11 Best GBA Pokemon Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best GBA Pokemon Games

The Gameboy Advance worked perfectly, and like all Nintendo consoles and handhelds, it has games that are based on Nintendo intellectual property. One of these games is Pokemon. There are a few Pokemon games for the GBA, which is good because they are all different. We have the main series games and a few spin-offs, like the Mystery Dungeon series and Pinball.

We have a list of the best Pokemon games for GBA, so don’t worry. We’re only going to use the same format as the old Pokemon games. We also add a couple of Pokemon ROM games that have been hacked to make it a little more interesting.

You might also want to look at our polls to find out which Pokemon games people like the most. This is a great way to figure out the next Pokemon game you should play.

Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Ruby

Sapphire was the exact opposite of Ruby. It added the Pokemon of Generation III, kept the traditional ways to play, and added a lot of new features. Ruby and Sapphire were the ones who came up with the Nature system for Pokemon. It also added Pokemon Abilities, Double Battles, and Contests. But we put Ruby at the bottom of the list, even though it is still one of the best GBA Pokemon games.

Pokemon Emerald

We think of Pokemon Emerald as a sequel to Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. It is still Generation III, and it uses a lot of things from those games. There are a lot more things in Emerald than in the other two games. Emerald has all of the new features from Ruby and Sapphire, plus more. The story has been changed a little, and there are new characters and places to explore.

Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen are remakes of Pokemon Red and Green, which was the first game. Even though the first ones were Generation I, Ruby and Sapphire added some new features to FireRed. The story in FireRed is still the same as in the first game, but there are some new parts and more content.

It has new things like Natures, Abilities, and more for Pokemon. If you like the originals, the updated graphics and Pokemon from Generations II and III are always welcome.

Pokemon Gaia

Gaia is a modification of FireRed. It has Pokemon from all six Generations, but maybe not all of them. In the story, the Orbtus Region is threatened by an earthquake. As the chosen trainer, it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on and stop it.

There are many later bonuses in the game, like being able to use Fairy Type and Mega Evolutions if you can find them.

Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red is the game with a lot of new features. A GBA ROM Hack based on FireRed, which is known for being hard, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the game as a whole got worse. Physical/Special Split, Fairy Typing, and Pokemon up to Generation 8 are fun to play with.

Have you heard of the Pokemon Sword/Shield DLC Isle of Armor? Try not to be surprised, but the moves from that DLC are also in this game. When it says “massive,” it just means that Pokemon Radical Red has a lot of things to do.

Pokemon Unbound

Since it was first done a few years ago, hacking Pokemon roms has come a long way. Since more and more updates have come out, rom hacking has become a new thing. Pokemon Unbound is another game that has changed and gotten better over time. The most recent update to Unbound has made it work as well as it can.

Unbound is a big improvement over its base rom, FireRed, because it has a new mission system, daily events, minigames, and puzzles that are hard to solve. This game has a lot more to see than meets the eye; it’s a must-play for the year. Don’t dare leave this game off your list of games you have to play.

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter

Adventures Red Chapter is a modified version of the FireRed rom. Its story is based on the Pokemon Adventures Red manga. You don’t have to worry because you don’t have to follow the storyline. You can also go exploring, and the Pokemon you get aren’t just from Generation I.

In fact, you can reach level 255 in this game, but like in the manga, you can only play as Red for now. It also has the day and night cycle and Mega Evolution.

The most recent version of Adventures Red Chapter, which came out not too long ago, is a must-play. In the most recent release, more new and exciting features have been added, so check that out.

Pokemon Ash Gray (GBA ROM Hack)

Pokemon Ash Gray (GBA ROM Hack)

The anime series Pokemon Indigo League is the inspiration for the hack Pokemon Ash Gray. You can only play as Ash Ketchum, but you can call him something else. Sprites have been updated, and they look good. If you remember what happens in the anime, you’ll know where to go in the story.

Because of the changes, Ash no longer uses HMs like Surf to get around. Instead, he uses a raft. This is also true for other HMs, like when you change Teleport to Fly, Climb Kit to Rock Climb, and so on.

Pokemon Light Platinum (GBA ROM Hack)

Light Platinum is a modified version of Ruby, despite the name. It is not a modified version of Pokemon Platinum. You can now catch and use Pokemon from Generation I to Generation IV. It has its own story, and the final battle is, in a way, a Pokemon World Championship tournament, which sounds awesome.

Pokemon Glazed (GBA ROM Hack)

Pokemon Glazed is an interesting ROM hack that you might want to play. First, you can start with one of five Pokemon, and you can catch Pokemon from all six generations. It also has the original content, as well as Fairy Type and Mega Evolutions.

It has a good story, and you can fight trainers and Gym Leaders again and again if you want to. You can’t go wrong with this game, and that is why we listed Glazed as the first in the list of best Pokemon games for GBA.

Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky starts off our list of the best Pokemon GBA ROM hacks with an epic battle between Dialga and Palkia.

They are fighting so hard that they tear a hole in reality, which lets Giratina out into the world.

Now is when you should say “Oh no!”

Players have to seal the rift and stop chaos from happening before it’s too late. This is in addition to collecting Pokemon and fighting with them. Face off against Team Magma and Team Aqua and use Mew, Shaymin, and other Pokemon to pull off amazing moves.

Flora Sky also has a good day/night system that lets events happen at certain times.

It’s easy to play and doesn’t take a lot of thought. It’s a good way to unwind when you get home from work.