9 Best Games Like Monster Hunter That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Monster Hunter

If you’re missing Monster Hunter: World, here are some games to tide you over till the next installment comes out.

What are the greatest Monster Hunter: World alternatives on the PC? Because Monster Hunter: World was released first on consoles, we were forced to improvise our entertainment for a spell. Even if you don’t have a PC, you may still join in on the fun and indulge in a power fantasy of swinging a massive elephant’s hindquarters into a large, overgrown reptile.

We’ve learned a lot about some of the best PC games, including Monster Hunter: World, while we’ve waited. Now we have the option of playing something different.

Many games follow the formula laid out by Capcom’s franchise, including a Jurassic theme and the pursuit of amour through monster hunting. Dauntless might be right up your alley if that’s your style. Some have the same need for loot, but alter other aspects of their gameplay. For example, Destiny 2 is a space-based game that focuses on the grind for better gear. Here are several excellent PC alternatives to Monster Hunter: World, in case you’ve had enough of the chit-chat.

1. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Rise surpasses Monster Hunter World in almost every way. Monster Hunter Rise “takes the tactical, tough fighting that made Monster Hunter World so exhilarating and removes the fat to make its first few hours more accessible,” according to our assessment of the game. With the introduction of Palamutes and Wirebugs, allies that can get you from camp to camp in a matter of minutes, the game adds a variety of new aerial and weapon strikes.

Not merely because Wirebugs make heavier weapons simpler to handle, Monster Hunter Rise has a new and enthralling feel to it. Some of the creatures are based on Japanese folklore, while others are entirely new. The Tetranadon’s sumo wrestling slaps or the returning Mizutsune bubbles are only two examples of the monster’s distinctive fighting tactics. It’s a no-brainer to play Monster Hunter Rise if you’re looking for more of the same high-quality hunting experience that World provided.

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2. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Our review shows just how hard Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Wings of Ruin strives to win over fans of the main games, even if this has less in common with traditional Monster Hunter titles and has more elements with Pokémon games. Although there are times when this game feels like a cartoon, there are also genuine efforts to make it feel like a Monster Hunter game at its core.

It is up to you and your group to ride out into the vast wilderness, doing tasks for residents of each town, taking down creatures, and creating new weapons and armor for your character. It’s possible to splice the genes of monsties to get new abilities, such as the ability to breathe fire, for example. It’s worth a go, even if you’re not a fan of the cartoon style.

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3. Dauntless


With Dauntless, all of the time spent between bouts is eliminated, making Monster Hunter: World a far more enjoyable experience. The social hub of the game, Ramsgate, can be visited in one minute and a Dauntless Behemoth hunted in the next.

Loot-based incentives are still present, and there are plenty of Dauntless Exotic weapons and armor to pursue. This is a great free-to-play option if you’re hesitant to dive into a large game like Monster Hunter. The cost of a product that doesn’t work for you isn’t an issue.

4. Toukiden 2

Toukiden 2’s main goal is to defend humanity from annihilation by slaying enormous demons known as Oni. Take Monster Hunter and replace the dinosaurs and the wyverns with Japanese medieval legend and voila! You have Toukiden.

To tell Monster Hunter from Toukiden is like attempting to tell a Rathalos from a Rathian by looking at the similarities and differences between the two games. Both entail slaying monstrous nasty animals with your pals, both allow you to upgrade your weapons and equipment with resources obtained from the bodies of your victims, and both were developed for portable platforms.

Toukiden: Kiwami, the upgraded PC version of the original Toukiden, is available. Toukiden 2, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up with PC gamers in mind. Is the first open-world game in the series, making it a sort of Monster Hunter: World for Toukiden fans.

5. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma is Capcom’s other PC RPG that focuses on killing monsters. The game begins with your heart being ripped out of your chest by a dragon. Grabs it out of your chest like a snatching glove. This guy is an absolute jerk. Because of this, you’ve decided to seek out the dragon in order to reclaim your missing essential organs.

To be fair, it isn’t that easy… Is this really as simple as it sounds? There is a lot of practice involved before you’re ready to face a legendary fire-breathing beast of folklore head-to-head. You’re a ‘chosen one’ and can take on hydras, griffins, and chimeras with a little time and experience behind you, even if you’re weak at first.

A large open world, large creatures to mount and stab in the face, a plethora of armor and gear upgrades, and a party of foolishly-armed morons to lead about make Dragon’s Dogma an excellent alternative to Monster Hunter for PC gamers searching for a comparable experience. There are no other online players in that party, but rather AI-controlled ‘Pawns’ that learn from you (poor things). Other players can use your Pawns once you’ve trained them up. Although it isn’t a replacement for online co-op, Dragon’s Dogma is a good enough substitute.

6. God Eater 2 Rage Burst

In God Eater 2, weapons are one of the most appealing aspects of the game. They’re called God Arcs, and they’re made from Aragami cells, the massive creatures you’re tasked with defeating. This means that you can scavenge materials from the corpses of your huge adversaries in order to improve your weapons. You can eat the monster corpses you create in God Eater, living up to its moniker. Delicious.

Aside from their size, glow yellow, and cause a lot of blood to spill, God Eater 2’s arsenal of weapons is as diverse as Monster Hunter’s collection of blades, blunts, and ballistic weapons. While there are several ways to play this game, there is plenty of scope for specialization. You can either charge into battle with a long scythe or a sniper rifle, or you can stand back and take quick shots with a short blade. For each weapon, you can change it into several forms so you can use it in a variety of ways. Knowing when to use the proper form will give you an advantage in battle.

While God Eater 2 may not be as expansive as Monster Hunter World, it still has a lot to offer in terms of farming objectives. Repetition may be a turnoff for some, but for others, it’s a chance to see the numbers rise as they get better and better at handing out ultraviolence, is pure joy.

7. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III

Despite some dubious reviews, Monster Hunter: World has very little in common with Dark Souls III, as some have suggested. But bear with us.

Dark Souls III, a worthy competitor to Monster Hunter: World, including dragon slaying, plunging strikes, and a wide variety of blunts and blades. After all, the series’ difficult boss fights are well-known. Like in Monster Hunter, you have the option to make weapons out of the lizards’ tails.

When it comes to worldbuilding, mood, and storytelling, Dark Souls III is a standout. Dark Souls III’s progression isn’t represented by a carved-up hide worn as a horrific suit of armor, but rather by the campfires that serve as stepping stones into each of the game’s locales. This time around, there is more emphasis on learning to conquer locales, and the author’s goal is to connect the dots between personalities, locations, and the descriptions of items.

The following are some of the top PC games available.

So it’s the same satisfaction as returning to an area with a newly-upgraded sword and cutting through adversaries like it’s nothing at all. Still, you’ll need to hunt for things, farm them ahead of huge encounters, and earn resources to enhance your equip, so you’ll need to keep doing that. You might mistake it for the terrifying Odogaron from Monster Hunter: World if you look at it the wrong way.

8. Nioh

Dark Souls, but with a mission-based structure, greater repetition, and plenty of gruesome enemies to hack off your limbs. Nioh is responsible for that. If pressed, we’d say it falls somewhere between Dark Souls and Monster Hunter: World in terms of difficulty.

When it comes to bosses, Nioh’s approach isn’t as as outlandish as it may be. Nioh, on the other hand, focuses on humanoid bosses, with the only change being their size and style of attack (the less said about the centipede boss the better). Still, these are some of the most difficult boss fights you’ll ever face. If you want to progress, you’ll need to improve both your samurai combat style and your usage of assistance supplies. As a last resort, you can always bring in an online friend to help you outnumber your opponent.

When it comes to Monster Hunter-style gameplay, Nioh nails it thanks to the abundance of things to do at all times. It hurls missions at you like a hunter hurling tranq bombs at a furious beast in an attempt to put it to sleep. This game provides you with an unbelievable number of numbers and abilities to keep track of, as well as a plethora of weapons, armor, stances, and who knows what else. This is a great game if you enjoy making the tiniest adjustments to your loadout and preparing for fight like a true hunter.

9. Destiny 2

Destiny 2

It’s a bit of a surprise here, but Destiny 2 does have some parallels with Monster Hunter. Of course, the sci-fi scenario and first-person shooter genre put it in a completely different class of game. However, Destiny 2 is a game in which you face off against large-bodied aliens in one-on-one encounters.

Items and stats in Monster Hunter: World can be managed in the MMORPG as well as in the game itself. You’ll be scurrying across the same regions, taking headshots and looting anything in sight. You can’t cut the skin and body parts of the deceased to use as armor in Destiny 2, which is a great bummer, but there is Glimmer to spend, Shards to install and Destiny Exotics to infuse, so we’ll settle for the metallic Vex costume.

You can see that Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World have a love for weird nouns. Ajanath, Malachite Or, and Gajalaka are just a few of the monsters Monster Hunter: World can dish up. This is, without a doubt, the crux of the matter.