8 Best Mobile Battle Royale Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Mobile Battle Royale Games

There were a lot of people who used Android who used Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Both of these games have a lot of people playing them already, and it started the battle royale genre on phones. They are also two of the best first-person shooter games that you can play right now, too. However, not everyone likes them. Both games have very long play times with a simple story line. Some people might want to try something else in the same genre. We can help you with that. Here are some of the best free battle royale games for Android right now, as of this writing.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

When Call of Duty: Mobile came out, it was the biggest mobile game ever. Because there’s a good reason for it. The game is one of the best in its genre and has a lot of interesting things. The game has a lot of different PvP modes, including a 100-player battle royale mode. A lot of weapons, customisations and other characters are also available in the game, which makes the game even more fun to play as you get better at it. As far as battle royale games on mobile go, it’s right up there with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite as one of the best. Unless the developers do something really bad, it should stay that way for a long time.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a lot like Fortnite. In fact, we think it’s a copy. It’s a good copy, though. The game has a large map with different landscapes and 100-person games. You can make and break things. As a bonus, you can play in third- or first-person. We thought that was very interesting. The game doesn’t run well on some middle and low-end phones. In addition, it sometimes has a glitch. However, we found that the experience was still very good when we tried it out in our tests.



The launch of Fortnite was not very popular. However, it’s one of the best and most popular battle royale games out there right now. The game has a 100-player battle royale like most of its kind. You land on an island from a plane. You build your armaments, find weapons, and kill the other people. In this game, there is also a crafting element. This makes it better than most other battle royale games. That’s not all: This game lets you move all of your skins between the console and PC versions. In the past, the game was bad, but now it’s a lot better. The game was also launched on the Play Store officially in early 2020 so you no longer have to sideload the app from Epic Games’ store.

Garena Free Fire Max

A battle royale game called Garena Free Fire Max only came out in 2021, but it’s already one of the most popular games on mobile phones. Everything you need for a battle royale is there. You jump into the game with 49 other people and the winner is the last one standing. The games only last about 10 minutes, and you have to find weapons and supplies to keep yourself alive when you play against other people.

Also, this one lets you play with four-man teams, use your Free Fire account, and a lot more. New Garena Free Fire is going to get more attention from game developers than the old one.

Guns Royale

Guns Royale

When it comes to gameplay, Guns Royale isn’t all that unique. You fall into a huge free-for-all shootout with a lot of other people in a shrinking game area. However, the game moves from a first-person point of view to a three-quarters isometric style view, which is a lot more interesting. If you do this, you can see your opponents from all sides and even from behind corners, which makes the game a lot different. Then, this one has AR elements that make the game even more unique, along with a lot of other game features. In this game, you don’t have to pay to play, like most other battle royale games. It’s not aggressive with it or anything like that. Because most IO games are like battle royales, too,

Most IO games

Battle Royale-themed IO games are all over the place. Some examples are Axe.io, Agar.io, Slither.io, Arrow.io, and many, many more. The games usually put you in the middle of a huge fight with a lot of people from all over the world. The rules of each game are different. Axe.io has axes, while Agar.io has blobs. It’s still the same idea for most of these games. The people with you keep going until you or everyone else stops. They are usually freemium games, and they all seem to have the same problems with connectivity and lag. However, they are probably the most simple battle royale games out there. The best IO games can be found here.



Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds is the “grandfather” of battle royale games. So even though it started out as just an Arma 2 add-on, it has since become a global hit. So, of course, it spread from PC to consoles, and now even to phones and tablets. PUBG: Mobile and PUBG: New State, which is the mobile sequel, have all the fun you love from the PC version. The same goes for guides. Whether it’s PUBG Mobile redeem codes or PUBG: New State redeem codes, we’re giving away free things all over the place.

Brawl Stars

Even though Brawl Stars is more of a MOBA than anything else, it does have a lot of things that make it a battle royale. The game was made by Supercell, the company that made Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Clash Mini. It’s a rare break from the Clash universe. You can find it in our list of the best mobile multiplayer games. We like the game a lot. Check out our Brawl Stars guide or our Brawl Stars event guide to get up to speed on everything.