10 Best Escape Room Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Escape Room Games

Virtual escape games are always available, even though real-life escape rooms are more difficult to find during these difficult times when cleanliness is more important. It doesn’t matter what console, computer, or mobile device you have. There are a lot of great options for people who want to play a fun, new “escape the room” game.

If you play a lot of escape room games, you might think that all the games in that genre are the same, but there are a lot of different types of games in that genre than you might think. Many games keep the genre interesting, fresh, and, most importantly, hard.

Saw: The Video Game

Saw The Video Game

When the first Saw movie came out, it seemed like it was a long time before it should have been out. Before there were escape rooms all over the place, the original Saw movie scared people with Jigsaw and his terrifying traps back in 2004. When Detective Tapp meets Jigsaw and other people who have been played by him in the movie Saw: The Video Game is based on that.

This game may play a bit differently from the average escape room game that one may have in mind. Much like the movies, the game is violent and gruesome. Every dangerous room has new threats that make it more likely that you’ll die if you fail.

Rime- Room Escape Game

For people who want to play a simple puzzle game with an eerie twist, this game is a good choice. When the player gets lost in a magical book, they have to figure out how to get back home. Rime is a puzzle game that focuses on the simple story of this. There are three different endings the player can get, so it makes sense to play the game again and again.

Rime has a simple interface that makes it easy to read the story and play the game.

Escape F1rst

Escape F1rst

Most of the time, two brains are better than one! With friends, you can play Escape F1rst, which is a multiplayer game that tests how well you work together. In Escape F1rst, it’s not just about having fun with your friends while solving puzzles. It’s also about challenging them as well!

Even if players don’t want to work together to solve the puzzles, there are ways for them to compete if they want to. The Escape F1rst can also be played alone when a friend isn’t ready to play.

The Birdcage

Those puzzle game fans who can’t find the time to play video games are going to love The Birdcage. You can play this quick escape game on your phone or tablet. It’s great to pick up and play during the day. You can pick up a simple but still fun and challenging puzzle on the go, while waiting for your friends to show up, or as a break from everyday chores.

You don’t have to find a way out for yourself in this game. Instead, you have to find a way for a pretty, trapped bird to get out of its cage.

Escape Simulator

Escape Simulator

Escape Simulator may have a simple name, but the game itself is not. You can play this game in small, clean environments that help you keep the attention on the puzzles. In this game, you play as a person or with your friends in an escape room-style game. You can play alone or with your friends.

As for those who want to build their own level, there is also a workshop mode that lets players make their own level. Also, there is a section called “Community Maps.” This allows people to make their own custom maps and let other people play them.

OK Bob

OK Bob is the place to go if you want to have a more immersive escape room game. This game is said to be an eerie VR escape room experience that sets the tone right away. The game starts with the player taking a pill that takes them to a new place and starts them on a strange journey.

In this scene, it’s clear that the player, known only as “Bob,” is being pushed to solve the puzzles around him and get out. However, the mystery of the notes slowly comes to light as the game progresses. This keeps the player on their toes at all times.

We Were Here (Series)

We Were Here

There aren’t many escape room-style games that can be played with more than one person, but the two-player game We Were Here makes it even more unique. We Were Here splits up a team of players and puts them in completely different places. They have to figure out how to help their partner in the other room by tinkering with the things around them.

The only means of communication between the two is their trusty walkie-talkie. Both parties must work together to help solve their partner’s puzzles and what connects their rooms to help aid their collective escape.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

In this point and click-style escape room game, the player moves through a small town to solve the puzzles in each room and building. Because the main character can go where he wants to look for his father, Tiny Room Stories is a little different from other stories in this type. Each room or building has its own mystery that must be solved in order to move on.

When you enter a new room and the ghost town as a whole, you feel like you’re in a mystery. Another way to look at it is that the whole town and its secrets are what the player has to get out of. Each room could be a level to get out of.

Exit: The Game

Exit The Game

Escape: The Game Box is part of a series of games where you have to find your way out of an escape room. Each one is based on a classic mystery. Their variety is impressive, their themes baked into their riddles, and their mix of codebreaking, riddle solving, and logical deduction makes them the best tabletop escape room games you’re likely to find.

If you and your friends want to play an escape room, each game puts you and your friends in a room with four walls and gives you a puzzle book with a few clues and a solution wheel. Many kinds of puzzles can be found in books and online. They can be word problems, optical illusions, and even physical brainteaser games that make you twist the game pieces to find a hidden message. It’s not a light game, so expect to be challenged, but the problems rarely feel unfair or poorly implemented. Giving you multiple “riddle cards” at the same time also lets players split up into groups rather than fight over a single puzzle, and “help cards” will give you useful tips if you get stuck.

Each time you leave, though, be ready: The Game box can only be used once. In order to solve the puzzle, or because you were frustrated that your brilliant deduction wasn’t as good as you thought, you’ll tear pages and tear cards. Make the most of each game. They give you a lot of information right away, and part of the challenge is to figure out which tools you can use before you can figure out how to break the code.

Each box has the same puzzle system, but each set has a different theme. Start off with Secret Lab for an introduction to the series, and then pick up Dead Man on the Orient Express for the cream of the crop. Or, you can choose any setting that makes you happy; there are no bad ones.

Escape Room: The Game

Big toymakers know that one thing can always bring kids and adults together: battery-powered, moulded plastic with flashing lights and rotating mechanisms. Escape Room: The Game agrees with them. This escape room game has a “Chrono Decoder,” which is a working lockbox with a digital timer and key slots that must be opened by hand to finish the game.

It’s a gimmick, but it’s a great one that’s held up by real problems. Your brain muscles will be working hard to figure out maps, match shapes, and solve logic problems against the beeps of the timer. This isn’t just a clock: The decoder will make ominous noises to keep you on your toes and punish you for getting the wrong codes.

There are four different scenarios in the box. There is a prison break, a virus, a nuclear countdown, and a temple of the Aztecs. You can think of the whole box as a series of different scenarios, not just a bunch of rooms that are the same. Each one lasts an hour, too, so you’re getting some bang for your buck with this game.

If you want to play more, there are two main games in the series and a few expansion packs. First, pick up the first one and see how you like it. Then, decide if you want more of the same or not.