14 Best Apple Arcade Games For Kids That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Apple Arcade Games For Kids

Apple Arcade has over 200 games that are good for the whole family and come from many different genres. If you want to find something fun for younger kids, Apple Arcade has sections for families and people who are just starting out, and each game has an age rating. Almost every week, new games are added to the Apple Arcade.

Here are a few that I like best.

Way of the Turtle 

Way of the Turtle 

Way of the Turtle is a cute and colourful platform game for one player. Find your way through a beach course full of obstacles and traps to collect coins. As you play, you’ll get shells that give you new powers. The only problem is that Mr. Turtle never stays still, which can sometimes make him hard to control.

Fledgling Heroes 

In this tropical platform game, you play as Biscuit the Brave, a young macaw. When you tap the screen, Biscuit will fly. If you tap too much, the macaw will fly too high. If you tap too little, it will fly too low. To avoid enemies and obstacles while collecting coins, you must stay at the right height. As you visit more islands, you’ll learn new tricks and meet new people, like Penny the Penguin, who wants to be a pirate.

Dodo Peak 

Dodo Peak 

You play as a dodo bird in this fun game, and you have to save its eggs when they roll out of the nest. Get them home safely in less than 30 seconds by collecting coins, avoiding monkeys and snakes, and unlocking more dodos.

Lego Brawls 

The Lego brand has been around for a long time, going from plastic blocks to movies to video games. Lego Brawls is an easy-to-play fighting game for mobile devices. In this fast-paced 4v4 multiplayer game, you can make your Lego character in a lot of different ways. Every stage of the game has new challenges, goals, and weird power-ups, like a pie launcher, a cactus suit, a snake car, or a hot dog stand. Join a party or a fight, or keep working out.

Frogger in Toytown 

Start a quest inside a human’s house to find “froglets” that have been blown away by a storm and bring them back. To save the froglets, you’ll have to move through a world full of toys. You’ll have to avoid toy cars, climb block buildings, and collect jelly beans. When you save a froglet, it hops on the back of Frogger (which is just as cute as it sounds). Having to carry the froglets makes the obstacle course more difficult because they can fall off. If you liked the old version of Frogger, you might like this game.

The Enchanted World 

The Enchanted World 

In The Enchanted World, dark forces destroy the world of a young fairy. You’ll help her go on a journey to fix what’s broken and make it better. Along the way, a red songbird will tell you what to do, and a web-spinning spider, funny robots, a hungry frog, and others will help you. You will move rivers, fix tree roots, move gears on a factory floor, and save your world from the darkness by sliding blocks around.

Sonic Racing 

Sonic is a great game from the 1990s. Even if you’ve never played the games, you probably know who the fast little hedgehog is. Move your car around to grab as many rings as you can and avoid getting stuck. The game is fun, and it’s not hard to learn how to play it. At first, you’ll race with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on your team. As you level up, you can switch to Shadow, Amy, and other characters.

Sneaky Sasquatch 

You’ll play a sneaky sasquatch in Sneaky Sasquatch. But a smart raccoon helps you as well. Sneak into the camp site and put snacks in your backpack. Some animals, like the sleeping bear, are willing to pay for the leftovers from a picnic. You can spend the money at the shop run by the raccoon. Just be careful to move slowly so you don’t get caught by the angry park ranger or scare any campers.

Rayman Mini 

Rayman Mini 

Rayman Mini is based on the popular game series from the 1990s. It takes place in a magical world that needs to be saved. You will jump, bounce off of flowers, and slide down water streams to collect lums, coins, and other special prizes. The new version of the platformer doesn’t have a timer, so you can try as many times as you need to get to the next level.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

In Alba, the main character, Alba, spends the summer with her grandparents on an island in the Mediterranean. But when she starts to look around, she finds that there is a problem with trash that puts the animals in danger. Alba starts a campaign to clean up the island with the help of her bird-obsessed grandfather and Ines. As you play, the more people you can get to join your cause, the better your movement will do, so you should try to persuade the people on the island to help.

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

SpongeBob Patty Pursuit

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is a fun platform game that lets you explore the world of SpongeBob. Plankton wants to steal the secret recipe for Krabby Patties, so you have to jump on trampolines, speed down ziplines, avoid jellyfish, and pick up coins and spatulas along the way. SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Gary the Snail, and Mr. Krabs are the only ones who can stop him.

Farm It!

Farm It! is a casual simulation game where you need to gather resources to build your dream farm. In this fun farm adventure, you can play minigames, work the land, gather resources, plant seeds, decorate your dream farm home, gather crops, and take care of your animals.

Crayola Create and Play+

Crayola Create and Play+

Rated 4+

Kids can do a lot of art and learning activities at Crayola Create and Play+. There are also arcade games, a colour garden where they can grow and take care of plants, a colour mixing station, and more. They can also play with pets that are not real. The original Crayola Create and Play app, which is still available, has a monthly subscription plan, but this Apple Arcade version does not. This means that as long as your family has an Apple Arcade subscription, your kids can try everything the game has to offer. Also, the game will get more things to do in the future.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker

Rated 9+

There are two games in Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker. First, it lets players go on adventures that the developer has made up, just like a normal adventure game. Then, kids and adults can use the app’s tools to make their own games and share them with the community (players can also try games created by other people). In our First Look at the game, you can find out more about the tools for making games in Wonderbox.