7 Best Destruction Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Destruction Games

There have been a lot of changes to how games destroy the environment. Take a look at some of the new games we saw at E3 2014. If you play Rainbow: Six Siege, you can destroy every single piece of a suburban home. In Battlefield Hardline, you can blow up an entire city block, and the Batmobile can’t be stopped even by concrete walls in Arkham Knight! Show how far game engine technology has come, but they won’t be the first to let gamers destroy (almost) anything they want.

The ability to break down things, knock the floor right out from an enemy’s feet, or topple skyscrapers opens up a whole new world of creative gameplay and memorable moments. When you start putting holes in walls, you don’t want to stop because everything else just seems so limited. What do you want to do in a game? Check out these games that let you let your destructive side out to play for a while.

Art Of Destruction (2022

Art Of Destruction (2022)

A simulation game about building and tearing down structures with physics. It’s great if you like to destroy things or just mess around. This game is for you!

Battlefield 4’s destruction is made-up marketing slang-worthy

As soon as we heard the term “levolution,” we thought it was just another piece of meaningless slang that we’d forget about in a day. But after we saw the term in action, it’s become synonymous with environments that can be demolished quickly. They showed off Battlefield 4 for the first time. They made an entire skyscraper fall on top of players in a multiplayer match. After that, we heard so many people say “levolution” that it became a part of our minds. Then dams broke and battleships crashed into islands, making the levolution even worse.

Even though Battlefield 4 has a big, set-piece destruction called Levolution, it also works on a small level. It doesn’t matter that you can’t vaporise chain-link fences with a combat knife in real life, because it’s still a lot of fun. You can also chip away at concrete cover with a barrage of gunfire, blow a hole in a wall with an RPG, and completely level a small building in a shooter.

Punch the world into nothing in Minecraft

Punch the world into nothing in Minecraft

As it turns out, being a builder also means that you have to destroy. There are a lot of games like Minecraft that show us that the whole world can be ripped apart as you gather resources to make zombie-killing weapons or monuments to your favourite gaming site.

No matter how much damage you do in Minecraft, there is no limit to how much you can do. Is that what you want to do? If you have the time and the desire, you can do everything. That’s not all of the game. It’s time to start rebuilding the world the way you want it to be, but you’ll have to start over again.

Set the world ablaze in Far Cry 2

Some games let you blow up buildings or burn down a jeep with a rocket launcher. Other games let you do more. That’s good. Explosions are usually the best way to get rid of something that can’t be destroyed. There are a lot of games that use fire, which can destroy everything. Usually, it just stays in one place, inside a set of invisible walls. If you’re dumb enough to stand in it, it might hurt you. That’s not the case with Far Cry 2.

If you use a flamethrower on a patch of dry grass, you can bet your ass that it will start to burn. Far Cry 2 lets fire do what it should. Throw a molotov into a field and watch the flames spread like they would in real life. This gives you many tactical options for evading your enemies and even burning them alive. It might be a different kind of destruction, but holy hell, it’s so cool.

Bottles of water are weapons in Worms: Revolution

Worms Revolution

These games are all about killing your enemies in the most creative and easy ways possible. A lot of different classes are available for you to play as. Each class has a unique way of using explosives to send enemies flying off the stage. Missiles, grenades, and other things that go “boom” will not only get rid of your enemies, but they’ll also rip a big hole in the ground. Every time you fire a shotgun or a pistol, parts of the world are blown away. But that’s not all: You can use this to your advantage (and to deadly effect).

When you blow off a piece of rock that’s holding liquid, you’ll wash away (or drown) any worms that happen to be hiding there. Cover can be taken away so that the next attack can get right to the bad guys. You can also use special things like drills to make shortcuts and carry out your devious, homicidal plan.

Make mountains in Fracture

There aren’t many games that let you change the ground under your feet. The people who made Fracture took that idea and ran with it. A lot of what you can do with terrain-changing weapons in this game is pretty cool, even though the game didn’t win any awards for changing third-person shooter gameplay.

In most games, grenades and other explosives just leave a single mark when they explode into a huge fireball of death. This is not the case in this game. In Fracture, that is not the case. People make craters when they drop grenades in the ground. But there won’t be a lot of holes all over the place, because players can also use an item called the Entrencher to move dirt. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s fine. Fracture lets you change the environment, which can be very destructive.

Destruction Time! (2021)

Destruction Time! (2021)

It’s time for a lot of damage. Then, build, blow up, and destroy. There are real physics in this world. You can smash castles with katapults and blow up buildings. You can also throw things with slingshots and watch buildings fall apart beautifully.