10 Best Games Like Tarkov That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Tarkov

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov is one of the most complicated and detailed military shooters on the market today. How many other games are there like Escape From Tarkov?

Damage from locational damage impacts your combat performance, and you have to manually replace your magazines bullet by bullet in this game. And the PVP is as brutal as it gets—you lose everything you have, and you also have to spend resources on med kits to get back to fighting condition if you get killed.

A game like Escape from Tarkov doesn’t exist. However, if you’re looking for other shooters that have a similar feel and/or focus on extreme PVP or realistic shooting mechanics, here are 10 suggestions for you to consider for your preferred platform (including but not limited to the following: PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows 10, Nintendo Switch):

1. Vigor

In this third-person looter shooter, you’ll be scavenging for crafting materials and looting the remains of your victims to get the materials you need. Similarly to Tarkov, if you die in a round, you lose all of your dropped items, regardless of how much you have.

Even if you start off with little more than your bare hands, you can pick up weapons and equipment in scavenged areas. A high level of action is ensured by the short rounds and compact maps in Vigor. As the timer counts down, the playzone becomes increasingly constrained.

Outside of looting and shooting, there is a meta-game in Tarkov. In between rounds of Vigor, players can engage on tasks and create a homestead, which can be upgraded and improved over time.

As a third-person Tarkov-lite for consoles, Vigor is a popular choice. Those who enjoyed Tarkov’s loot-stealing mechanics will enjoy Vigor’s ability to steal from your opponents so that you can enter the next round with a fresh set of weapons.

2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

“Call of Pripyat” takes place in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the sarcophagus of the Chernobyl nuclear power station, where the 1986 Chernobyl explosion’s radiation is most concentrated.

The more time you spend in the Exclusion Zone, the more you’ll feel the weight of the game’s oppressive atmosphere on your shoulders. Zombies and paranormal creatures generated from the explosion have spawned a number of factions within the Zone, each with an own philosophy or purpose.

Fans of Tarkov’s post-Soviet Eastern European settings and locales will be delighted by the way STALOCKER: CALL OF PRIPYAT breathes a sickly sort of life into the Exclusion Zone. It envisions it as a dreadful place with memorable sights, interesting characters and grotesque monstrosities.

3. Deadside


In terms of aesthetics and gameplay, this is an arcadier Tarkov. The 25-square-kilometer area of the game allows players to collect and store their treasure and supplies, which can be kept in a personal cache in non-PVP safe zones.

Similarly to Tarkov, if you die on the road, you lose all of your possessions. To avoid being overtaken by another player, you can return to your body and retrieve any items you left behind.

In Deadside, you can also do some light craftsmanship and create a base. A base or tower can be built anywhere on the map as long as you have adequate materials. This allows you to take out other players from a safe distance, but it also makes you a target for groups of players who are interested in the person affluent enough to be taking potshots from their watchtowers.

If you enjoyed Escape from Tarkov’s realism but couldn’t handle how intricate the gameplay was, Deadside is the game for you.

4. DayZ

DayZ’s goal is to survive at any costs. The Infected, zombies infected with a lethal illness, have taken over areas where you spawn. For survival, you’ll need to scavenge whatever you can get your hands on: weapons, food, and water.

If the Infected sense your presence, they will pursue you for a considerable distance, making every incursion into the game’s cities and communities a serious risk.

Chernarus, the game’s fictitious setting, is a vast sandbox where you can lose yourself for hours exploring the wilderness on your own. Zombies aren’t the only danger in a game; other players are just as likely to shoot you as they are to help you.

Days of Zombies has affected Tarkov’s free-for-all combat, looting systems, and tense atmosphere. Then give DayZ a try.

5. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt Showdown

Hunters compete in this dark fantasy shooter to be the first to take down an evil creature and take its loot home with them. In order to find and defeat the map’s boss, you can either hunt alone or with a party of three other players (or slow down the progress of other hunters).

In Hunt: Showdown, ammunition is limited, so you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck. That’s a lot more difficult than it appears, as there are numerous low-level mobs roaming the globe, as well as other hunters to contend with.

It’s time to flee once you’ve found and killed the boss. Obtain the reward and make haste to the exfiltration point to avoid being ambushed by another hunter.

Escape from Tarkov fans should be familiar with the thrill of the hunt in Hunt: Showdown, despite the game’s dark fantasy setting being a world different from Tarkov’s brutal realism.


SCUM, a television reality show, features the world’s most dangerous criminals as they battle to survive on a mystery island populated by hazardous monsters, mutants, and mechanoids.

To help you keep track of your character’s present health and well-being, each inmate is fitted with a Bio Control Unit. The nutritional makeup of the food you eat is just one of several elements that affect your health. The macronutrients and vitamins in your body are tracked by your BCU, and eating a diet that is out of balance can make you ill, tired, and overweight. In the prisoner Hunger Games, low fitness reduces your stamina and running speed, which in turn impacts your performance and your chances of survival.

Playing Tarkov is one of the best ways to get to know the nitty-gritty of gun mechanics. For Tarkov fans, SCUM’s survival mechanisms will be a welcome change of pace from Tarkov’s more formulaic approach.

7. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a post-apocalyptic Russian sandbox shooter. Exodus is the first game in the series to showcase vast, open environments outside of the Moscow metro system’s damp, grimy tunnels. There are gorgeous monuments and breathtaking surroundings at every turn in the game’s new areas and settings.

Unlike Tarkov, Exodus is not a shoot-em-up arcade gallery. If you wish to survive, you’ll need quick reflexes and a tactical thinking. Mutants, cannibals, and flying terrors populate the game’s frightening bestiary. Ammunition and medical supplies are scarce.

Inventory management is essential in Exodus, much as it was in Tarkov. Your gun abilities will only go you so far if you don’t keep track of your ammunition, filters, and battery life.

If you’re a Tarkov fan who enjoys a solid single-player experience, Metro Exodus is an absolute must-have.

8. Red Orchestra 2

Aside from Escape from Tarkov, there aren’t many games that devote as much attention to the finer points of gunfight simulation as Red Orchestra 2.

Red Orchestra 2 takes place in Stalingrad and the Pacific Theater at the height of World War II, when two teams of players combat on one of several enormous landscapes.

You’ll have to quickly learn how to assess risky circumstances and make on-the-fly decisions with what little you know in order to survive in the current shooter interfaces you’ve grown accustomed to.

While it lacks the polish of Escape from Tarkov, the Red Orchestra games were the first to do many of the things that Tarkov has since come to be lauded.

9. Squad


Two teams compete to fulfill a set of objectives while preventing the other team from completing theirs in this realistic military shooter with tactical components. Each faction is divided into many squads of up to nine players, therefore a single match can contain as many as 100 participants.

Squad has something for shooter aficionados of all kinds. Squad leaders can speak with other squad leaders in order to plan attacks and coordinate strikes, as well as communicate with one other. Small groups of players can shine in their factions because to Squad leadership and teamwork.

And if you really want to be the center of attention, you can always go it alone and help shore up defenses at a key position or launch an all-out attack on enemy territory.

Squad is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a similar experience as Tarkov.

10. Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum is a game in which teamwork is more important than individual prowess. There may be a lack of complexity in the shooting, but the game rewards coordination and leadership more than nearly any other shooter on the market today.

Kill cameras and leaderboards that exalt individual accomplishments above group efforts are conspicuously absent from the game, bucking the modern shooter practice of making players feel like rock stars. Communication and cooperation are the keys to achieving and securing goals. Players in Post Scriptum communicate with each other via radio, conveying information, communicating their positions, and planning attacks. Less is more when so many people are speaking at once, because mumbling your words can get you murdered.

The game Post Scriptum is like Escape from Tarkov in that it’s extremely difficult to master and requires a great deal of trial and error. Fans searching for a different kind of challenge in a realistic shooter game like Tarkov will find plenty to get their teeth into.