8 Best Ps2 Sports Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Ps2 Sports Games

If I had to choose, I would say that Playstation 2 is the best console ever made. I have a few reasons why I think this way. PS2: First, that was what I had when I lived in college dorms. That’s enough. As a child, playing video games is a lot of fun because it’s so exciting. In high school, playing video games isn’t as important as being a weirdo. In high school, when you live with four other guys and play NCAA 04 dynasties until the sun comes up in the morning, it’s different.

The best video games are played at college. Not getting pussy, which I never did.

Anyway, this is the best system I’ve ever used, so these are my favourite sports games ever. In these games, I played to the point where I was crazy and responsible. During the night, I went to the Starkville Wal-Mart many times to buy a new gamepad after breaking one while angry at Clemson and my roommates. A few things to keep in mind:

I have never played the Tony Hawk games. I saw people play it, but I didn’t play it. I know it’s probably a great game and would be on many of your lists, but I wouldn’t be living a lie if I put it on my list just to look smart. I can’t do that. I’m not Cons.

I didn’t play MLB Slugfest, which will be on many lists. In general, I prefer simulation games to arcade games. I don’t always like the arcade games. So I didn’t play Slugfest very often. It won’t be on this list.

I didn’t find out how good the FIFA games were until I got the PS3. Not on the list: Here is the list.

MVP NCAA Baseball 06

MVP NCAA Baseball 06

I don’t know how popular this game was across the country, but I don’t have to worry about that. I can only think about how great the game was. College baseball isn’t very important, but this game was fun. It had some college stadiums, but it also had a great soundtrack and a way to make stadiums. Based on the MVP Baseball engine, which was great. But because EA was selfish and kept the NFL rights in 2005 to stop other teams from competing, they lost baseball because of it. So they went to college I love this game

NBA Live 05

Once, the NBA Live series wasn’t just a big, dumb poop joke. There was a time when the NBA 2k series didn’t run all of basketball, but now it does. As soon as this game came out in 2004, it was hard to think of anything else. We’re no longer in that time. This game was fast, the score was high, and there were dunk contests. Not to tell on myself, but me and my weed-smoking friend would post up on the couch, queue up a dunk contest on this game with four dunkers controlled by the AI and we’d gamble on it. It was the best time of my life.

Tiger Woods 05

Tiger Woods 05

In the past, sports games were so good. This game was made for the PlayStation 2 and you haven’t played it yet. If you haven’t done this, I’m not the right person to help you with your game. Fuck off. This game shows why I don’t like the sports games we get now. In terms of how they work, the games we get now are better and more realistic. But this game was fun. That’s all. Fun as hell.

ESPN College Hoops 2K5

Am I the only one who develops way too big of a relationship with my fictional recruits from sports games? His name was Ike Medina. He was a 5-star SG from Norcross, Georgia and I beat Duke and UNC to get him to come to beautiful Starkville. He won four national titles for me and I convinced him to stay all four years. I loved him. I still do. Some people prefer the EA March Madness series on PS2, but not me. College Hoops 2K5 was better and I still play it today. 

NHL Hitz 03

NHL Hitz 03

I don’t know why I and my friends started playing this game. We were four 20-something guys from rural Mississippi who had never played hockey before, but we were all excited to play. But we did get it, and it was the best time I’ve had playing a video game. During the spring and summer of 2004. In the past, we’d go to Allen’s house and play this game for eight hours at a time. We put a styrofoam cup on top of a beer coozie and sprayed it silver. This is how many times I won the Stanley Cup: eight. I will never lose that. I said earlier that I don’t like games that are like arcades, but this one and the next one are the only ones I like. When you knock a person through the glass and then score on a one-timer in this game, it’s the best thing ever. In order to explain why it’s so low, I’ll say: This is a very powerful system.

NBA Street Vol. 2

In 2004, this game was the coolest thing ever. Here’s how my days worked out: I’d go to work as a 25-year-old sportswriter in my hometown of 12,000 people, where I made $8 an hour covering little league baseball games. I’d make 32 trips to the lunch restaurant down the street to awkwardly try to hit on the moderately attractive waitress who didn’t touch me once. I’d go home and work on my NBA Street Vol. 2 character, a blonde-haired badass who wore a Larry Bird jersey and Jordan 11s and kicked everyone’s ass.

NHL 2002

NHL 2002

Some people say that this is one of the best and most realistic 3D hockey games out there.

It looks great, has a lot of different game modes, and the gameplay is mostly smooth.

If you have a PS2, you need to buy NHL 2002. Fans of sports video games in general should check it out.


A roundball experience that is better than any other is what you get when you play this game. It’s very close to how the real NBA game works and it’s done very well.

As long as you have a PS2 and want to play a basketball game that is very realistic, NBA 2K2 is a good choice.