11 Best Games Like Shadow Of War That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Shadow Of War

We all had a great time with the latest Middle Earth video game, Shadow of War. Built-in Nemesis System, the first of its type to update malevolent NPCs to remember your character after you try and murder them.

The ability to sneak around and stab people while upgrading your weapons and armor is a huge draw for many players.

Players will find a list of 11 games to play here that are not only similar to but also better than Shadow of War.

Among other things, we’ll talk about three of the game’s key features. We’ll see which sneaky role-playing games you should play next, so get your blades and cloaks ready!

  1. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins & Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed: Origins was made for those of you who enjoy leaping from high places and landing on your enemy with a dagger in their throat. The genesis story of the Assassins Brotherhood is finally revealed in an open-world adventure that immerses you in the universe.

Side missions that blend in well with the main plot are available for you to take part in Combat mechanisms that will make you want to sharpen your hidden blades and start stabbing Templars are here, and they are harsh and wonderful. Discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and the breathtaking scenery it offers to all Assassins!

In this gorgeous third-person RPG, you can engage in stunning and violent battle.

Discover a world teeming with incredible treasure, weapons, and armor!

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

All kinds of monsters can be hunted, loot collected, and magical items created in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Get your silver swords ready, for you’re about to enter a fantasy and horror-filled world.

It is up to the player to take on the role of Geralt of Rivia, who must track down and save Ciri, another Witcher, before the Wild Hunt captures and kills her.

Kill enemies for cash and mystical items in a slew of side missions. Once you’ve completed the Wild Hunt, you can take part in two exciting add-ons that let you hunt vampires and team up with undead mercenaries. Become a part of a fantastical tale that will enthrall fantasy fans everywhere!

Defeat monsters with silver swords and earn silver coin from passersby.

To earn coins and experience, you must battle your way through the great unknown.

  1. Nioh


Sharpen your katanas and wakizashis, little grasshoppers, and get ready for a bloody showdown. For this list, Nioh introduces a new level of gore, violence, and heavy action.

While searching for what fate has in store for him during the time of the samurai, a single warrior is entrusted with defeating demons, corrupted soldiers, and harrowing beasts that infest feudal Japan.

Engage in brutal fight with monsters and other samurai. In a gripping adventure that will have you coming back for more, you’ll journey across feudal Japan! Equip yourself with cutting-edge new weaponry and armor.

Battle your way through monstrous nightmares and upgrade some incredible weapons along the way!

Glowy cows ruin everyone’s day here in Japan, so welcome!

  1. Lords of the Fallen

Action-packed RPG filled with severe violence, strange animals, and a beautiful but simple plot awaits you in this action-packed RPG. Lord of the Fallen’s unusual combination of action and narrative may not look like much to the untrained eye, but for many players, it quickly becomes a compulsion (I speak from experience).

Demons and other terrible spirits are wreaking havoc on humanity during the Age of the Ancient Gods. Is there any hope for them? Harkyn, a dreadfully convicted sinner and binge drinker. Grab a tankard of ale and your warhammer, because you’re about to embark on an infernal RPG that only Dark Souls could hope to be.

Defeat demons and make amends for your past transgressions. Add enchantments to your weapons and armor to make them more powerful. Crazy, over-the-top warfare is what you’ll be doing here!

As you hack and gut creatures from your most horrific dreams, repent of your sins!

A good time can be had hammering things until you meet a bigger opponent!

  1. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

The legend of Dracula is well-known to the public. Although he is the most powerful vampire ever discovered, we have never seen him at his most vulnerable. Gothic gamers, rejoice! This game is for you.

Awakened from years of slumber, Dracula must make a deal with Death to rid the world of Satan. The task of slaying Lucifer isn’t a piece of cake, however. While playing, players must fight off hordes of monsters, including Dracula’s only surviving son, Alucard.

With the demise of Satan, you can take the fight to the darkness and achieve eternal peace. Struggle with various demonic adversaries in a terrible and beautiful conflict. All of your weapons and magical powers can be upgraded!

Yes, I can make it through the night.

WICKED weapons and talents are at your disposal as you wage war against the forces of evil!

  1. Ryse: Son of Rome

Play as a Roman soldier on a mission to annihilate all the barbarians in your path in Ryse: Son of Rome, one of the most historically accurate video games on our list.

As a regular Roman grunt soldier, Marius Titus is forced to watch the brutal slaughter of his family by Brittanians. Marius rises through the ranks of the Roman legion after swearing to slay every barbarian in his path, only to be betrayed by his own people.

In the world of Ancient Rome, take up your shield and gladius as you seek revenge and justice. Assault barbarians in an excruciatingly painful battle. Get revenge on cowardly troops by watching this lovely story develop.

Take command of the Roman army and lead them to victory!

Fight as if you were in the military. As a general, command the troops. It’s time to rise to the occasion!

  1. Conan: Exiles

Conan Exiles

A decent open-world RPG featuring violence, brothels, and loot is always a hit with gamers. Conan: Exiles was made for you if you’re looking for all three! Take up your axe and fight off hordes of monsters and other players for control of your land.

After Conan the Barbarian frees you, you must travel over the desert, acquiring weapons and armor, and conquering neighboring lands in the process.

Get ready for battle and raise a glass to a well-earned triumph! Conquer your foes and stock up on magical wares as a reward. Invaders will come, so build an empire and defend it!

Prepare for absolute conquest by building up your army!

This amazing open-world adventure will take you to a whole new world full with wonders!

  1. Kingdom Come Deliverance

The most historically accurate game on this list is number four on our list. Kingdom Come Deliverance blends the open-world atmosphere of Skyrim with the medieval combat sense of Chivalry in an incredible way!!

As a young novice blacksmith, you will begin your journey in peace and tranquility, until attackers arrive and murder your entire family in front of your very eyes. You have sworn allegiance to Lord Radzig Kobyla, who leads a rebellion against the terrible kings and corrupt lords of the land.

Your swords and shields are ready, so put on your best gear and get ready to face the enemy head-on. Explore medieval Europe in search of riches, armor, and weaponry to use in battle! PvP battles are a blast!

There will be bloody and harrowing battles ahead!

Chivalry has been extinguished. Take a moment to savor the bittersweet sensations of triumph and defeat!

  1. Vampyr

New RPG Vampyr takes you through the dark and narrow streets of London in 1918. Vampyr hunter, creatures, and even Vampyr clans are all out to get you in this dark and gruesome action-adventure.

Johnathan Reid made it his mission as a doctor to serve the ailing and weak. The desire to feed on people he must save after becoming a hideous nightmare who seeks blood must be fought.

Survive London’s shady back streets. While healing the sick, you must resist the urge to eat the patients’ flesh in order to keep your hunger at bay. Interact with NPCs and have a lot of fun with their dialogue.

Get your hands bloody in this dark and twisted story of the night’s animals!

Witness a world that is both beautiful and terrible, with repercussions and temptations.

  1. Greedfall


Greedfall, a brand-new role-playing game by Spiders, will be launched in September 2019. Loot and uncover treasures like as armors, natural resources, and weaponry while exploring a new world full with magic and danger.

Create a new future for yourself as you rewrite your own narrative. Betray and befriend as many people as you want, and join a variety of new groups in the process! You’ll be able to explore a large open-world loaded with side missions and short storylines!

Get ready for an entirely new type of battle in the RPG!

Befriend and betray at will. There are, however, new dangers to be aware of in this new world.

  1. Devil May Cry 5

Surely, everyone was forewarned about this! You may not know this, but Devil May Cry 5 is the newest installment in Capcom’s legendary hack-and-slash series.

Dante, an arrogant demon hunter who enjoys firing off his dual pistols at Spawns of Satan, is at the heart of the plot.

In this high-octane RPG, hell is back at it again as demons try to take over earth once again! Become a part of Dante’s quest to save the world from demons once more, while dealing with Nero, a hot-headed rookie.

While fighting a demon prince, Nero loses his right arm and must rely on his companion Nico to preserve the planet from invasion and perpetual nightmarishness.

Defeat demons and spirits with your savagery! Laugh out loud at the absurdity of the fights. Find out more about the legendary demon hunters in a brand-new story!