9 Best Ea Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

best ea games

It used to be that when EA’s logo was on a box, it meant that it was good inside. Before this decade, they were still going strong. They didn’t make one bad decision in their gaming divisions, but many. They have been voted the worst company for a while now, which shows how fans think of them. This shows how they are seen by their fans. People might find that sad.

If a company (or game, for that matter) does something bad for humanity, no one wants that company or game to fail. The point of this piece, then, is to look back on the good times to show everyone that EA was once and could still be a great company. These examples are all based on reviews of games for both consoles and PCs. They only show one game from each franchise. Metacritic says these are the 20 best EA games. So, let’s take a look at those games.

1. Boom Blox Bash Party (86)

Boom Blox Bash Party (86)

Boom Blox was designed by Steven Spielberg and made by EA’s Los Angeles studio. It could have competed with Nintendo’s Mario Marty series for the title of best party game. Finally, it came up just a little short, but it was still a great game with some interesting ideas.

The game’s sequel, Boom Blox Bash Party, added even more innovation. Players could make and upload their own custom games in a similar way to games like Roblox and Dreams. Because it was only available on the Wii, it may have hurt its popularity in the long run. People who played the game will likely still have good memories of the game.

2. Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition (87)

It took EA only one game in the Total War series before Activision took over the series from them (and, subsequently, Sega). As it turns out, it was one of the better ones. Metacritic gave it an impressive 87 out of 100 because of its great strategy-based gameplay.

In 2001, Shogun: Total War isn’t a bad-looking game at all. People who want a good-looking game should look somewhere else. The Warlord edition adds a tonne of new units, game modes, and campaigns, as well as a lot of extra content.

3. NASCAR Thunder 2004 (88)

NASCAR Thunder 2004 (88)

Before EA bought the publishing rights for NASCAR video games, the games were made by Sierra and got high scores on Metacritic. Ratings have been going down a lot since EA took over, though the company’s first few games did get some good reviews at least.

The PS2 version of NASCAR Thunder 2004 scored an impressive 88 out of 100, which is three more points than its predecessor. It could be because of the goodwill it had from the Sierra days or because of the strength of its driving mechanics. There have been a lot of bad NASCAR games since then, though. The most recent ones, which are now published by 704Games, usually get scores of between 60 and 70 on Metacritic.

4. It Takes Two (89)

Critics haven’t been too happy with EA-made games lately. As a publisher, the company still puts out a good game from time to time. The latest of these is Hazelight Studios’ excellent It Takes Two, which builds brilliantly on the foundations laid by the studio’s first two-player co-op game, A Way Out.

In It Takes Two, you’ll find a lot to like, from the art style to the story. He said he was so sure the game would be popular that he offered $1,000 to anyone who bought the game and didn’t like it. Based on the game’s positive reviews and strong sales, it’s safe to say that he was right.

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition (89)

Dragon Age Inquisition (89)

Whether or not the new Dragon Age game can beat Dragon Age: Inquisition is still up in the air. The game will be great if it does. It is a game that few modern RPGs can compare to, and it is one of the best in the series so far.

It has a great branching narrative and an easy-to-use combat system, so it’s hard to find many flaws with the series’ most recent game. If you don’t understand the game’s story, you should still enjoy how it’s delivered thanks to some great writing and even better voice work.

6. Titanfall 2 (89)

A lot of people thought the original Titanfall was going to kill COD. Even though COD still exists, that doesn’t mean Titanfall didn’t make a good first try. It was well-received and sold well enough for EA to want to make a second one. Titanfall 2 is still a great game, even though it doesn’t have the power to beat the Call of Duty games.

Often, it is said that sequels should learn from their predecessor’s mistakes, and few games show this more than Titanfall 2. It was better than the original game in almost every way. It led to a level of gameplay fluidity that players had been looking for for a long time. In this game, there were no “half measures.” There were no compromises when it came to the game’s multiplayer. Consequently, it’s a game that’s full of action that people won’t soon forget.

7. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Call it cheating, but having all three Mass Effect games in one package is about the best deal you can get for three good to great games in one bundle. BioWare made this game, and EA took charge of publishing it. This game would not have been possible without EA. Because the series has become so well-known, it can be hard to see that there was so much risk in this. For one thing, it was a new game. But even more important than that was the pitch that it was going to be a three-game series that would let players carry over their decisions from one game to the next. The fact that this series even made it to the finish line, let alone made it as strong as it did, is still something to think about.

Legendary Edition not only brings together the trilogy, but it also updates them as much as possible for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. We don’t talk about Andromeda here, though. When it came to Mass Effect, it got a lot of attention. This helped the clunky but beloved game hold up better. Plus, all of the story DLC was also included. The only thing that was missing was Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode. This sci-fi epic has some of the best writing, world-building, and role-playing in the history of the genre. This new edition makes it even easier for people who haven’t played it before to finally do so, and for people who have played it before to play it again in a different way.

8. Burnout 3: Takedown

It is one of the oldest games ever made, along with sports games. In the racing genre, there is a bit of a split between racing sim and arcade racing. The best arcade racing game is Burnout 3: Takedown, which is also the best racing sim game. Because they didn’t want to copy what a real street race would be like, the Burnout games embraced the crazy speed and action of fast cars. Races aren’t taking place on a set of tracks in this place. The turns and traffic are as important as the turns. Even the punishment for crashing is way down. A cinematic shot of your car flipping down the road and shooting up sparks is shown before the race starts again at 100mph.

They thought that because Burnout 3: Takedown already broke the rules of reality with its driving mechanics, they should just keep going. Because the way you build the boost metre is perfect for the way the game is meant to be played. By doing risky maneuvers, such as driving on the wrong side of the road, nailing a tight drift, and taking out other racers, you build up your nitro boost to hit blistering top speeds. To play a game, you can drive your car into a busy intersection and detonate yourself to try and do as much damage as possible.

9. Dead Space

Dead Space

In the three Dead Space games, the first two are the best. We think Dead Space is better, but not by much. As far as we can tell, it’s better than the sequel because it puts more emphasis on horror than the sequel did. It was also a good survival horror game at the time. Dead Space was the only good one. There was a lot going on with Resident Evil when the fifth game came out, and Silent Hill had been struggling since its PS2 days. When we wanted a real sequel to Resident Evil 4, we all wanted Dead Space. Even comparing it to Resident Evil 4 kind of makes this game seem like it doesn’t do enough for what it does.

Isaac Clark is a space engineer, not a Marine. You and a small group of people are sent to investigate what’s going on in a huge mining ship called the USG Ishimura. Naturally, the problems you have when you get on the boat are much worse than any mechanical problems. You’re still only armed with your repair tools to defend yourself. Because of how you used these tools to fight off the twisted necromorphs, the game was a hit. You won’t get very far if you aim for the head in most games, whether they’re horror or not. Instead, Dead Space was all about cutting off limbs. This only worked if you cut off Isaac’s legs and arms, and only then did it work.