10 Best Games Like Second Life That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Second Life

Second Life is a virtual world video game that is played online. Linden Lab, a San Francisco-based company, developed and owns the game. At the end of 2013, the game had more than a million regular players. More than 9 million people have now played this game.

Second Life is a virtual world game for several players. This game is best suited for teenagers that are at least 16 years old. Virtual avatars can be created by every player in the game. The game’s currency, the Linden Dollar, may be purchased with real-world money.

It has a 3D platform to enhance the user experience. You’ve come to the right place if you’re sick of this game and ready for something new. You can find games here that are similar to Second Life. So, take a look at our selection of Second Life-inspired similitudes.

Best Games Like Second Life in 2020

We’ve compiled a collection of Second Life-like games here. These games are sure to be a blast for you to play. Second Life alternatives can be found on this page.

1. Inworldz


Inworldz is one of the best alternatives to Second Life. Everyone can have fun in this game because it offers everything a virtual world game should have. You can create an avatar and modify it in the game, and then you can meet players from all around the world.

The choice is yours. You can meet new people if you’d like, or you may wander about and see what’s out there. With the game, you’ll have access to features like simple upload, improved zoom, and more. You can also purchase land that is not part of the private sector.

This game can be played on a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.

2. Planet Calypso

Explore the world as an explorer, an entrepreneur, and a professional at the same time. Planet Calypso is a Second Life-like online multiplayer game. Traders and investors in Second Life used to trade and buy and sell crafts. It’s up to you whether or not you want to play Planet Calypso. Those who participate will be able to earn money, deposit money, make new friends, and have a lot of fun.

3. GoJiyo


Unlike Second Life, GoJiyo is a lovely gaming world. The game’s graphics are so impressive that they make you want to play it even more. You’ll want to play this game again and over again after you experience it once. Before beginning the game, the player is given an avatar and given the opportunity to meet new people and visit new locations. There are a variety of settings to choose from, such as historic villages and modern metropolis. Isn’t it fun to meet other people and have a conversation with them? You must complete a series of chores or quests in order to progress.

4. IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe)

For Android, iOS, Mac, browser, and Windows, the IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) app may be downloaded and installed with ease. Players can interact with one another by forming connections and exchanging messages. Wherever you go in the game, there are places where you can interact with other players and share information. You can even make a 3D version of yourself and personalize it.

You’ll be transported to a variety of IMVU locations throughout the course of the game. Members of the community are introduced to one another based on the places they visit. Players can move across the map, take part in chats, and do all sorts of fun things like fly kiss each other or tight embrace each other. Requests to be added as a friend can be sent to other players.

5. Smeet


You can meet new people in the game’s wonderful virtual environment. The game features the greatest 3D visuals available. The game was first released in 2007 and has since gained the attention of tens of millions of people around the world. Smeet can be played in a variety of languages.

To play the game, you must first register an account. People with similar interests are brought together by the information provided. You can keep playing by conversing with other players or by participating in the mini-games that are available. It’s a game that can be played on your browser and includes a lot of social aspects. In addition, this game resembles Second Life in many ways.

6. Twinity

With Twinity, you’ll be able to explore a slew of exotic locales. Everything in the game is rendered in 3D. In the game, you can visit cities such as London, New York, Singapore, and so on.

You begin the game by creating a character named Twinizens. Then you move on to observe the magnificent landscapes and the people who are out and about. Make friends and connections with other players. You may also use a picture of yourself to make your avatar look like a cartoon character.

7. Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel

More than half of all youngsters enjoy playing Habbo Hotel. The user can design their own Habbo character in the game. You may meet new people, create and develop new hotels, throw parties, and even have virtual pets. In the game, construct a common area where all players can congregate. It is also possible to adorn guest rooms and floors with wallpapers. Credits can be used to fund the creation of all of these items.

8. Roblox

Unlike Second Life, Roblox is a multiplayer game. Create your own games, or play the ones produced by other people and groups. We can meet new people thanks to the Roblox video game. A user can receive a taste of other people’s ideas by interacting with them.

9. Kaneva


Since its release in 2004, the game has been attracting gamers from all around the world because of its high-quality content. It’s a virtual world populated by millions of people, so you’ll never be alone. You can always find someone to have fun and hang out with.

You only need to create a 3D avatar and enter the realm of Kaneva to begin playing. Learn how to use the interface and participate in decorating activities or interact with other users in the communities. Because it’s a freemium app, a paid subscription is required to unlock additional features.

10. Oz World

Modern social interactions allow people to choose their own partners for romantic relationships and even marriage. If you don’t feel like hanging out, there are magnificent landscapes where you can get some sun. In this way, the game features a variety of places where players can interact with each other.

You can begin playing as soon as you’ve installed Oz World’s client and selected an avatar. Starting with the most basic areas, you’ll gradually expand your horizons. Make new friends and acquaintances by chatting with strangers. In addition, you can buy for clothes and participate in other activities, such as fishing, to make money.


All of the players in these games come from all over the world. You can play these games and meet new people at the same time. The list of all the Second Life Game Alternatives 2020 that you can use to play your favorite games is complete.

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