8 Best Buy Ps4 Games Sale That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Sayonara Wild Hearts

To get the most fun for the least money, buy the best cheap PS4 games. For people who need to save up for a PS5.

It turns out there are a lot of games on this list that cost less than $20. You’ll find old big-budget games that have dropped in price over time, as well as new, innovative indie games, making this the best way to add to your collection other than the best free PS4 games.

The best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One if you end up with a lot of these games and need more space. If you have a VR headset, don’t forget about the best VR games you can play, either.

What are the best cheap PS4 games?

Before we tell you which games we like best, we have to say that none of these games are free to play. You can look at our other list of free PS4 games.

Even though there are a lot of cheap PS4 games, my favourite would be Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition. This game has a huge open world that’s even bigger because it comes with all the extra DLC. It also has interesting mechanics and a good story for a very low price.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a platforming game that you can play with and against other people online, is the newest multiplayer game. You can spend a lot of money to get fancy cosmetics, but the basic experience costs less than $20.

When you play Cuphead with a friend, it’s a great way to see how well you and your friend work together. If you communicate well, you can get through even the most difficult bosses in the game’s charmingly animated world. Platforming and shooting are hard, but you can quickly revive each other, which means you can get through even the most difficult bosses.

Check out Night in the Woods if you just want to read the story. With each new plot point, there are some platform puzzles to solve. But you also spend a lot of time with some of the best-loved characters in games.

The John Wick Hex strategy game will be a good fit for people who like that kind of thing. You’ll need to have a good sense of strategy in order to shoot your way through hordes of baddies in slow-mo. As a different kind of puzzle, Mini Metro’s abstract subway networks might be just what you’re looking for. They let you use your brain muscles in a less intense way.

Death’s Door

Death's Door

As a crow and a person who takes souls, Death’s Door has a dark tone from the start. What you might not expect is how the game opens up after one of your souls is stolen. You’re then faced with a wide range of different, complex levels with a lot of secrets to find.

Prepare to fight to the limit of your abilities, or to get your equipment from your dead body if you can’t. The enemies in this mysterious place don’t hold back. But even though the journey may be rough, the story that comes out is sweet in its own macabre way.

Axiom Verge 2

When the original Axiom Verge came out 10 years ago, it was one of the best “metroidvania” games ever made. This sequel is even better!

There is a lot to explore in this game, just like in the first one. As you travel, you’ll come across roadblocks. You’ll find the tools you need to get over them at the end of other paths, so if you’re having trouble, look around.

If you have a variety of weapons, you might be able to make your way through and find out why you were brought here.



Yu and Kay are a couple who are in a tight spot, so they have fled to a deserted planet to get away from each other. There, in the body of their old spaceship, they plan to build their new home. They will help by working with friendly people on their new world, and they will fight off those who want to break them apart.

If you play Haven, you control both characters at the same time, even when you’re in a fight. This is in line with a game about an intimate relationship. You can do this with a local co-op partner or by yourself if you prefer. Either way, the mechanics of moving and fighting together match perfectly with the tone of the game, which is told through conversations. Plus, the electronica soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to all the way through.


This is the name of the company you work for, a dirty courier service. As Rania, a driver who is in charge of making these deliveries, you’ll drive around the city and learn about the different activities of its people over the course of one dramatic night.

It has a thick, oppressive feel to the city of Nivalis, and you’ll get to see its skyscrapers from top to bottom as you drive and walk between different places. Many secrets await you in this cyberpunk-style book. There are few happy moments in the different stories, but there are many to find out about.

Sayonara Wild Hearts


You play this game, which is called a “pop album video game,” on a motorcycle, skateboard, and other vehicles as you solve high-speed puzzles in a neon world. The game also has a “emotional soundtrack.” In this game, you play a young woman who has a broken heart and has found herself on a never-ending road in the sky. You’re also part of a world that looks like the cards in tarot decks.

This is what happens in each level of the game, which is scored on its own. You collect items, avoid obstacles, and fight other people as you ride to the end of the level. If you want a break from the action, there are also boss fights that use other mechanics. To get a perfect set of gold medals, you might want to go back and improve your scores.

Dark Souls 3

A lot of people tried to make games like Dark Souls because they liked how hard but fair they were. Dark Souls 3 was the last game in the series. FromSoftware’s own game, Bloodborne, has inspired Dark Souls 3 to put more emphasis on speed and versatility, making it a great example of the series as a whole. Dark Souls 3 is not as scattered as Dark Souls 2, and it’s not as rough around the edges as the original. Start here if you want to learn more about the Souls games.

Death Stranding


Death Stranding came out this year to a lot of attention. Whether you like Hideo Kojima’s weird stories or can enjoy its “walking simulator on energy drinks” gameplay, it’s a game that will define the end of the PS4 generation. Timefall rain showers, which age and eventually destroy everything they touch, and Beached Things, or BTs, which are spirits of the dead who can’t move on. You play as Sam Porter Bridges, a post-apocalyptic delivery man. There are also Mules, bandits who are crazy because they want packages, Cliff and Higgs, and BB, your Bridge Baby, who helps you stay away from the BTs, as well. Also, Kojima has added a lot of famous people to the game, like Norman Reedus as Sam, Margaret Qualley as Mama, and a whole lot of cameos from his contacts book. You might not always like it, but you’ll never have played anything like it. This game is unique.

Final Fantasy 15

They set off on a trip of a lifetime, but this isn’t a Road Trip. The story of Prince Noctis and his friends is an RPG that blends fantasy and reality with almost balletic ease. It includes huge monsters, classic missions, and conversations about the weather. Final Fantasy 15’s story is crazy and its ending is a real surprise, but it’s still a long, winding road that Square fans have to go down. There’s enough appeal in its big battles and unique quests to entice Fantasy novices, too.