7 Best Multiplayer Games Mac That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Multiplayer Games Mac

In the past, the only way to play multiplayer games on your Mac was to play with a group of friends either on the same screen or through AppleTalk. No? You’re younger than I am, so that’s a good thing.

You can now get online at any time to play Fortnite, but sometimes you just want to play with your friends and not against strangers.

As a good thing, there’s been a resurgence of games that include cooperative and local multiplayer in many different ways. A look at the best Mac games that allow you to play together. Are you interested in:

Almost every type of music is also there. Co-op games used to be a lot of fun back then, so invite your friends over and fill your fridge.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

This isn’t just our favourite multiplayer game. Borderland 2 is also our favourite shooting game. Why is it so great? In this game, everything goes right. FPS and RPG, Borderlands 2 is a mix of these two types of games. You play as Handsome Jack, the leader of the evil Hyperion Corporation, as you try to defeat them and their leader, Handsome Jack. In Borderlands 2, you pick a class, then start shooting. The game has a new look and a fun attitude that keep it interesting and fun. Kill, loot, level up, and do it again.

And while single-player is good, Borderlands 2 really shines when four people play together (cross-platform with Windows and Linux). As you play different games and modes, the upgrades you make to your character and weapons stay with you even if you change games. Play online or with three friends to get the full Borderlands 2 experience.

If you want to get through Borderlands 2, you’ll need a well-balanced team and the right skills and tactics. But it’s worth it.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

The game Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a must-play for fans of the CRPG genre. It was made by Larian Studios, and it has everything you could ever want in a DnD-like game. Dungeons, turn-based combat, impressive character customization, detailed world interaction, and online co-op are all part of this game.

This game has a very immersive story with full voice acting and almost infinite options for what you can do. It will keep you playing for hours.

With help from Elverils studios, Divinity 2 was made for the Mac. Elverils studios has made many Larian Studios games for the Mac. So far, their Mac performance has been said to be very good, with no problems and good performance. Divinity 2 is also good news for MacBook users because it’s easy to play with a laptop trackpad, which should be good for them.

Now, go kill some demons!



The best indie game of 2017 has finally come to the Mac, and we can’t wait to play it. Cuphead is a classic run-and-gun platformer that is well-known for its difficulty and boss fights, but it’s also known for its unique style, which is found in every part of the game.

A 1930s look and feel includes traditional cel animation, a Jazz soundtrack, 1930s-style characters, weapons, and battles, and so on, all in the style of the time. But don’t be fooled by the cute animation style. More than a few controllers have been broken while playing this game because they were too hard to use.

It’s not yet possible for Cuphead’s multiplayer to be played online. It can only be played locally, with one person playing Cuphead and the other as his partner Mugman, on a split screen. Single or in a co-op, everyone is looking for people who have lost their deals with the devil. You must fight the bosses in beautiful locations around the Inkwell Isles to get their contracts.

Rejoice that Cuphead has made it to macOS if boss fights are your thing or if you like the 1930s, old-style animation, or hard gameplay. This is also one of the best Macbook Multiplayer games because it doesn’t need a lot of space.

Diablo 3

When Diablo came out, it was almost like it was the start of the classic RPG genre of fighting. Because we had to wait 12 years for the third instalment, everyone agreed that the wait was worth it. You can play Diablo 3 with your friends in co-op mode. It’s a classic RPG with all the things you want in a game like that. You’ll find dungeons full of monsters, fierce bosses, and a co-op mode.

You can play it for free before you buy it thanks to Blizzard’s “Starter Game” concept. It’s one of the few Mac RPGs that you can try before you buy. So, choose a class and start killing.

When you’re done with the single-player campaign in Diablo 3, jump into the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode right away. Join up to three of your friends or Public Games and hunt down demons together. Party games let you explore on your own, but if you want to fight with other party members, trade items with them, or even fight each other in PvP mode, you can teleport to their locations right away.

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is another fighting game, but with a very different style. You play as plastic-looking, goofy, gelatinous characters who are willing to fight each other in brutal and amusing ways.

If you want to play Super Smash Bros., you’ll fight in a lot of different places, like amusement parks and skyscrapers. You can even throw your friends off buildings. Regular updates keep adding new places to fight and costumes to wear, giving you new ways to beat up your oddly-dressed friends.

Gang Beasts is a great game to play with your friends at a party. It has local, split-screen, online, and co-op multiplayer, so you can fight with your friends all night long (virtually of course).

A controller is recommended, and recent updates have made some people angry about bugs. But rarely has fighting too violently been so much fun. It’s also a game that doesn’t take a lot of space on your computer and can be played on a lot of different types of machines.

The Jackbox Party Games

It’s hard to beat the Jackbox Party Packs when it comes to games for a party. You can get Jackbox Party Pack 7 now, but there are six more before it. Each one is worth getting because it has a variety of party games. Quiplash, which we talked about, is one of the games in Jackbox Party Pack 7. It also comes with four other games: The Devils and the Details, Champ’d Up, Talking Points, and Blather Round.

So many people can play at the same time, whether it’s in the same room or through a video call. This makes The Jackbox Party Pack games so popular because many people can play at the same time. The only thing each person who wants to play needs is their own phone, tablet, or computer. It’s great for when we’re at home.

There are also other Jackbox Party Packs that can be bought on the Mac App Store or directly from the Jackbox site, like this one.

Fibbage XL

Fibbage XL

If you’ve played The Jackbox Party Pack, then you may already know Fibbage XL, which is one of the games. This is the version of the game that doesn’t come with a Party Pack. It costs less than buying one of them. As a bonus, if you love the game Fibbage, this could be just what you need!

Fibbage XL is a bluffing party game that can only be played with people who live near each other. Fool your friends with lies while avoiding theirs and finding out what is really going on. If you can make everyone believe your lie is true, you’ll get a lot of points! Even if your opponent makes a good move, you should not pick their bluff. This game is best for two to eight people.