9 Best Kirby Games That You Should Know Update 02/2024

best kirby games

People love Kirby. Is it possible for anyone not to? He’s been with us since the NES, and he’s always made us smile with his cute design, lighthearted stories, and stress-free game play. It has been a long time since Kirby first came out, but he has become one of Nintendo’s best-known characters. He is almost as well-known as Mario or Link. There are a lot of people who have been following him for a long time now. He’s one of the few franchises that has been around for so long with such a good track record of games. Sure, some modern gamers might think that Kirby games are only for kids. But the fun of a Kirby game is something that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their age is.

He can be in his natural form or made of yarn, in two-dimensional or three-dimensional games, or even in an open-world setting like Kirby and the Forgotten Land. His games always work well. On the whole, there isn’t a single Kirby game you can pick up and not enjoy from start to finish. Even if you cut out Kirby’s spin-off games, looking at all of his games can be a little overwhelming. It’s even more difficult to figure out which are the best. In this list, we’ve tried to go through all of the best Kirby games and rank them from best to worst.

Because there are already more than a dozen mainline games in the series to rank, we won’t bother with the spinoffs. They’re great, but we won’t bother with them today. We’ll also only count one version of each game if it was made into a new version.

1. Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra

When we tried to pick the best Kirby game, it was much more difficult than we thought. In the end, we had to pick Kirby Super Star Ultra as the best one. This game has so much good stuff that it’s hard not to enjoy it. Plus, it’s probably the best Kirby has ever looked in sprite form. This SNES classic came with nine games, which might scare people when they think of other “compilation” games. But every single game in Kirby Super Star feels like a fully developed game. When Kirby Super Star Ultra came out on the DS a few years later, the number of games almost doubled to 16 and the quality didn’t drop at all, making it one of the best games ever made. Even if this game was just on a handheld, it might have been enough to justify a second purchase. But with all the extra content, Kirby Super Star Ultra is now in a league of its own. Game: This game has all the old favourite games like “Great Cave Offensive,” “Helper to Hero,” and “Spring Breeze,” which is a kind of Kirby’s Dreamland-style adventure. In this collection, it’s shown that Kirby’s ability to change doesn’t just come from his signature move of taking powers from enemies. There’s nothing bad to say about this collection. Everyone who likes Kirby will love this huge bundle of all the things they love.

2. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

It would be very easy for Kirby and the Forgotten Land to move up or down this list based on when it is in the day. That’s not just because it’s the newest game, but also because it’s the first time we can play with Kirby in a fully 3D game. The power of the Nintendo Switch is on full display. It shows the world in a bright, inviting, and rich way that makes it impossible not to want to go on a journey. The new mechanics, even though they’ve been copied to the moon, are a lot of fun to play around with. The progression of rescuing Waddle Dees to build up your town is both addictive and rewarding. Even though there aren’t that many copy abilities, the new upgrades do a lot to make the game feel bigger than it is. This is especially true with all the end-game activities and content that you can do. As long as this is Kirby’s first foray into 3D, we have high hopes for how the series will move forward with this new direction.

3. Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby Planet Robobot

This may seem like an odd choice to put so high on the list, but the idea of Kirby piloting a mech was a great one. In Kirby: Planet Robobot, a game for the 3DS, you can move between the foreground and background. This game is a spiritual successor to Kirby: Tripple Deluxe, as well as a 3D game that lets you move between the foreground and background. What keeps this game from going too far away from what makes Kirby, well, Kirby is that his new robot armour doesn’t change or take away his ability to copy abilities. Instead, it adds to them by making the robot even more useful. Kirby: Planet Robobot is one of the few Kirby games that make you feel like you can’t be stopped like you can in other games. Most of the time, the mech is almost too powerful. This may be a negative for some people, but it doesn’t take away from the creative and delightful levels you’ll see or the surprising epic journey Kirby is on. He’s on a mission to stop a bad company from taking all the resources from a planet and turning everyone on it into robots at the same time. This leads to some huge and well-designed boss fights that sometimes put a new twist on things that have worked before. There are always new things to do in the game.

4. Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Another re-release, this time of Kirby’s first game for home consoles, Kirby’s Adventure. In this game, we saw the pink puff ball for the first time and learned that he was pink. First, Kirby’s Adventure showed off his ability to inhale and copy the powers of his enemies. This was the first time he did this, and it was a big part of what made him so unique. When Kirby first started, he could only take in his enemies, then throw them as projectiles. This game is where he really became who he is today, though, and it was a lot of fun to play at the time. Years later, the team saw a chance to make Kirby’s console adventure even better. This time, they brought it back to the GBA, where it was first played on. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland is still one of the best platform games out there. As a Kirby fan, you’ll find the best ideas in this game. It has iconic stages and enemies and even bosses that have been around for years. Plus, this new version did more than just port the original and give it a little extra look. A co-op mode and different colours for your happy little hero were also added to the game. If you want the most pure, unadulterated Kirby experience, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland is the game for you, no matter what else you play.

5. Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies

Up until the Nintendo Switch came out, Kirby’s main console games took a lot of interesting turns in how they were made. Kirby Star Allies is the team’s way of going back to what worked before. That’s what this game is all about: It puts Kirby back in his old art style, doesn’t use any tricks, and just wants to be a new version of Kirby’s most traditional adventures. Then, you know what? That turned out to be exactly what the fans had asked for. All they had to do was give us a game with the best graphics we’d seen so far, a wide range of abilities to copy and destroy enemies, and even some parts of the environment with new co-op systems. This is what they did. It’s true that some people who have played every Kirby game might find it too predictable and easy, but Kirby Star Allies is still a good game to play. After the game is over, there’s a lot of post-game content that makes the game more difficult and gives you a lot more to do. The new ability to turn enemies into friends is a great way to keep more powers at your disposal as you play or to bring in real people for multiplayer fun. All in all, Kirby Star Allies is a mostly easy game that, if you get into the swing of things, can be another fun time with your smiling pink friend.

6. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Then what would happen if Kirby was made out of yarn instead of clothes. The person who came up with that idea should be given some kind of award, because turning Kirby and the world around him into yarn was a brilliant idea that was as good as the steam engine. Now, let’s get one thing straight. He looks cute. “Puff ball” has been how we’ve called him before. This is so cute: Kirby made out of yarn is almost too cute to be real. When Nintendo made Kirby’s Epic Yarn, it was the first game they made with this kind of hand-made art. They did a great job with this game from the start. Never before has a game made me feel so happy and excited like I was a child. Kirby, too, has a new look that looks like yarn. Instead of wearing new clothes to show off his new abilities, Kirby’s body changes into new things like rocket ships and cars. In addition, he can now move the world around like a piece of art. He can scrunch up parts of the level for platforms and puzzles. There was no way that Kirby’s Epic Yarn would make anyone change their minds about the game being for kids. But that’s just not true. Yes, kids will love it. But anyone who has a heart will fall in love with this game’s charm. As before, a challenge is not the reason to go. It’s more about the adventure and how you feel.

7. Kirby Battle Royale (3DS)

Kirby Battle Royale (3DS)

Kirby Battle Royale is part of a “B” or “C” list of games. There are a lot of great games in the series for 3DS that are creative, smart, and have a lot of content. This one isn’t as good on all three fronts. Not bad, but not great. For families and people who like mini-games who can play locally, there’s some fun to be had, but the Story Mode is very boring and there aren’t many people on the online servers. It may be possible to use many of Kirby’s well-known abilities in this game, but the copy-paste approach and limited mini-games make this game not as good or fun as Kirby’s other games.

8. Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (3DS eShop)

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe was a free game based on the Team Kirby Clash mode in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It was a fun free-to-start multiplayer game that mixed action-RPG gameplay with F2P mechanics (battle limitations and Gem Apples as a currency, for example). It also used the 3DS’ Streetpass feature, which lets the Kirby’s of people you pass in the street join you in battle if you pass by them.

9. Kirby Fighters Deluxe (3DS eShop)

Kirby Fighters Deluxe

In Kirby Fighters Deluxe, the original Kirby Fighters minigame from Kirby: Triple Deluxe gets a lot more fun. There are more team battles, boss fight, collectable cosplay, and a lot more new stages. The lack of online play is a disappointment, but this game is worth getting together with your friends to play. Local multiplayer is a lot of fun, and simple controls, helpful handicaps, and Download Play make it easy for everyone to play.