9 Best God Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best God Games

The traditional god game usually asks you to look after a group of people who you can’t directly control, but who will benefit from your goodwill. You might even be able to get better at being a god as your people worship you because, let’s face it, gods are a bunch of snobs. However, is it narcissism if you are a god? What’s more, because you’re the one who gets these all-powerful thoughts and prayers, you have a responsibility to reward the faithful and punish the heretics who question your power. Surely, God will strike down the head of their enemies, or something like that

So, without further ado, here are the best god games for PC.

1. Populous: The Beginning

Populous The Beginning

Peter Molyneux’s genius led to the creation of the “god game” genre with the first Populous game, which came out on the Amiga in 1989. Second, Populous: The Beginning, came out in 1998. It was the first game in the series to be playable on a PC. Populous: The Beginning is one of the best RTS games because you can give direct orders to your people. Its predecessors were all about guiding the faithful to glory and fighting other gods.

You play as a female shaman who leads a small group of followers, each with a unique set of skills. Your planet has three other tribes that you want to lead your people to victory over. At that point, you’re finally able to become a god.

2. From Dust

When you play From Dust, you’re in charge of protecting a small group of people. They’ve asked you to help them communicate with nature, and find out what happened to their ancestors.

Your godly essence, which is called “The Breath,” has the power to change the landscape so that your people can find totems that reveal the secrets of their past. This isn’t a reference to how many garlic breads you eat. In this way, you can use lava, soil, and water to make huge orbs of earth that can help your people cross the land and keep them safe from tsunamis or volcanic eruptions. Moses meets The Last Airbender in a way that is kind of like that.

3. Black & White

Black & White

There are two ways to become a god in Black & White. After being called by the power of prayer, you interact with your followers with a disembodied hand that throws things, performs miracles, and taps on people’s homes until they wake up. You also have a physical representation in the form of an anthropomorphic animal avatar of your choice, which you can teach to do things. But they have their own minds, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time training them to do what you want them to.

Every village on the island should worship you as a god, and you can do this by impressing them with your miracles or scaring them into submission by pelting them with lightning bolts. When you choose to be a deity, the landscape, your temples, and even the music all change to match your new role. In addition, there is also a good sequel if you want even more subjects to praise you.

4. Reus

In this indie game, you play as four elemental giants who can change the planet beneath them. Reus is Dutch for “giant,” and if you look at it, it looks a little like Deus, which is Latin for “god.” Each of the giant gods, ocean, forest, rock, and swamp, can make landscapes and assign resources based on what they do best. After that, humans move in and set up shop on your planet.

Nature is a delicate balance, though, so you can’t just start raining down resources all at once. People will become too greedy and fight with each other if there are too many resources. If you want to stop this, you’ll have to make your people awestruck and humble, or make their homes so dangerous that they’re too busy fighting for their lives to fight each other.

5. Rimworld


Rimworld isn’t your typical god game. It’s a colony management game where your job is to make sure a group of colonists, stranded on a planet on the edge of space, can survive long enough to leave the planet on a spaceship and go home. It’s possible to give your colonists orders, but there’s a lot of chaos and disaster in Rimworld, so your colonists might not follow your orders and start fires instead.

You might not get the offerings, sacrifices, or songs of praise you deserve, but in the end, there are still rival deities you have to deal with: Rimworld’s built-in storytellers, who send waves of disaster at different times to your pawns.

6. Ruinarch

Getting tired of taking care of people who don’t know what they’re talking about How long have you been gently moving Earth to help the little humans get healthy, wealthy, or even just happy? Is it possible that you are also a sadistic person? The game Ruinarch lets you play as a demonic overlord who wants to spread misery and bad luck all over the world. If torture, cruelty, and lies are your favourite ways to control the population, this game is for you.

Like Rimworld, Ruinarch is a sandbox simulation game – a story generator that doesn’t have a set end point like Rimworld. Instead, it gives you a wide range of cruel and unusual tools that you can use to terrorise the people. You can brainwash the villagers, for example, and turn them into cultists who worship you. You can make necromancers, zombies, werewolves, and other scary things, or you can just drop a big meteor on their heads.

7. The Universim

The Universim

In early access, The Universim is a game like Populous and Black & White. Crytivo’s game is like that. A game called the Universim gives you the power to change a civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age, and then all over the world! As the leader of your citizens, you’ll need to make sure they have enough resources to stay alive and grow into a more advanced society on their randomly generated planet.

If you manage your nuggets well, you get Power, which you can use to change the world to make things easier for other people. Then, if they start behaving badly, you can use Wrath points to punish them and scare them back into line.

We pray that these offerings of god game were enough to keep you from being angry for the rest of the day. You are a very powerful person. Some strategy games might be fun for you to play with your big, powerful brain. You might also want to take a break from your all-seeing, celestial eyes with some games that are more relaxing. Amen.

8. Dwarf Fortress

As a complex game on PC, Dwarf Fortress isn’t the best-looking or even the most demanding. It has a lot of different things to learn.

The game’s UI and graphics look like they were made 15 years ago. Once you get used to the game’s systems, things start to work together for you.

As your dwarves live their lives, you’ll become obsessed with micromanaging everything they do. The two main things they do are gather resources and build fortresses.

In light of Dwarf Fortress’ long history, there are a lot of guides and resources to help you get started. The community is very friendly to new players.

9. Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines

If you like games where you play as a god and build a city, then Cities: Skylines might be right up your alley.

In the game, you start as Mayor and build your own metropolis from the ground up with easy-to-use tools and features that still allow for more advanced playstyles.

Education, natural resources, policing and healthcare are all things you can control. You can make a perfect utopian society or start a modern-day apocalypse with these things in your control.

Cities: Skyline is a great game because it makes you feel like a virtual god who can make every person do what you want. You can use these powers for good or bad, but it’s up to you.