8 Best Games To Play High That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Games To Play High

Most likely, your favourite video game isn’t on this list. Waluigi won’t be talked about after this paragraph, and getting a Hollywood movie isn’t enough here. There is a big difference between a good video game and a good video game to play when you’re high. This is true for sci-fi, anime, and any other kind of entertainment. A bad game to play when you’re sober can be great when you’re high, and a game that’s great when you’re smart and clear-headed can be annoying after a few bong rips.

However, there are a lot of interesting, beautiful, surreal, immersive, thought-provoking, high-definition video games out there, and it would be impossible to include them all. There’s a good wave to ride at every title here.



It’s David O’Reilly’s biggest video game. You can be anything, from a molecule to a post office to a galaxy, in it. All you do is look around. You move your mind from object to organism and back again across seemingly endless biomes, planets, and celestial bodies. You learn about Alan Watts, a philosopher who helped spread the idea that all life is connected and that we are all one organism. Everything you do is yours, so there’s no one else to beat. This makes it the perfect, low-pressure game to puff and play. Beckett Mufson is a staff writer for VICE.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Don’t play Skyrim or any of the Fallout games if you want to play them high. No, don’t buy Morrowind. It’s a game that’s a “turning point” in the Elder Scrolls games, but it still has bad graphics and a very wacky combat system where it’s not clear if your weapons ever hit your enemy, but sometimes they get hurt (and usually you do, too). In this game, you don’t even need a fence to sell stolen goods.

Being high is also the only way to make the Dwemer Ruins at all appealing to the eye. Nicole Clark, a staff writer for VICE, says this: – This is Nicole Clark.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto

Most of the Grand Theft Auto games are too harsh for me to enjoy while stoned. But one of my best friends told me that Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of “cinematic performance art pieces” that he calls “dreams.” When you play open world games, you can dream about what you could do with them. You can make experiences that the people who made them could never have imagined. It’s better to find one than fight cops and rob banks. In the game “Canyon Dreams,” you can fly a jet upside-down through Raton Canyon. You can also shoot from an indestructible freight train that the cops can’t catch (Train Dreams).

You should pick Chicken Dreams because Franklin can slow down time. You take over a truck at the Cluckin’ Bell Farms, where you find it and take it. You should have some C-4 in your inventory, turn on the country radio station, and drive as fast as you can toward the city. To get the police to follow you, throw explosives out of the window until you get three stars. Before you hit the bridge over the river, slow down and turn to lead the cops up the mountain. Convoy, a song by CW McCall, might be on the radio if you are lucky. Keep going down the road until you come to a tunnel. It’s the other way around. You should go straight to fall off the mountain. Set the camera to slow-motion and watch the rain of police cars and the Cluckin’ Bell truck fall from the sky as you do. A Chicken Dream is different each time you achieve one. Think about what the chickens are going through inside the trailer. This evening, when they get home, think about what the police officers will tell their families. The best Chicken Dream is when you land the truck, drive off without getting hurt, and lose the cops near the Salton Sea. It’s called BM.


I think slither.io is good. It’s a free online game where you play as a snake that eats colourful, glowing orbs to get bigger. Start small and you could grow into a big person. Whenever you run into another snake, you turn into a bunch of hot spheres. It’s pretty laid back. Peter Slattery is the social media editor for VICE.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky

When people talk about this game, they say that it didn’t live up to what people thought it would be like. That’s not true anymore. It just got an update and HOT DAMN LOOK AT THIS GAME IT’S STILL SO BEAUTIFUL! Play when you’re too drunk to think of a story. It’s called BM.

Get Musical

Isn’t it a good idea to use your pot party to make some music?

In this game, you and your friends can play live “on stage.” I’m not sure which song I should sing.

Because I Got High by Afroman is a fun way to sing about how high you are! Another good song is “High by the Beach” by Lana Del Rey or “Sublime” by pretty much every band. You should pick a lead singer and have everyone else play their own “instruments.”

If you want to make noise, you can bang on the wall or use a table as a drum set.

The singer and the people playing the instruments must all keep the song in the right key, and anyone who laughs in a way that only a stoned person can do loses the game.

It’s possible for that person to be punished, such as by doing a job for the group. There are a few things they have to do before they can choose a new song, like roll the next joint that other “band members” will enjoy.

You don’t want to make too much noise with your makeshift musical instruments if you have neighbours.



This is one of the oldest stoner games out there, and it has been around for a long time. It has been played for a long time. In your home country, this game may be called something else, but the basic rules are still the same.

When you eat your weed, the rules of the game will change. Suppose that you’re smoking a joint. Each player will take a hit from the joint, hold it in, and wait until the joint goes around the circle and back to the start again.

The person who can’t hold it in and lets out a breath or coughs loses that round. Decide whether the winner gets a prize or the loser pays a fine. They could give up snacks or not say any words with the letter “e,” or they could try to do a cartwheel or roll the next joint. As a prize, the winner can get a treat from the munchies table.

To be safe, only play this version of the game if there are no more than five people. Why? Someone could get sick if there are more than five people playing. They could keep the smoke in their lungs for too long and get sick. The party dies faster than that.

Since no one can hold their breath for as long as it takes five people to light up, hit, and pass a bong, the game will have to be played a little different.

You can use a timer to record how long each player can hold in their hit. In a way, this can get even more dramatic and funny as you watch your friend move. Player who holds their hit in the longest wins that round, and he or she can get something (an extra joint, for example) as a reward.

Be aware that this game is better played with vaporizers, because holding in smoke for too long can cause more tar to build up in your lungs.


Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 3 in 2001, the Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, series has been a favourite of both stoners and non-stoners. It has been a favourite of both groups.

For a very good reason: It’s great! The excitement of the game and the effects of the weed you’re taking make for a very high party!

Your friends can smoke a joint while they figure out how to play this game.

With a friend or two, for example, you could go on missions together, while other people watch from afar (and of course enjoy weed). Then, you and your friends give the controls over to the other team so that they can do a mission while you watch and enjoy a well-earned joint or bong hit while you wait.

You should use a PC so that you can take full advantage of the chance to “mod” the game.

Everyone can pick the type of car they want to drive. If you smoke weed, it will reach your head as quickly as you play the game.

Nier: Automata

Nier Automata

If you want to use CBD, you might need THC. One of my favourite games of all time. This is the best game I’ve played in the last ten years. You play as an android who has to protect the Earth from robots so humans can one day return to it. But the robots start to show signs of being alive in a way that makes you think they’re human. In order to avoid spoilers, I’ll stop there. The game has multiple playthroughs, and each of them changes your expectations of the last one you played through. If you play through even the credits, you’ll find a game that cuts right to the heart of what makes us, well, us.

More than that, the game itself is a blast to play. In this game, you move like a character in a JRPG, but with huge swords or hammers and a companion robot that can shoot bullets or missiles. It’s a bullet hell that doesn’t feel like work.

Existential anxiety is the main theme of the game. Make it fun! Another summary will not be enough to show how important it is to this story. Play it, but make sure you have the moral support and emotional fortifications you need to do so. It doesn’t say NC.