10 Best Games Like Edith Finch That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Edith Finch

Check out these Walking Sims if you enjoyed What Remains of Edith Finch.

The term “walking simulator” may not instantly pique the interest of gamers looking for a new video game genre. However, it’s worth noting that some games in this narrow area can be incredibly enjoyable. Edith Finch is an excellent illustration of this.

Through first-person exploration, the game’s plot was conveyed without the need of puzzles or platforming. As a result, the game relies solely on visual storytelling to entice players. There aren’t many games that embrace this technique, but those that do, like walking simulators, put the emphasis on pure exploration and narrative.

10 Abzû


It may seem funny to call a game a walking simulator when the primary mode of transportation is swimming, but Abzû’s exploration mechanics are similar of previous games in the category. An unnamed female diver travels around an ocean in third-person, discovering every nook and crevice she can find. She is aided by a great white shark that brings her to wells that replenish the ocean’s life. The tale is told solely through the game’s visuals, with no audio to accompany it.

9 Proteus

Proteus is a great option for those who just want to chill out and have no specific goal in mind. Procedurally created three-dimensional pixelated environments and music accompany the player through each of the four seasons in the game, from spring through winter As the game progresses, players will find that the music they are listening to is affected by the environment around them. With the “save a postcard” option, players may even capture images while playing.

8 Ether One

Ether One

Storytelling can be engrossing, but it can also be heartbreaking at the same time. The story of Ether One revolves around Jean Thompson, a woman with dementia. The player assumes the role of a restorer tasked with using three-dimensional exploration to delve into Jean’s mind and reassemble her memories.

Players must solve puzzles in order to progress through the game, but these riddles become increasingly difficult as the game depicts Jean’s debilitating sickness. However, solving puzzles isn’t required because the primary goal is discovery and exploration.

7 The Stanley Parable

It started off as a Half-Life 2 mod, but The Stanley Parable is now an entire video game. Stanley is an office worker who discovers that all of his coworkers have vanished when he walks into his office one day. This allows the players to explore the office with the aid of a narrator who tells his story. Regardless of the path taken, participants are brought back to the beginning of the simulation and given the opportunity to pursue a different route out of the scenario.

6 Firewatch


Many walking simulators center around the idea of exploring nature, and Firewatch does just that by placing players right in the thick of it. This game is about Henry, a fire lookout who obtains a job at the firehouse. He and Delilah, a fellow lookout in another tower, begin talking on a walkie-talkie while in their tower. Discovering new areas and solving mysteries are at the heart of the game’s mechanics. It’s a social simulation as well, as he and Delilah’s interactions are shaped by his dialogue choices, which he makes as the game progresses.

5 Journey

Journey, one of the best games of all time, contains components that might be categorized as a walking simulator. Robed figure takes control in middle of desert with intention to reach mountain’s highest point. While the game has linear sections, the purpose is to discover and solve minor puzzles to find a way to the end. Players may come across one another and lend a hand along the route, but they are unable to interact except through the use of melodic chimes.

4 Dear Esther

Dear Esther

Dear Esther is a walking simulator mod turned into a game that celebrates the principles of minimalist gameplay. Scotland’s Hebrides Islands are home to a group of players. Despite being able to roam about freely, players are largely limited to a single path as they progress through the game.

Players hear a guy reading letters to his deceased wife as they make their way through the game. The mystery behind her death deepens as players progress through the game. However, the game doesn’t reveal all the solutions, as some are left up to the players’ own interpretations.

3 Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture is a great adventure game for people searching for a challenge.

The story takes place in a little English town where everyone has vanished, and the player’s job is to piece together what happened to them. In order to find out what happened, players must pursue glowing orbs of light. Because it was made by the same company as Dear Esther in The Chinese Room, the game bears some resemblance to the original.

2 The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an excellent example of how the horror genre can be used effectively. A letter from Ethan Carter, a 12-year-old who is fascinated by the work of paranormal investigator Paul Prospero, beckons players to investigate. Ethan is missing when Prospero visits Carter’s village. Investigation of his disappearance and dealing with paranormal phenomena are the main objectives of the game, which is available on PlayStation 3. Items can be used to replicate a crime scene’s occurrences using mechanics.

1 Gone Home

With limited participation and a lot of exploring, Gone Home is the closest you can get to a walking simulator. A young woman named Katie returns home to find that everyone in her family has vanished. Items, journals, and other tools can be found throughout the house by the player as they search for clues about what happened. In order to allow the player to uncover the plot at their own pace, this is done in a non-linear manner Certain items can open doors in the house.