12 Zodiac Signs As Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Zodiac Signs As Anime Characters

Every Zodiac sign is unique, but there’s an anime character who combines with each of them quite well. Which character suits your sign?

The modern canon of anime is one of the most diverse collectionsin all media, with unique tales, ideas, and characters spanning hundreds of different series. As way, there’s something for everybody – and, inevitably, something that suits their zodiac signs.

Every sign is unique, thus there’s inevitably an anime character who gels nicely with everyone viewing in some shape or form.

They all have unique essential traits that make them the perfect representations of the many specific signs of the zodiac.

1. Aries: Michiko Malandro

Aries- Michiko Malandro

Hot-headed, confident, and constantly pulling for underdogs, every Aries is strong in their convictions and unshakable in their direction. They loathe when people get in their way, especially when their loved ones are at jeopardy.

That makes Michiko the ultimate Aries, with her martial skills, thirst for a confrontation, and long history as a person who sticks up for the little people. She’s devoted to a fault, yet she recognizes her own worth and power. And while her wrath could hinder her goals at times, eventually an Aries needs to do what an Aries has to do.

2. Taurus: Himura Kenshin

Taurus Himura Kenshin

Tauruses are characterised by their fondness for peace and quiet. These people like spending time in nature and relishing the simple pleasures of life, which is exactly what Kenshin gave up in exchange for a calm present.

Kenshin’s compassionate attitude and desire to understand everyone he meets have made him a popular character. In the event of a fight, he has even designed his sword so that it will not draw blood (something fans of The Witcher might appreciate). Kenshin’s only want in life is to spend time with the people he cares about, as is the case with many Tauruses.

3. Gemini: L Lawliet

Gemini- L Lawliet

Due to Gemini’s ambivalent nature, it’s easy to misinterpret this sign. The majority of the time, they are clever minds, but their approach to life is out of the ordinary, antisocial, and downright cunning. And if that isn’t a succinct description of the great detective L, then there is nothing.

This character is well-known for his dubious morals, and he isn’t above working with others to achieve a goal for the “greater good” rather than for his own gain. Being compared to L is a sign of intelligence and aptitude in one’s aims, provided they don’t lose themselves in the process. L is multifaceted and fascinating.

4. Cancer: Takashi Natsume

Cancer-Takashi Natsume

Cancers are well-known for their sensitivity, empathy, and acute awareness of their surroundings. As a result of Natsume’s keen sense of awareness, he is able to detect yokai, making his story one of the best occult anime ever produced.

No matter how bad things have gotten for him, Natsume always makes an effort to be as kind as possible and values the kindness of others highly. He’s overly considerate and preoccupied with other people’s sentiments to the point of being completely unaware of his own. His sensitivity, like that of most Cancers, is both his affliction and his blessing.

5. Leo: Victor Nikiforov

Leo-Victor Nikiforov

Leos are known as the zodiac’s “divas” because of their fashion sense, friendliness, and desire to be the center of attention. They’re good at handling rumors, have a magnetic personality, and perform best when given the freedom to make their own rules. That’s why Victor Nikiforov, an Olympic ice skater, is the finest person to embody this fiery sign.

Since he was barely 16 years old, Victor has occupied the center stage of the ice skating world. Talented, personable and well-groomed are just some of the adjectives that describe him. Most importantly, he is determined to be recognized as one of the finest. As a Leo, he’s a romantic, and his feelings for Yuri Katsuki aren’t something he hides.

6. Virgo: Yuugo Hachiken

Virgo-Yuugo Hachiken

Hachiken would be a Virgo if anyone ever was. Working with their hands is what makes Virgos happy, and they are most productive when doing so. Hachiken possesses each and every one of these characteristics to a tee.

To deal with Hachiken’s overachievement, he switched to an agricultural school, where he discovered his actual passion: farming. His hard work ethic and Virgo passion for nature made up for his lack of farm job experience.

7. Libra: Lelouch Vi Brittania

Libra- Lelouch Vi Brittania

As a sign of balance, Libras are known for their quest for harmony, equality, or perhaps just their love of the finer things in life. Lelouch Vi Brittania is an exceptional Libra in all of these ways.

With an eye on ushering in a new era marked by equality and harmony, the rebellious prince is prepared to go to whatever extent necessary. In spite of his ruthlessness, he is actually operating out of compassion and takes great care to ensure that all the loose ends are neatly knotted.

8. Scorpio: Haru

Scorpio Haru

In the same way that Scorpios are feared for their secrecy, intelligence, and bravery, they are also misunderstood as a sign. They’re self-assured and can be difficult to read, yet when pushed to their limits, they react with cool composure. Cherryton High’s Haru is a prime example of a person who is widely despised because of their self-assurance.

Haru is a charming dwarf rabbit who is forced to put on a brave face because of the abuse and mockery she has received her entire life. Because she is both a sexual being and a self-assured young girl, she is viewed as a threat by many of her peers. Haru, on the other hand, is aware of all of this and wishes to be true to herself.

9. Sagittarius: Guts

Sagittarius -Guts

A Sagittarius must finally conquer their own way. It is Guts’ strong sense of personal responsibility, even in the face of hardship, that distinguishes him as a true Sagittarius role model.

Grateful for the opportunity to wield his sword in the service of others throughout the Golden Age of Guts’ life, Guts found himself in a privileged position. To get to the bottom of things, he had to let go of all he had ever held dear. This profound concept resonates with every Sagittarius.

10. Capricorn: Ginko

Capricorn- Ginko

Capricorns have a difficult time finding a balance between their analytical prowess and their intuitive compassion. Since Ginko has spent his life to learning about mushi and teaching others how to do the same, he might be considered the quintessential Capricorn.

On top of all of this, Capricorns flourish in natural surroundings and Ginko is constantly trekking through forests and mountains in his efforts to conserve the environment. As a Capricorn, there is no one better suited to Ginko’s quest for knowledge, patience, and loyalty than Ginko.

11.  Aquarius: Kaworu Nagisa

Aquarius- Kaworu Nagisa

Aquariuses are sometimes referred to as the zodiac’s “flower children,” since they are always looking to the future and how they may improve it, even if that improvement comes at a price. It’s clear that Kaworu is the finest person to represent this sign because of their ethereal demeanor.

Even though he only appears in a few episodes, Kaworu’s distinctive appearance, otherworldly demeanor, and bizarre style of speaking leave a lasting impression on the audience. He’s both immature and alarmingly radical in his aspirations at the same time. He’s both. For better or worse, Kaworu is what every Aquarius aspires to be.

12. Pisces: Tsukimi Kurashita

Pisces- Tsukimi Kurashita

They are all a little eccentric since they live somewhere between reality and fantasy. They have a tendency to obsess over things, which can lead to some outstanding artwork. Tsukimi, the Jellyfish Princess, is the best Pisces around.

Drawing gowns inspired by jellyfish provides Tsukimi with a sense of peace. Although she’s gifted, kind, and has a promising future, her Pisces personality makes it tough for her to step beyond of her home and social circle.