10 Best Anime Power Systems That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Anime Power Systems

Weak characters can often climb the ranks of these systems by putting in the effort and training.

A common example of this in shonen anime is Naruto, where a single use of a power like the Sharingan might wipe out all life on Earth. Shonen anime such as Demon Slayer and Tokyo Ghoul, on the other hand, implement classification and ranking systems for persons with great power in their fictional universes.

It is expected that some characters will be more powerful than others. Weak characters can often labor and train their way up the ladder in these systems.

1. Kemono Jihen: Everybody Possesses Strong Powers, With No Single Power Being OP In Nature

Kemono Jihen

Because of the wide range of genetic variations among the cast members, the show’s various characters possess a wide range of special abilities. As a case study, Kabane is half-ghoul and Shiki is half-arachnid, which determines their respective powers.

Despite this, the anime does not represent any one person or force as being more powerful than the rest. Even the MC, Kabane, challenges the kitsune Kon to fights so that he might become as powerful as her.

2. Future Diary: Every Future Diary Allows Its Users To Have Powers, As Well As Handicaps

In this death game, the most valuable asset isn’t the player’s ability to foresee bits and pieces of the future, but rather the player’s ability to use that information to effectively defeat their opponents.

People rose to power faster when they were more crafty, manipulative, and cruel than their opponents. Yuki’s victory in the game was made possible solely by Yuno’s presence in his life. He would have been eliminated in the first round if he hadn’t done so otherwise.

3. Dororo: Hyakkimaru Is Good With His Sword, But He Is Nothing Extraordinary

Dororo Hyakkimaru

When Hyakkimaru was just a kid, he learned to handle a sword, and his years of practice made him an amazing swordsman. It didn’t matter if they were demons or people standing in his path; he could simply murder them with his sword.

The more demons he killed and the more of his humanity he restored, the more increased powers he lost (such as the ability to “see” demons).

4. Tokyo Ghoul: The CCG Used A Strict System To Classify Ghouls On The Basis Of Their Strengths

Ghouls were categorized according to their threat level by the Commission on Counter Ghoul, and this categorization system was quite useful. As the ranks progressed, they went from “C” (not a threat to CCG) to “SSS” (can easily obliterate an entire battalion of the CCG).

A C-class ghoul at first because of his lack of experience in the field, Kaneki eventually rose to become one of many SS-class goblins, along with Big Madam, Ayato, and Uta.

5. Noragami: Every God Is Accorded Powers According To Their Job Description


There was no such thing as an equal distribution of power even in the Gods’ realm. However, the OVA reveals Tenjin’s lightning-manipulation skills, which were only shown in the two seasons of Noragami before that.

Another character who is proven to be more powerful than Yato, Bishamon, the Goddess of War, is her unfathomably high tolerance for physical and mental agony, which is demonstrated by the fact that she wields more shinki than she does.

6. Claymore: A Strict Power-Based Hierarchy Exists Within The Claymore Organization

For every Claymore, the Organization put them through a grueling training regimen before deeming them fit for service. They were assigned ranks based on their combat prowess and the number of enemies they were able to take out, and every new recruit began at rank 47, just like Clare.

Clare depended on Teresa’s flesh to give her more power than her rank would allow her to have while fighting youmu, despite the fact that she couldn’t attain her Awakened condition.

7. Seraph Of The End: Humans Create Contract With Demons Have An Even Playing Field With Vampires

Seraph Of The End

Humans were able to combine technology and magic to create swords that could control the will and might of demons because to vampire research that Ferid revealed to them. This gave them an advantage over vampires in battle.

People like Yuuichiro and his team had to work together to defeat vampires since they all had their own distinctive demon blades, which gave them a distinct advantage (and disadvantage) in combat.

8. The Heroic Legend Of Arslan: Every Person Makes Use Of Their Strength Without Relying On Superpowers

Instead of relying on the superhuman abilities of its heroes to solve problems, Arslan uses a more realistic approach. This remake anime has a large cast of characters, but they are all humans who use their intellect, social skills, battle experience, and other attributes to defeat their foes both on and off the field of battle.

Arslan, who is frequently regarded as a weak and ineffective young prince, absorbs all of this information like a sponge and emerges as a king worthy of guiding his people to triumph.

9. Demon Slayer: Every Slayer Has To Work Extremely Hard To Become A Hashira

Demon Slayer

This elite class of demon slayers, known as Hashira, is distinct from the common demon slayers. No one can say the Hashira are the strongest simply because they were born that way; rather, they earned their strength through years of hard work and training.

The anime merely accentuates how effective each demon slayer’s individual sword combat style is at dispatching demons. Even while Mitsuri is a Hashira, Inosuke is far from one, no style is ever pitted against the other.

10. Jujutsu Kaisen: The Two Sorcery Schools Ensure Jujutsu Hierarchy Is Maintained Throughout

In spite of the fact that Yuji’s body serves as a conduit for Sukuna, the mighty King of Curses, he is compelled to enroll in a jujutsu school in order to learn the basics of magic. As with all the other students, he must put in the time and effort to learn and train while also being required to participate in cursed spirit hunting missions.

Even with Sukuna’s might, Yuji’s lack of experience in dealing with cursed energies means he is dependent on his more knowledgeable teammates like Nobara, Aoi, and Kento.