15 Best Games Like Detroit Become Human That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Games Like Detroit Become Human

In terms of choice-based morality games, Detroit: Become Human is a must-have on the market today. Check out these more titles if you were a fan.

The gameplay of a title may determine whether or not a game is fun, but it’s the story that will be remembered for centuries to come. The grief we feel when a beloved character dies, or the astonishment we experience when a major narrative twist occurs, are simpler to recall. Detroit: Become Human, for instance, is a masterwork in this aspect.

Through and through, this is a game that is all about the story and the narrative. In terms of gameplay, there’s nothing quite like it except from the other games developed by the same developers. It’s still possible to find similar games that satisfy your sci-fi cravings while still providing a well-crafted plot. Detroit: Become Human is a great game, and these are some of the greatest alternatives.

Meg Pelliccio has added an update for November 29, 2020: You can play Detroit: Become Human multiple times and experience a completely different story each time, all dependent on the decisions you make. It also implies that you and a friend can play the game at the same time, but you may have quite different stories to tell.

If you’re a fan of games that allow you to choose your own path through the narrative, there are a few others worth checking out. If you enjoyed Detroit: Become Human, take a look at our list of recommended games.



Known as Indigo Prophecy, Fahrenheit was a game that was ahead of its time for something that was launched almost 15 years ago. Fortunately, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is available on a variety of platforms.

An RPG with a major emphasis on plot and dialogue, as well as branching option pathways that include a detective’s work, is available. It also has four playable characters that you can influence the narrative with. Its replayability is on par (if not better) than that of Detroit: Become Human, despite the outdated graphics.


The Dark Picture anthology’s first book, Man of Medan, is out now. Like Detroit: Become Human, the user controls many characters, with gameplay switching between the characters on a regular basis.

If you’re not careful, the decisions you make will have consequences for that character’s plot. Another great feature of this game is the ability to play cooperatively with a friend by dividing up the characters and handing the controller back and forth when it’s your turn.



If you’re looking for a video game story that will make you feel something, look no farther than The Last of Us. This post-apocalyptic survival game has one of the most spectacular visual presentations of any video game to date. With the game having released in 2013, this is already an impressive feat.

Don’t be afraid to give The Last of Us a shot, even if it’s only for the plot. Although there are fewer alternatives, you may find that it can even rival Detroit in terms of writing and impact. The sequel is also available if you enjoy it so much that you’d need more emotional turmoil in your life.


The Dark Pictures Anthology’s second installment, Little Hope, was released in 2018 and the third, House of Ashes, will be released in 2021. As in the original game, you have a group of characters at your disposal to aid you on your quest.

To put it simply, the choices you make on behalf of them will determine their futures. Unlike the last game, which focused on a ghost ship, Little Hope focuses solely on witches.



As a fan of Detroit’s powerful and branching plot choices, you’re likely to enjoy Life is Strange. But there’s a catch: in Life is Strange, players can go back in time and change events in the past, present, and future. This opens up a plethora of narrative options.

Interestingly, Max Caulfield, a senior photography major, discovered that she has the potential to use her skills to investigate the disappearance of a classmate. Max’s community, Arcadia Bay, eventually reveals itself to him in a whole new light. In addition, because it utilizes linear time travel, Max is able to corrupt the present.


Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind the Life Is Strange series, is behind Tell Me Why. Decisions you make in this new game have less significance than in Life is Strange despite affecting the storyline a little, but the gameplay is comparable.

For more information on why Life Is Strange is a better game, check out these related articles:

Tell Me Why offers a lot of emotional storytelling, and like Detroit: Become Human, you’ll get emotionally invested in the characters.



It’s the storyline that really matters in Telltale Games (The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, Batman: The Telltale Series, Game of Thrones). Interactive tales with results that you may influence based on your character’s decisions are prevalent in most of these games.

The Wolf Among Us or Batman are our top picks from Telltale’s catalog as the closest games to Detroit. Batman: Arkham Origins is a narrative video game based on the Batman mythos, while Batman: Arkham City is a video game based on the Batman mythos.


It should come as no surprise to fans of Life is Strange and others looking for a similar gaming experience that its sequel is an excellent pick. With the introduction of new characters in Life is Strange 2, players’ choices continue to have an impact on the story.

As if that wasn’t enough, Life Is Strange 2 delivers yet another heart-wrenching plot that makes you feel for the characters. If you haven’t played the original Life is Strange, you’re in for an emotional roller coaster.


It’s possible in Detroit since Connor is entrusted with hunting down rogue Androids in the vein of Blade Runner. Even said, L.A. Noire may be a better fit for those looking for a more complex detective experience that includes interrogation and a lot of paper trails (or blood trails).

It puts you in the shoes of LAPD investigator Cole Phelps, who investigates heinous crimes in the 1950s Golden Age of Los Angeles. L.A. Noire stands out from other video games because you may use facial expressions to tell if a character is telling the truth or not. MotionScan, a revolutionary new method of capturing performers’ facial muscles and expressions, was responsible for all of this.



TheDeus Exgames, particularly the two most recent ones, are more detailed story-driven games. They’re also complimented by fantastic gameplay that allows you to pick between being covert or brutal. That means you can complete the entire game without harming anyone, which, depending on the player, may be important to the story.

According to Deus Ex’s narrative, you may expect to find plenty of mystery and conspiracy within this video game The usage of cybernetics and other cyberpunk elements is important to the game’s plot. Detroit: Become Human, on the other hand, may be a darker and more serious game because society’s problems are its meat and dessert.


The developers of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive Games, created Hidden Agenda. A psychological thriller game awaits you in the same vein, making you jump a few times.

Deputy Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves are tasked with tracking down a serial killer known only as “The Trapper” in the video game. The choices you make will alter the course of the story, resulting in a variety of possible outcomes. There’s only one way to find the real killer, so you’ll have to try a few different ways before you find it.


Since it was launched in 2018, the same year asDetroit, the action-adventure game State of Mind probably went overlooked. However, this does not imply that the game is of poor quality; on the contrary, it has received a remarkably high rating, which is an incredible accomplishment for an indie title.

In the year 2048, the story of journalist Richard Nolan takes place in Berlin, where the film State of Mind is set. Due to a wide range of factors, the world is on the verge of a manufactured apocalypse, but machines are the cherry on top. In this dystopian future, it’s up to you, Nolan, to investigate the chaos hidden behind closed doors.



A horror game that doubles as an interactive Friday the 13th film, Until Dawn isn’t quite the same asDetroit: Become Human. However, it bears a striking resemblance to Detroit. For starters, you get to determine the fate of the main characters.

You have authority over more than just their words; you also have control over their actions, no matter how stupid they may be. They are, after all, horror movie characters. The characters in Until Dawn allow you choose whether they live or die, similar to Detroit. However, the fatalities in this game are far more horrific and terrifying.


Beyond: Two Souls is a video game developed by the same team as Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream looks to have been in the process of learning and refining interactive drama games at the time ofBeyond: Two Souls’ release in 2013, which is when Detroit was released.

If you do decide to give it a shot, you’ll discover some pleasant similarities toDetroit. Big-name voice performers like Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page were used for the primary characters in Beyond, just as Clancy Brown was inDetroit.



There was Heavy Rain before Beyond: Two Souls made Quantic Dream a household name. Back in 2010, it brought back the excitement of quick-time events (QTEs) and story-based gameplay. Heavy Rain is worth a shot if you don’t mind the antiquated graphics and less sophisticated interactivity.

Heavy Rain, likeDetroit, is a detective narrative at its core. Origami Killer continues to avoid authorities in spite of their best efforts to track him down. In reality, the infamous murderer only commits his crimes when it is pouring outside, thus the term. In spite of its age, it is still one of the best games ever made by Quantic Dream.