10 Best Anime Girl With Sheep Horns That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Girl With Sheep Horns

Anime character designs have never been concerned with realism, from rainbow-colored hair to cat ears and tails.

So, horns and gorgeous girls bring us to a fork in the road.

Horned characters tend to be supernatural, strong, and/or NSFW in nature, to name just a few of the most common characteristics. Depending on the anime, the rules are the same.

There are devil, dragon, and extraterrestrial girls out there… I’m going to rank the best anime girls with horns from every fandom you can think of. Hopefully, you’ll find a few new ones as well!

15. Aria

Aria - Scarlet Bullet

Aria the Scarlet Bullet, an anime series

Because I’m sorry, they aren’t genuine horns—they’re hair clips in the shape of horn.

It’s not like she wears them all the time, so who cares? (#15, if you’re keeping track)

Butei, an international certification for armed police, is Aria’s ancestor’s legacy. She is the daughter of a Japanese mother and British father descended from Sherlock Holmes.

As if that weren’t enough, she’s a Dame in the British peerage and heir to the Baskerville estate, where her ancestors once lived.

Due to a bullet with supernatural characteristics that extends a human lifespan that is lodged in her back, she has a slender body.

She’s been dubbed “Defective Holmes” because of her diminutive stature and exceptional deductive abilities.

14. Il(Iru)

Shogo Chara

Il is like a magical godmother.

One of the series’ many “Guardian Characters” (Shugo Chara).

Il (whose name is a pun on the English word “devil”), a little chibi demon figure, is a fan of chaos and conflict.

Whenever she’s in a tranquil scenario, she claims she’ll get bored.

One of two guardians for Utau, a high school idol and rival of the show’s protagonist, Amu, Il is one of them. This is just one of many creative ideas she has.

13. Lilith

Lilith - A Monster Girl's Everyday Routine

Manga: A Monster Girl’s Everyday Routine (Monster Musume)

From the Monster Musume series, Lilith is a minor character who lives in Kimihito Kurusu’s house with other monsters.

An occasional demon, Lilith is referred to as a “little devil.”

Because her species never fully matures, she is seen as a lesser individual because she always looks like a child.

Lilith is a sadistic, masochistic, and cunning psychopath who makes good use of these traits.

If you’re going to get your hands on what you desire, you have to play the role of a child.

Good company, but watch out for the puppy dog eyes.

12. Aries

It’s a fairy tale!

Aries is Lucy Heartfilia’s companion, a quiet, reserved, and well-behaved Celestial Spirit.

Aries was a slave to Karen Lilicia, who would beat her and use her as a shield before she became one of Lucy’s spirits.

When it comes to fighting, she is a formidable adversary with the power to conjure up enormous volumes of pink wool, which she uses as a weapon.

There is nothing wrong with the addition of those horns.

11. Valac Clara

Valac Clara

Welcome to Iruma-Demon Kun’s School!

Barbirus High’s demon girl, Valac Clara, is a force to be reckoned with.

Clara, despite her outgoing and welcoming demeanor, is viewed by many pupils as a challenge to keep up with.

The nicest kids avoid her, while the meanest students pretend to be her pals in order to access her magical pockets.

In the spirit of classic anime, the pockets are filled with infinite snacks and beverages. If you ask me, it’s quite anime.

Imaginative, childlike, and naive to the core. She has an erotic ranking of 2% at the school, which is something they do. Make of that what you will, but a newborn baby has a 3% ranking.

10. Nora

Cartoons: A Universe Only God Can See

Reincarnated Hell is shown in The World Only God Knows.

That which thrived on a chaotic environment has been extinguished. New Hell was born in its place, a well-ordered civilization.

With any political shift, there will always be those who yearn for the old system to return.

Nora’s task is to find these stragglers, who are frequently associated with a group called Vintage, and return them to hell. I’d love to join in on the fun!

She’s sassy, calculating, and ruthless, all at the same time.

Nora’s methods for identifying spirits have included torture, hypnosis, and even infiltrating the upper echelons of Vintage to break it from the inside out.

9. Bokuden Tsukahara

Bokuden Tsukahara

The Sengoku Collection Anime

Anime for weebs has never been this good.

There was an ongoing civil war between shogunates and clans in Tokyo during the Sengoku Jidai, which is the basis for this film.

Every general in the Sengoku Collection is morphed into an anime lady and transported to the present day in this collection.

Bokuden Tsukahara is found in this strange anachronistic weeb dystopia.

Kashima clan, which is a branch of the Japanese Royal Throne, is her inspiration for her design. As for her appearance, she is indeed a little purple-haired girl with white horns sprouting from her head, as you can see in the picture.

She’s still an incredible swordswoman and a force to be reckoned with…

However, if Sengoku Collection teaches us anything, it is that nothing in the world is holy.

Still intending to watch it.

8. Lucy(Kaeda)/Nyu

Elves Lied in an Anime

As a diclonius, Lucy has two large horns sprouting from her forehead.

Psychokinetic powers and invisible arms capable of wreaking havoc are included.

Lucy was tormented and traumatized as a youngster after being orphaned. While angry, Lucy was able to lose control of her vectors, resulting in countless massacres.

She became a loner and a casual killer because she was unable to comprehend human fear and because she had never felt love.

That is, until she lost her memories and changed into Nyu, a sweet young lady who only wants a calm existence for her and her family. She has a long and colorful past.

7. Q

Q- The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Anime subbed in Japanese: (The Money of Soul and Possibility Control)

The story of [C] takes place in a world where money is literally battled for in fictitious places called Financial Districts.

Entres (for Entrepreneur) are given ‘assets’, humanoid creatures that represent the entrepreneur’s hopes and dreams for their future.

Sichiro Mikuni, a calm seasoned Entre with three assets, has Q as an asset.

Compared to Mikuni’s other assets, Q is a young girl with long horns, and she looks out of place.

There’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye, though. Q, unlike other assets, is sentient and chose to fight for Mikuni.

6. Mina Ashido

: My Hero Academia, an anime

As a trainee hero, Mina Ashido is a vivacious and sexy character.

In spite of her appearance, her physique is a product of her Quirk.

Besides her horns, this quirk also gave her pink skin and yellow-and-black eyes.

For protection, defense, and transportation, she has the capacity to release acid from her body that she may utilize as either a weapon, a shield, or a vehicle.

When she’s not on the clock, she’s just another high school student. In addition to her love of romance, she also has a gift for dance and is unable to study for the life of her.

Mina is a joy to be around because of her cheerful demeanor and easygoing demeanor. a pair of horns

5. Scanty

Scanty - Pantyhose with Garterbelt in Anime

Pantyhose with Garterbelt in Anime

Pantyhose and Stocking with Garterbelt’s Scanty is one of two demon sisters that serve as the show’s dual villains.

In contrast to their fallen angel adversaries Panty and Stockings, who relish freedom to the point of anarchy, the demon sisters, together with their younger sister Kneesocks, are hilariously enamored with regulations.

Similar in appearance to extrovert Panty, Scanty is the foil to Panty’s exuberance. She has long flowing hair and a great figure.

When the anarchy sisters fall, Scanty aims to bring all of mankind under their rigid authoritarian rule. Scanty plots this with Kneesocks. Fun!

What she needs to do now is maintain her current state.

4. Zero Two

Darling in the Franxx is an anime.

Those who have achieved immortality as a species are now celibate, lazy, antisocial, and morally tainted.

For the sole purpose of piloting huge mecha named FRANXX as boy-girl pairs against the Klaxosaur, children, now referred to as Parasites(how delightful), are synthesized.

It’s no accident that Zero Two, a human-Klaxosaur cross-breed, has bright red lips and pink horns. In addition to a stylish getup that suits the horns!

She grew up sadistic but a professional and an important asset for Earth’s protection despite being bullied from a young age.

3. Kanna


Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an anime series.

Among the Kobayashi family dragons, Kanna Kamui is Kobayashi’s newest addition.

It was only after living with Kobayashi that Kanna began to overcome her initial apprehension of humans.

Even a spin-off manga series, Kanna’s Daily Life, is based on her antics with her friends Saitama and Chloe.

2. Lum Invader

Naruto Shippuden: The Ultimate Ninja Scroll

Urusei Yatsura’s leading lady, Lum, plays herself.

Her horned aliens arrived to conquer the planet. In the interest of fair play, they let a random earthling play tag with them in order to test their mettle.

The aliens will let Earth live if Lum’s horns can be snatched within ten days. It was a fantastic game.

Ataru Morobushi, a comically perverse 17-year-old, was the unfortunate victim.

Ataru is successful in grabbing Lum’s bra with the help of a device. Ataru grabs her horns when she tries to cover her chest to preserve her modesty.

His love, Shinobu, had vowed to marry him if he saved the planet.

“Well, if you insist,” says the lovely alien invader.

In the 1980s, slapstick anime was at its peak.

1. Satania


Gabriel Dropout is an anime series.

No one can dethrone Satania as the best girl. There’s no way.

Whether or not the other characters were superior on paper is irrelevant to me. It may be just me, but if you’ve seen Gabriel Dropout, you’d get what I mean.