8 Best Fantasy Football Games Ever That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Fantasy Football Games Ever

Fantasy football has become one of the most popular things to do in the United States, almost as popular as the NFL itself. So, now that there have been 100 professional seasons, we are taking a look at the top 10 best fantasy football games of all time! To figure out the 10 best individual seasons in the history of the game, we used PPR (points per reception).

There were only two quarterbacks and one wide receiver on the list. Most people won’t be surprised by this. Because no tight end has ever been able to score as many fantasy points as the other players on this list, this is the only skill position that didn’t make the cut. It has always been the most important position in fantasy football to have running backs, which is why there are seven of them on this list.

Here are the best fantasy football games of all time:

LaDanian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers (2006) 

LaDanian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers (2006) 

Only three players have ever averaged more than 30 fantasy points per game during a full NFL season. Tomlinson is one of them. He is the only player in history to have done this while playing all 16 games of a season. This is how LT used his 348 runs to get 1,815 rushing yards and 28 touchdowns. That’s not all, either. He also caught 56 passes for an extra 508 yards and three more touchdowns, too. In addition, he made two of three passes and each one led to a touchdown. When the man played in 2006, he led the team to 33 touchdowns. As far as I know, I don’t think the NFL will ever again see a 16-week performance like that one. People who bought Tomlinson’s fantasy football team probably won because he was like a video game “cheat code.”

Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers (2019) 

McCaffrey did a great job for the Panthers last year, rushing for more than 1,000 yards and receiving more than 1,000 yards. CMC became only the third player in NFL history to do that, and the first since Marshall Faulk. He was less than 10 fantasy points away from becoming the best player in fantasy football history, even though he had 14 fewer touchdowns than Tomlinson. As a side note, CMC played most of the season with Kyle Allen, who was a rookie when he took the field. McCaffrey is a once-in-a-lifetime player. Whether you play fantasy football or not, he’s going to be the best player there in 2020.

Marshall Faulk, St. Louis Rams (2000) 

Marshall Faulk, St. Louis Rams (2000) 

In 2000, if Faulk played all 16 games, he would likely be at the top of this list. After just 14 games, the star running back had 1,359 rushing yards on 253 carries, as well as 830 receiving yards on 81 receptions and 26 total touchdowns, which is a lot. When it came to PPR fantasy points per game, Faulk scored more than even Tomlinson (32.85) did. Not only that, but he did what every head coach wants; he didn’t lose a fumble all season. You don’t want your first-round draught pick to be unable to play every week of the season. When all was said and done, I don’t think Faulk’s owners were very unhappy with how things worked out.

Priest Holmes, Kansas City Chiefs (2002)

We had to pick just one season for each player in this article, so Holmes isn’t in the top 10. Holmes has two of the top 10 seasons of all time. Even though he got more fantasy points in 2003, it was his 2002 season that was truly mind-boggling. Faulk was the only other player to average more fantasy points per game than Tomlinson did in 2006. Holmes was the only other player to do that. The 29-year-old ran 313 times for 1,615 yards and 21 rushing touchdowns. During the passing game, Holmes caught 70 passes for 672 yards and three more touchdowns, making him a very important player. Because he was out for two games, I don’t think fantasy owners were unhappy with his 31.48 points per game. Simply, it was a great time.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (2019) 

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (2019) 

Jackson was less than two points away from having the most fantasy points at quarterback in history. Even though he didn’t break the record, he played one less game than Patrick Mahomes or Peyton Manning did in their historic seasons. In 15 games, the second-year quarterback from Louisville threw for 3,127 yards and 36 passing touchdowns, with just six interceptions. He also ran for 1,206 yards and seven more touchdowns. Jackson scored more than 27 fantasy points per game. The lightning-quick signal caller was unstoppable, and there’s no reason to think that he won’t keep producing at a high level.

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (2018) 

His MVP season in 2018 still ranks as the most fantasy points ever scored by a quarterback in a season. This is how the young man did: He threw for 5,097 yards, 50 touchdowns, and 12 picks. He also ran 60 times for 272 yards and two more touchdowns, so he had even more. One of three quarterbacks in NFL history has scored more than 26 fantasy points per game. He could easily break his own record in 2020 because he has a lot of good offensive tools like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

Corey Dillon – Dec. 4, 1997

Corey Dillon – Dec. 4, 1997

There were 10 seasons in which Corey Dillon played in the NFL. He rushed for more than 11,000 yards. At the time, he set the NFL record for yards in a single game with 278 yards against the Broncos in 2000. Fantasy owners, on the other hand, may remember better a game against the Tennessee Oilers a few years ago.

Dillon ran the ball 39 times on the astroturf of Cinergy Field. This was before tandem backfields became popular. He ran the ball for 246 yards and four touchdowns. The most carries by any back to make this list is that many, which is the most. He caught two passes for 30 yards as the Bengals beat the Oilers 41-14.

Cookie Gilchrist – Dec. 8, 1963

There was a time when fullbacks not only played on almost every play, but they also played a big role in running games. Cookie Gilchrist is the first person to make the list. He made more on the ground in one day than many fullbacks do in their whole careers.

The North Texas native, who was 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 251 pounds, played for the Buffalo Bills and ran for 243 yards and five touchdowns on 36 carries against the New York Jets. The Bills won 45-14. He broke Jim Brown’s single-game running record, which was held at the time. In 1971, Willie Ellison ran for 246 yards in a game. That was the last time the record would be broken.