8 Best Ps3 Adventure Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

The best games for the PS3. What’s yours? Ours are right here on this very list, but don’t be fooled: getting them down to just 25 was no easy task. We’ve played some of the best games ever since the console came out in 2006, when it had a Blu-Ray player. We’ve played shooters, survival horror, AAA blockbusters, and indie gems. The console’s first games were Resistance: Fall of Man and Call of Duty 3.

GTA 5 was supposed to be released on the PS5, but it was released on the PS3. Other big games, like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Dark Souls, all started out on the PS3. If you want to feel nostalgic, read on. We’re going to remember the best PS3 games together. Check out the best PS4 games and the best PS5 games after you’re done. Also check your collection for the most valuable PS3 games.

Tokyo Jungle

There are blurry textures and blocky models all over Tokyo Jungle, which makes the game look like a cheap game. For one thing, you don’t play “Tokyo Jungle” because of the beautiful graphics. You play it because you can control a pack of beaks taking on an angry lion in the game. Game: You play it when you dress the giraffe in silly hats You play it because Tokyo Jungle is an addictive roguelike that is always giving you new things to do and making you improve your routes through an abandoned city as you hunt for food and mates to keep your species alive. It has simple gameplay and a lot of animals that you can get. You’ll get the hang of things quickly, but you’ll always be trying to get the next piece of the puzzle.

The only console game that might be better than LittleBigPlanet 2 is Minecraft. First, the user-content creation tools in the first game were a huge step forward in player freedom. In the sequel, these tools not only get better, but they’re expanded to allow you to make not just levels, but stories, worlds, and even whole new games. And the community has made a lot of amazing things.

Is it true that LittleBigPlanet 2 doesn’t have as complex a platforming system as the Marios and Raymans of this world? Not at all. To judge the game on these terms is as short-sighted as dismissing War and Peace because you don’t like the font that it’s written in. This is one of the most important, important, and fun games on any PlayStation.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is the game your parents told you not to play in the 1980s. It’s a video game from a different world where Reagan was President Forever and The Running Man is a real show you can watch on TV. If you want, you can put on a rubber mask of any animal you like and go to one of a few pixelated murder carnivals to get rid of every mook in sight. The background colours pulsate along with the synthwave soundtrack, which is way too cool for you to listen to. Hotline This movie is about a city that is full of raw, punk fury, hypnotic hyperviolence, and anarchy. Don’t tell your parents about it.

Batman: Arkham City

How do you make the best superhero game of all time even better than it already is? When you play a game, you add a lot more and drop it all into one of the best open-world cities you’ve ever seen in a game. Smartly, Rocksteady chose fidelity, personality, and meaningful design over sheer size just for the sake of being big. Rocksteady’s quarantined chunk of Gotham is one of the most striking, affecting, and most purposeful environments seen in a generation. In both gameplay and aesthetic terms, Arkham City’s structure is a huge success. It lets the empowering but well-balanced mechanics of the first game really take off.

It’s also important that it doesn’t overpower or take away from what makes Arkham Asylum great. The same mix of clever, creative sandbox stealth and exhausting, thrilling, almost musical combat is still at the heart of everything. It’s even better than it was before. Batman stories can be dark, dramatic, and epic in any medium. Arkham City also has a Batman story that can be used in any way possible.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human Revolution

If it hadn’t, it should have failed. It shouldn’t have even been tried at all. It should have been a dumbed-down, lite-RPG cyberpunk shooter with a well-known name stuck on top. But Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the real deal. It’s a complex, layered, player-driven action RPG with freedom, creativity, and choice at the heart of everything.

DE:HR can be pretty much any game you want it to be. It’s even more impressive that DE:HR manages to offer so much customization of experience while still being so cohesive. Whether you’re a fan of conspiracy and philosophical debate, or if you’re just curious about the world, this book will make you want to read on. The world-building in this book is the best I’ve ever seen.

Burnout Paradise

At the time Burnout Paradise came out, multiplatform games were always better on the Xbox 360 than on the Xbox One. Not really. This is how it has always worked: Criterion always made PS2 sound good, and PS3’s Burnout Paradise looks great. It changed the Burnout formula, too, by putting an open-world city and the surrounding countryside together to race around. Because this game has a lot of fun things to do, it’s better than some of EA’s other Need for Speed games.

People get a bad grade for small things, like when they try to handbrake-turn their car into a parking space. They also try to jump down the side of a mountain and land without totaling their car. DLC patches even fixed a few things that were annoying in the original release’s structure, so this is truly a Burnout-themed heaven. Great music, too.



Release Data: Sucker Punch/SCEA, 2009

Genre: Action Adventure » Open-World

For a game about exploring a city, the city comes to life and moves around.

The missions range from pure combat to escorting missions that have an interesting storyline.

It’s also great that this game has a karma system that lets you choose how to do things and gives you a reward or punishment if you do them wrong.

Resident Evil 5

Release Data: Capcom, 2009

Genre: Action Adventure » Survival

It shows that action and horror can go together. Resident Evil 5 has a new shell.

Maybe this game isn’t the best for you to play alone, but it’s great when you play with a friend. You and your friend sit down and shoot zombie heads while shouting at each other.