Fruits and Decorate

To play Merge Fruits and Decorate on a mobile device, you’ll need a device with a touchscreen. It takes place in a vibrant universe where the player can control a character to accomplish a series of objectives. Get ready for a match-3 twist on decorative gameplay, as well as a slew of challenging puzzles to solve. Players must renovate and revamp their home and yard, as well as watch adorable pets grow, in order to win the game. Matching skills will be put to the test on several levels, and each has a set of objectives that must be met. Berry matching and designing lovely mansions and pet homes are the main goals of the game. Players are expected to solve puzzles, engage with people and uncover the tale as they progress through the game’s narrative. This is the story of Bloomberry Match 3. Decorate the Garden, Complete Mini-Quests, Enjoy Unique Gameplay, Interact with Cute Creatures, and More are just some of the Exciting Features Included in Merge Fruits and Decorate.

#4 Funky Bay: Farm and Adventure Game

In Funky Bay.Farm and Adventure Game, Belka Games has created a Farming, Match 3, and Single-player video game set in a lovely universe. The game takes you to a tropical island where you must build a village and a farm. Attempt to find your wealth by embarking on a series of incredible journeys. Exotic animals, lush vegetation, and lovely pets greet you on this exciting voyage. The fascinating backstories of these endearing and endearing personalities are just the beginning. In order to keep your town and farm up to date, you must harvest crops and process them at your factories, complete orders, and sell goods. Explore new locations to harvest resources, solve hard puzzles, and uncover the pirate treasure. You can become an intrepid explorer and establish a company on a remote island far from your usual haunts in order to recharge your batteries. Breathtaking Graphics, Customization, Harvesting Crops, Setting Out on Exciting Adventures and more can be found in the Funky Bay. Farm and Adventure Game.

#5 Zoo Island

Zoo Island

Whaleapp Partners’ Zoo Island for mobile devices is a wonderful blend of Match 3, Puzzle, and Time Management game components. The game allows you to create a tropical island populated with adorable animals and island furnishings. Completing levels of match three, as well as creating and embellishing eye-catching landscapes in order to entertain adorable creatures, is the primary goal. Before you begin the game, you must mentally prepare yourself for an exciting journey filled with challenging gaming challenges. The plot revolves around a nice young lady who aspires to build a paradise island on which animals and other adorable species can coexist together. Help her build an island full with ponies, pets, and other exotic animals so she can enjoy it. Match 3 puzzles and animal training paddocks must be completed throughout playtime. Educate animals to perform feats like leaps and saltos by opening a training facility. Exotic Decorations, Unlock Boosters and Easy to Play Gameplay are just some of the noteworthy aspects of Zoo Island.

#6 Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games’ Design a Bakery lets you play with colorful characters in a variety of Match 3 games. Redemption Games, Inc. created the game, which takes place in a magnificent environment and only supports a single player. It’s up to you in this game to create the bakery of your dreams and stock it with delectable treats for your loyal customers. Try to build a beautiful store village by solving puzzles and taking on sweet challenges. From an ice cream parlor to a pastry shop, Match 3 games let you build the cafe of your dreams. As a starting point, each shop should be designed and built to prepare and serve a wide variety of delectable treats. At various points along your bakery adventure, you’ll meet adorable creatures who will help you complete a series of hard tasks. There are a plethora of stages to play through in this game that will put your matching abilities to the test. Tempting Treats. You may build new desert shops, explore the virtual village, play match 3 games and more in this game. There are also unique boosters and secret recipes.

#7 Juicy World: Blast

Juicy World Blast

Puzzle, Match 3, and Single player video game Juicy World.Blast was developed by Joymax Co., Ltd for Android and iOS platforms. You’ve arrived in a world full with money and interesting people. A lovely environment filled with hard tasks and match 3 twists is the setting. In the game, you’ll explore the planet and utilize your bursting abilities to aid Bellody, Judy, and a group of lovable creatures blast colorful fruits away in engrossing stages. Achieving mastery requires a combination of finger tapping, fantastic power-ups, and a willingness to take on even the most challenging challenges. You must match two fruity cubes in a row in order to complete the level. As you go through Juicy World’s stages, the difficulty increases, so be prepared to put your problem-solving skills to the test. Addictive Puzzles, Complex Levels, Explosive Boosters, Cute Creatures to Interact, and Juicy Blocks are just a few of the notable aspects of Juicy World.Blast.

#8 Decurse: A New Magic Farming Game

New Magic Farming Game by Big Fish Games is a Puzzle and Single player video game that can be played on Android and iOS devices. From a 3D perspective, the player can control his character as he explores a vibrantly colored landscape. To begin the game, the player must create a gorgeous dream island filled with pandas, mermaids and wizards. At various points throughout gameplay, the player is required to cultivate crops and create weapons to free territory that has been drowned in water. In order to restore tranquility to the people, the player must use the special power of rainbows and smiles to undo the curse. It is the player’s job to accumulate magic and happiness in order to open up new areas of the game world. Coins and jewels earned in the game can be used to decorate the player’s town with unique items. New Magic Farming Game incorporates major elements such as flying a hot balloon, trading goods, interacting with lovable villagers, and more.

#9 Animal Cove: Solve Puzzles and Design Your Island

Animal Cove Solve Puzzles and Design Your Island

Games by Kingslsle Entertainment, Inc. for mobile devices include the puzzle game Animal Cove.Solve puzzles and design your island. On a tropical island, you’ll find yourself immersed in a story about fun and mystical animals that unfolds. In the island community of Animal Cove, you can engage in mindless matching activities and make new pals. Fun match-3 puzzles and personalized décor are available for you to choose from in a story-driven 3D journey. As you explore the island in the game, you’ll have to work to uncover the island’s mysteries. It is revealed in the novel that a variety of adorable animal friends await your arrival. These include an elegant dog, an expressive panda, an oddball cat, and a host of others. In order to discover the mysteries of Animal Cove, you must create and customise your island across the game’s numerous delightful story modes and adventures. Puzzles and Design Your Island includes important elements including 3D Environment, Unlock new Features, Rescue Island and Match 3 Gameplay as well as a variety of challenging game modes.

#10 Vineyard Valley: Match and Blast Puzzle Design Game

Jam City, Inc. created the Match and Blast Puzzle Design Game for mobile devices as a puzzle and single-player video game. It takes place in a beautiful setting and offers the perfect blend of romance, puzzles, and mystery to the player. Players are tasked with designing and remodeling their resort while completing hard puzzles in order to progress. Color-matching gameplay is available in a variety of stages, each with a distinct goal. The game takes place in a picturesque setting where the player’s childhood was spent with his aunt Margaret and his best friend Simone in a resort and vineyard. Playing tilt-matching games will be the only way the player and a companion can help renovate the town and bring it back to its former glory, as the story goes. Renovations, discovery, matching, decorating, and joining social clubs are all part of the game.