8 Best Wizard Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Mages Of Mystralia

Magic can be defined as something that is amazing and beyond what people can do. People have been interested in the idea since the beginning of time. Magic is power, after all. This idea will never go out of style. In fact, meta-human abilities have become a mainstay of the video game industry. It has crept into almost every kind of music. Here, spells and incantations, which are old-fashioned ways of doing magic, are more interesting than superpowers.

The fixation on magical powers can sometimes be almost harmful, and the way this idea is used in some games makes them feel rather boring. So, here is a list of games where the creators had to really think outside the box to add magic to the gameplay and make it feel a little less fake.

Lego Harry Potter Collection

Lego Harry Potter Collection

This is probably the best-known thing on the list, since Lego and Harry Potter don’t need long explanations. Harry Potter is almost a synonym for wizards, and it already has a huge number of games. Even though Lego games have become a way to celebrate the most popular things in culture, this game is no different. The collection has both games from the series and hits just the right note when it comes to nostalgia.

At first glance, the game doesn’t seem to have many spells, but it makes up for it right away with a huge number of playable characters, all of whom are different in some way. It’s fun to go back to Hogwarts, and the chaos that happens during a co-op playthrough can make the experience even better.


The company ThoughtSTEM, LLC made CodeSpells, which is an independent game. The gameplay loop is easy to see: you have to code spells. This project started out as a way to teach kids how to code, but it has since grown into the closest thing to a real wizard simulator. The developers didn’t water down their main idea, so they were able to make something completely new. Thanks to CodeSpells, you can learn a skill that will help you get a job and find new ways to show your creativity.

Players shouldn’t worry about their lack of prior coding experience nor be put off by assuming that the learning aspect is somehow ham-fisted and will detract from the experience – the application of coding principles is seamlessly woven into the demonstrations of magical prowess.

Lichdom Battlemage

Lichdom Battlemage

Lichdom: Battlemage is a game made by Xaviant and Maximum Games. The magic in the game is done by making spells. Even though this is something that more and more games about magic are doing, Lichdom: Battlemage can’t be blamed for doing it. After all, a good wizarding experience is all about having a large number of different spells.

The player has a lot of options in the first-person action RPG. In Battlemage, the materials you find can be used to make thousands of different spell combinations. But for people who find the system hard to understand at first, there is the option to “smart-craft” spells, which helps the player get used to how the game works.

Arx Fatalis

This game may be the oldest on the list, but it doesn’t hold back. Arx Fatalis is a classic in the RPG genre, and everyone who has played it has fond memories of it. Also, this is the first game made by Arkane Studios, which went on to make Prey and the Dishonored series, so that makes it even better.

The magic in the game is controlled by how the player moves their hands. This means that the computer mouse works like a wand, and the player casts different spells by moving the cursor in certain patterns. This method is similar to how magic is used in the game Okami.

In Verbis Virtus

In Verbis Virtus

Indomitus Games, an independent studio, made the action RPG In Verbis Virtus. This is another game where the magic system is handled in a way that has never been done before. The player must use their own voice to cast spells and solve problems as they move through the mysterious temple. The name of the game in Latin means “Virtue in Words,” which is also the name of the game.

The broken-down temple in In Verbis Virtues isn’t just a one-trick pony, either. There’s a lot to discover inside. It’s an adventure game with hard puzzles, dangerous traps, and fun bosses that the player has to get past. The end result is very immersive and can only be described as magical.

Magicka 1 And 2

A co-op game with coloured munchkins that isn’t Among Us but is twice as chaotic. Magicka throws the player into the world of Norse mythology and gives them everything they need to stay alive right away. If the player wants to get to the end, they’ll have to “mess around and find out” from here on out.

The idea is simple: you can mix and match eight different spell bases. Doing so might offer new ways to deal with the problems at hand, or it might kill you. The games get hard quickly, so spamming the same combination is not a good idea. However, bringing a friend is a good idea (unless they like to shoot a lot). The tongue-in-cheek style of these games makes the co-op mode even better. It’s fun to find weird jokes and memes in different places around the world.

Mages Of Mystralia

Mages Of Mystralia

Borealys Games’ Mages of Mystralia is an RPG dungeon crawler. The game’s art style is cute and cartoony, giving it a sense of playfulness that goes well with the chaos that can be caused by the player’s spells.

All of the spells in the game can be changed because the magic system is based on crafting. The main point of the game is to try new things. Aside from that, the game has a simple plot and isn’t too hard, which makes it a great choice for someone who just wants to relax.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The wizarding world has been hit by a disaster from another world, and the Ministry of Magic needs your help to put things back in order. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality (AR) game that lets you join the wizarding world right now. It was made by the same people who made Pokemon GO.

Wizarding Challenges lets you fight scary opponents.

Take the Knight Bus to Hogwarts and compete in Wizarding Challenges with people from all over the world.

Get your wand ready, tell your friends, and sign up to help protect the wizarding world.