10 Best Games Like Clue That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Games Like Clue

When proclaiming, “It was Professor Plum… with the lead pipe… in the library!” who doesn’t adore it? It has been a family game staple for decades, introducing generations to the likes of Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard. Many families adore games like Clue, which teaches both children and adults the value of reasoning in solving a mystery. With the success of the original Clue game, it’s developed a number of spin-offs, including Harry Potter, Star Wars and a Master Detective edition with more than the typical suspects..

Let us know if you’re looking for more mystery games to add to your collection. Then, we scoured the internet for more well-reviewed games for every age group and interest, asking Underdog Games fans for their recommendations. Some games, like Clue, allow players to work together to solve a secret. More than one person can be seen as the criminal or traitor in these types of games. So don your detective hat and magnifying lens, because it’s time to crack a few cases!

1. Outfoxed!


Think of this as a beginner’s version of Clue! Missing: Mrs. Plumpert’s favorite pot pie. It’s up to you and your buddies to find it. This one’s cooperative character is wonderful because it promotes cooperation among children. The pace of the game is very brisk, making it ideal for players with short attention spans. This game may be too simple for older children, but it will be a hit with younger ones. (4-8) Ages 4 to 2 (2-4 players)

2. Cat Crimes and Dog Crimes

For the younger crowd, these games are more like Clue (no murder here!). In each card, you’ll find a short mystery to solve as well as a few hints. With the help of the game board, you are able to narrow down your suspects and arrive at the solution. There are many levels of difficulty in the mystery cards, so everyone can have fun. These games, which are intended for a single player, can also be enjoyed by a group of children or a family. Suitable for a child between the ages of 8 and 12.

3. 5-Minute Mystery: The Museum of Everything

5-Minute Mystery The Museum of Everything

Check out our list of short mystery games. We have a new 5-Minute Mystery series for you to choose from. There’s a missing MacGuffin in this one! To catch the culprit, use the case cards as clues and enter the relevant symbols into the cryptex. Each game is different and can be finished in a matter of minutes. (Age 8+) 1-6 Players

4. Scotland Yard

Despite its long history, this classic game of deduction is still a fan favorite. One player takes on the role of the mysterious Mr. X, who moves around the City of London game board in an attempt to elude the other players. In order to find Mr. X’s (secret) whereabouts, these players work together as detectives. At least 45 minutes should be set aside for a game. (Age Group of 10+)

5. Obscurio


Mystery video game Obscurio takes place in a fantasy setting. Grimoire spell book clues are used by players to find their way out of a magical library. To evade the evil sorcerer aiming to stop them, they band together, but watch out! One of the players is a traitor who is trying to deceive the others. A typical game will take about an hour and a half. Ages 10+ (2-8 Players)

6. Mysterium

This is a game similar to Clue, but with an interesting twist. There was a dreadful crime committed on the grounds of Mysterium Manor some time ago, and players must work together to uncover the truth. When only one player has the answer, the others rely on the player who does have it to provide helpful hints through the use of gorgeously painted image cards. This game, like many others, may be completed in 45 minutes or less. (2-7 players, 10+ years of age minimum need)

7. Spyfall


Except for one player, everyone in this asymmetrical mystery game begins with a card revealing the group’s location. In order to remain undetected, the spy must join in the group discussion and try to figure out where their other spies are before the timer runs out! If you’re searching for a quick and easy game to play with friends and family, this one is for you. (Age 13+) 3-8 Players

8. Unsolved Case Files: Jane Doe

Are you all set to start your investigation? Unsolved Case Files will be a perfect fit for your interests. For each one, you’ll have to work your way through a series of interconnected puzzles in order to uncover the answers. Documents, images, witness testimonies, and other types of evidence will be sent to you in the form of case files. This is the kind of game that’s perfect for rainy days or late-night gaming sessions. a minimum of two players (13+)

9. 221B Baker Street, Deluxe Edition

221B Baker Street, Deluxe Edition

Anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery should recognize that address right away! It is possible to travel back in time to Victorian London and work on one of the game’s 200 unique mysteries. You can play by yourself, or with up to three other people in a competitive or cooperative setting. In general, a game takes at least an hour to play through all the way through. (Age 14+) One or more players

10. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

This is a fun game to play in a group setting. As the assassin, you get to pick the weapon you want to use and the evidence you want to leave behind. Other experts, such as forensic scientists, contribute their expertise but must stick to the facts while presenting their findings. These forensics experts will use what they’ve learned to find the assailant. This 20-minute game may be played over and over again because of the variety of cards and settings available.