9 Best Games For 6 Year Olds That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best games for 6 year olds

Your 6-year-old is ready to play with friends and have fun with the whole family. It’s game night! In the best board games, they learn how to be a good player, as well as how to think strategically, stay focused, and deal with a problem.

Here’s a list of games that are appropriate for your six-year-old to play with you and your family.

1. Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

This board game, called Guess Who Classic, is a great way to teach kids about small things that they might not have learned to pay attention to without this game. Each piece on the board has a face, and kids have to figure out which face the other player has hidden. Children love this game, and they’ll play for hours trying to beat their opponents and figure out who the person is before they do.

Use this game to teach your kids a wide range of skills, such as how to take turns, pay attention to detail, and how to remove things. During the process of elimination, children learn to recognize important things about people, as well as how to figure out who’s still left. Children who are impatient can play a lot of games in an hour with this game.

2. Outfoxed! Game Board Game

Outfoxed! This game helps kids learn how to be detectives! They can follow the clues and find a pie that was stolen from an elderly woman as chickens fly around the crime scene. There are many clues and a mystery to solve in this game that kids can play together.

Not only will your child learn how to work with others, but also how to figure out what to do from clues. When your child plays this game, they’ll learn how to think logically and use their brains to do many things in their lives. All of this, and they don’t even know they’re learning!

3. 5 Second Rule Junior

5 Second Rule Junior

The 5 Second Rule Junior is a fast-paced board game in which kids have to list three things in five seconds or less. It’s the next player’s turn, and they can only list three things that are all about the same thing. They can’t use any of the things they’ve already said. The first child to reach the end of the board game wins.

A lot of people come up with silly answers in order to beat the clock. This is what I like best about this game. Parents can play this game with their kids and even their younger siblings, but you might have to give them more time because they’re younger. It’s easier for kids ages six and up to play this Junior version of the game.

4. Super Mario Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set

New twist: The Super Mario Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set adds a new twist to checkers, which has been around for a few thousand years. Play tic-tac-toe for a change of pace with two very well-known video game characters when you flip the game over.

The kids who like the Italian characters in their favorite Nintendo games can learn these games that have been updated for today. The game board and pieces come in a sturdy collectors tin to add a little value to the set. Choose from Mario or Luigi game pieces to make your own set of game pieces. It’s still the best part that when you check the kings, they get a cute little hat!

5. Connect 4 Strategy Board Game

Connect 4 Strategy Board Game

Who hasn’t played Connect 4? The game is simple enough: You need to make a row of four before your opponent does. People need to come up with a plan to win the game, which teaches kids some great skills.

Make sure you know what the other player needs before you make a move. You don’t want to have to play defense. None of the strategies will matter as much to kids, but they will care a lot about sliding a lever when someone has won the game. Let the kids slide the lever. You can’t do it. Sorry.

6. Operation

When kids play the board game Operation, they have to work hard to move pieces out of a fake body without touching the sensors. It’s important to be very precise in real surgery, just like you would learn from this game. Young people can learn how to work on their fine motor skills and stay away from the buzzers and 13 different kinds of sickness.

A child will like that when they touch the sides of the part they are working on, the nose lights up. The player who removes the most things without touching the sides or lighting up the nose is the winner. Though, the best thing about this game is that kids can play with other people or try to beat their own score. Family game night will love this!

7. Kids Scavenger Hunt

Kids Scavenger Hunt

If you want to play the game with your kids, you can play it both inside and outside with a lot of different things to look for in any space. To help kids be more active, the game asks them to look for specific things, which could help them find socks that they lost, shoes, or even your car keys. You can work together in teams to help you improve your teamwork and other skills.

There are seven things each team must find in a certain area, like the backyard or the main floor of your home. The first person or team to find all seven things on their list wins the game. This means that each game will be different in how long it takes and how many times it can be played. It can be short or long, so there can be multiple games or just one game in a certain setting.

8. Coconuts 

The parents and families we’ve talked to have been very happy with this game, and we’re very proud to say it’s from Underdog Games! Sally Albrecht says that “They don’t like heavy games, so I thought I would add this one to our game library. Wasn’t it fun? We were having so much fun that I thought I was going to cry. We all love this game because it’s easy and fun for everyone.” The idea is simple: You use a monkey with spring-loaded arms to shoot little coconuts into cups. It’s easy to buy Coconuts from Amazon or right here on the Underdog site. (2-4 people)

9. Cootie


There is still a lot of fun to be had with this game even though it has been given a cute makeover. Flick the spinner to see which piece you’ve earned as you work to build a bug before anyone else does. Kids work on their fine motor skills as they put together the parts. It’s also fun for them to let their imaginations run wild as they make a bug that fits their own personal style. (2-4 people).¬†