11 Best Pool Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Pool Games

On a hot summer day or while on vacation, cool pool water is appealing. Some pools are places where you can see and be seen, like in Las Vegas or New York City. Those at the world’s best hotel pools for kids and at Disney Resorts aren’t the only places where you can have fun with your family. After a few minutes of floating and splashing, you might want to turn up the fun. It doesn’t matter where you are.

From water volleyball to water-resistant card games, these are the best pool games on the market today, as chosen by us.

1. Watermelon Ball

Watermelon Ball

An inflatable ball called Watermelon Ball isn’t what you’d expect from a pool ball. It’s filled with water, not air, which makes it feel like a watermelon and opens up new ways to play. The recommended game is a mix of football, basketball, and rugby. The ball is passed, dribbled, and kicked above and below the surface in this game. In this game, everyone in the family or with a group of friends can play at the same time in cool water. A good age range is 8 and up.

2. Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Volleyball is a beach favorite, and this net and ball set makes it even more fun in the pool. The kit comes with a floating net with grommeted pole bases that can be attached to the anchor bags that come with it if you want. In other words, once the net is anchored, it will stay in place and won’t float away. The kit comes with an inflatable volleyball and a repair kit, but the durable vinyl isn’t likely to tear even when the game gets rough. Several people or groups can play this game. It’s good for people who are 3 and up.

3. Uno Splash Card Game

Uno Splash Card Game

With this version of the classic family card game, you can play it in the pool. The cards are made of durable, waterproof plastic that can be washed away. When playing games in the pool, draw-pile cards don’t float away thanks to handy clips. The set can also be easily attached to a beach bag or backpack so you can take it with you to a party or a hotel’s pool.

4. Swimline Log Flume Joust Set

Many people know the game chicken, which is a popular game in the pool. This set of tools keeps the tradition of that game alive, even though there are no human riders. In this game, people sit on inflatable logs instead of on someone else’s shoulders and use blown-up boppers to play. Young people and people who are still kids at heart have to keep their balance on the inflatables while taking a few bops from each other and trying to make a few of their own. Ages 7 and up should play this game.

5. Swim Central Arcade Shooter Pool Game

Swim Central Arcade Shooter Pool Game

In this game, you can have the fun of a carnival in the pool. They fight one by one in the inflatable station with squirt guns, and two people at a time. They shoot water from the pool at a set of five balls that move through a pipe. As in the carnival version, the player who shoots the fastest and the most accurately wins. They don’t even have to get out of the pool to do it. It’s good for people who are 4 and up.

6. BulziBucket

This game can go with you to backyard picnics, tailgating parties, the beach, and your favorite pool deck. It can also be taken to the beach. It can be played on land or water. They float, so your group can stay cool while throwing or deflecting hacky sacks into the three-tier bucket. The game comes in a case and can be put together quickly.

7. GoPong Pool Lounge Inflatable Beer Pong Table

GoPong Pool Lounge Inflatable Beer Pong Table

If you have a pool party, GoPong’s drinking game will be the talk of the town. Adults gather around a floating beer pong table that is 6 feet long. They try to throw a ball into one of the empty cups. Six ping-pong balls and four grommets keep the playing surface level during play, or at least as much as can be done in a pool. Player remove the cups when the game is over and the game board turns into a pool float that everyone can enjoy.

8. Poptrend Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss

These rings toss games are common at carnivals, but this inflatable version will bring them to the pool. It will be a hit with the whole family. It comes with a floating saguaro cactus and six colorful rings that can be thrown on the arms of the cactus to make it move and make the rings fall off. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a pool party for your family or if you’re having your own fun at a resort. The game is easy to play and will help you create a fun festival atmosphere.

9. Secret messages

Secret messages

This game can be played by anyone who can talk. It can be played with anyone. When you have someone who can’t swim but likes to hang out on the stairs, you can let them join in.

To play: Choose someone to say the message (usually one or two words) and someone to guess. At the same time, go under the water. The messenger says a word very loudly under the water. As soon as you get back up, the person who guessed has to say what word they think the person said. Animals or fruits might help you figure out what the word is.

10. Pool tea party

For this pool game, you’ll need goggles and a small area for the water to go in. When you play tea party, you keep your eyes open. It’s fun sometimes to hold hands, but sometimes we need our hands to push us down.

In order to play: Breathe in deeply and move your body into an applesauce-like shape at the bottom of the pool. I don’t like this part of the game. Bubbles can be blown out of your mouth when you get to the bottom. You can pretend to drink from your imaginary teacup. The best part is seeing how silly everyone looks as they try to stay at the bottom of the pool. In the next step, do it all over again, until you can’t hold your breath anymore.

11. Follow the leader

Follow the leader

When someone is the leader, everyone loves to follow them. This game is great for having fun at the pool.

In this pool game, the leader doesn’t say what the course will be out loud. Instead, he or she does the actions in order. There are a lot of other people who try to do this. It’s important to let the kids make a course for you each time.