18 Best Games Like Terraria That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Terraria

A decade after its release, Terraria has quietly become one of the most popular and best-selling independent games, with over 27 million copies sold to date.

In a 2D world, Metroidvania gameplay is combined with retro-style action and Minecraft-like crafting to provide a rich and broad experience. The visual attractiveness of the pixel graphics entices the gamer and refuses to let him or her go.

As a result of the wide variety of genres and gameplay options, it might be difficult to track down games that play in a similar way. There are, however, a number of options that rely on several of Terraria’s features. These are some of the top independent games that have some resemblance to this indie treasure.

For many gamers, this 2011Metroidvania sandbox is still their favorite because of its expansive scope and engaging gameplay. Terraria’s momentum has been maintained in part by its availability on multiple platforms, includingStadia, as well as regular updates. A few more outstanding titles that should satisfy the desire for more Terreraria seemed like a nice idea, so here they are!

1. Raft


Minecraft or Terraria’s survival and management components might be adapted to the wide ocean in this PC jewel.

It’s just like Re-romp, Logic’s in which players utilize their brains and an assortment of goods to survive the fragile and hostile environment that surround them, whether alone or with a companion. The game’s aesthetic is more restrained, as one might expect given the setting’s proximity to the ocean. Despite this, there is still a lot to keep oneself occupied while working on the life raft, and plenty of shark attacks to avoid.

2. Ark: Survival Evolved

This survival game from Studio Wildcard appears to be as far distant from 2D pixel art as possible in terms of its clean, realistic aesthetics. At its foundation, Ark: Survival Evolved is very much like the original Terraria in terms of gameplay.

To begin, players are dropped on an island full of perilous monsters and other perils. In classic Terraria manner, working with a wide range of materials is vital. With its open-world flexibility and loosely bound arc of defeating a few bosses, the game’s progression is likewise similar.

Exciting fight-or-flight instincts and a personal sense of adventure combine to create an addicting experience in the game.

3. Astroneer

For a game to be truly amazing, it must have the ability to keep the player engaged for a long period of time. There are many people who have fallen in love with Terraria since it was first released by System Era Softworks.

Astroneer gives an open-ended wilderness to explore and populate, similar to the title of Re-Logic. The game resembles a mix of Minecraft and a sci-fi movie. As an astronaut, the Martian is tasked with exploring unknown worlds in search of manufacturing materials and resources. Tasks like this allow them to fulfill challenges, create structures, and re-shape the landscape.

While the game has much to offer lone scavengers, the co-op mode brings even more variety and fun to the proceedings.

4. It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below

Terraria-like graphics and gameplay may be found throughout the game. Action-oriented survival RPG It Lurks Below has attributes and character classes familiar to RPG players. Additionally, the game’s randomly created underground levels have an abundance of monsters, items, and other sources of excitement.

Since its debut in 2018, the game has received regular upgrades and support. Plenty of things to do in the game include farming and homesteading as well as missions and creating potions. There are also seasonal events and, of course, a plethora of weaponry to acquire.

5. Crea

The RPG genre and feel of Crea set it different from Terraria, despite the obvious comparisons. In addition to the player leveling up rather than improving their equip, the game’s talent system allows the player to gain over 80 different skills (comparable to a skill tree).

In addition to learning about the game’s past and history, players will encounter monsters with distinct abilities and a rich crafting system to enjoy. Those who enjoy RPGs and Terraria will enjoy this game.

6. Alchemage

It’s a terrific way to wind down at the end of a long day with this Early Access sandbox title. If you’ve played Terraria, you’ll recognize many of the game’s gameplay mechanics in Alchemage, as well as its beautiful graphics, music, and weather.

To get back to where they came from, players are stranded in an unknown world. Along the journey, players can construct their own dwellings and shelters, explore at their leisure, battle creatures, and engage in cooperative multiplayer action with their pals.

7. Forager


To be compared to such a renowned list of titles is a hefty assignment for Forager, which has been described as “Zelda meets Stardew Valley meets Terraria.” As long as Forager manages to be both addictive and cute, attention will be paid. The game is so focused on building and fighting that many players have reported that the time they spend playing seems to fly past.

Purchased lands must be cleared and developed in order to gain access to more gaming resources. Of course, raiding dungeons and slaying monsters is an important part of the game’s gameplay as well.

8. Dig or Die

Choosing a favorite game genre may be difficult, thus games that successfully blend genres are always intriguing and enticing. As a sci-fi game, sandbox game and tower defense game Dig or Die has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. While Terraria has its night hazards and tile system, Dig or Die’s level of intricacy and difficulty set it apart from Terraria.

Enemies who can demolish walls in their route to get to the player and their resources are becoming increasingly cunning and crafty at night. The game also has a smooth movement and control system, unique weapons, and a fascinating crafting system that encourages players to construct things of their own accord.

9. Spelunky

In this entertaining mining adventure, fans of Terraria will recognize many similarities. While exploring, acquiring treasure, and defeating creatures, there’s a similar feeling of awe. For a shareware game, there’s a surprising lot of “depth” to be had.

Additional platforming challenges and perils litter the landscape in Spelunky. Trying to survive the hordes of critters while navigating the many randomly-generated locations is an exhilarating experience that brings to mind Re-game. Logic’s Up to four players can participate in the multiplayer madness.

10. Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

More than simply Terraria’s publisher (505 games), Klei Entertainment’s artsy indie also carries that same scary and urgent feeling as much of the time will be spent in a hostile land battling for survival.

In order to collect resources, build towns, and do whatever else is necessary to keep moving forward, the player is dropped into a desolate and gloomy alien environment in Don’t Starve. Even without the protagonist going nuts or the swarms of psychotic monsters multiplying, this game is terrifying enough.

This survival-horror roguelike is a mix of Eternal Darkness and Terraria, with a Tim Burton-esque appeal.

11. Hollow Knight

This huge Metroidvania has a similar vibe to Hollow Knight when it comes to combat and open-ended exploration, despite the lack of mining or building. The game takes place in a large underground labyrinth, much like the underground mines and chasms of Terraria, which the player must navigate.

Hollow Knight, despite its 2D side-scrolling, provides a fantastic sense of freedom as players explore huge mazes of intertwined dungeons and passages. It’s a mix of exploration, combat, and a complex progression system that captures the arcade-style characteristics ofTerraria. The visuals and gameplay of Team Cherry’s Metroidvania are enthralling.

12. Growtopia

In more ways than one, Growtopia borrows from the Terraria playbook in its design. Sandbox games like this one use the same free-flowing gameplay and crafting components from other games and simplify them. As opposed to some of the other games on our list, you can play this one on just about any modern platform you can think of, including on your mobile phone or tablet.

The game play in this lovely little MMO is considerably more casual and passive than you’d expect. However, those who enjoy the building and multiplayer components ofTerraria will undoubtedly enjoy this colorful game. Giant spiders and zombies may not be your cup of tea, but you may want to take a look at Growtopia if you want to exercise your creative muscles in games.

13. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Due in part to its adorable graphics and being overshadowed by the more popular mainline DQ games, this sandbox RPG builder is underestimated. This sequel toDragon Quest Buildersis outstanding in its own right for how expansive and diversified the experience is. With a more traditional RPG plot and monster-slaying gameplay, the game offers a fascinating, condensed adventure to players.

However, there’s also a good deal of building in the style of Minecraft, resource collection, and even town management to round out the experience. The multiplayer features in this sequel have been expanded as well, allowing players to play together with their friends in this massive playground.

14. Dig-N-Rig

In the beginning, many people were drawn to Terraria because of its vibrant retro aesthetic, which harkens back to the days of early 16-bit and late 8-bit software.

With its primitive, blocky aesthetics reminiscent of early 1980s PC software, Dig-N-Rigi elicits a similar sort of artistic mood.

However, the emphasis on resource gathering and mining has been toned down in this game developed by DigiPen students. Conveyor belts must be laid down and resources plucked from even deeper depths by a mining robot. In the end, they’re transformed into more powerful tools and other improvements. Building, mining, and crafting are all rolled into one neat package in this game, which plays like a more straightforward version of Terraria.

15. Craft The World

Craft the World, according to Dekovir -Craft the World’s own developers, combines elements of Terraria, Dungeon Keeper, and Dwarf Fortress to create a fun-filled adventure. As a result, a dynamic sandbox/strategic simulation game has been created.

In terms of fending off invading armies, it’s quite comparable to Re-Logic, even if the emphasis here is on fortification rather than exploration. It brings back memories of defending the home base from hostile mobs in Terraria during those unfriendly nights. Players who enjoy showing off their indestructibleTerrariafortresses while battling monsters should definitely check this out.

16. Steamworld Dig 2

Steamworld Dig 2

Turning things around a bit, Steamworld Dig – and notably its more in-depth sequel – takes inspiration from Terraria in terms of exploration, mining, and battle. This is a far more substantial and engrossing experience than you may think from such a pretty and cartoony indie game.

Players will assume the role of Dorothy, a steam-powered robot, in the upcoming sequel from Image & Form.

For the shop, they’ll scavenge for treasures, weapons, and other valuables from the various biomes they’ll visit. With just a pickaxe, this hero of the mines will begin his journey. While this may be the case, Dorothy will soon be armed with more powerful and efficient weapons and abilities, such as a bomb launcher. Some exciting bossesTerrariastyle will also confront her.

17. Minecraft

It’s difficult to talk about Terraria without bringing up Minecraft, which is primarily Terraria’s 3D counterpart. We mean this in the best conceivable way: these two gems are quite identical other from the addition of a third dimension. This retro-style sandbox trip, likeTerraria, is full of activities to participate in.

If you’re looking for a game where you can take on terrifying bosses or play around with buddies, this is it! Complex structures can be built, wealth can be mined deep beneath the surface, and monsters can be hunted.

I think there is a lot of cross-over appeal between this open-world adventure and Terraria.

18. Starbound


It’s no surprise that Starbound, Re-latest Logic’s adventure, feels like an expanded version ofTerraria on a spaceship when you take the game’s scope and variety into account. There are a variety of planets where players can gather products and grow their empire of one, and the ship is the primary “hub.”

People who love Terraria will want to check out Chucklefish’s space voyage because it surpasses it in terms of depth and scope.